13 Bridges Children Should Know

Author: Brad Finger

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783791372402


Page: 48

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The most recent addition to Prestel's acclaimed series, which introduces children to important works of art and architecture, offers a fascinating look at bridges that span the centuries as well as the globe. The bridges profiled in this engaging book for young readers have achieved legendary status. Filled with photographs, plans, drawings, and informative texts it explores the fascinating history, construction, design, and significance of 13 renowned structures in a manner that will appeal to children hungry for information. In double-page spreads that highlight important as well as little-known facts, they will learn about the building of the Millau Viaduct, the tallest bridge in the world; how the Golden Gate bridge lives up to its evocative name; the haunting history of Venice's 16th-century Bridge of Sighs, and the ingenious construction methods devised by the builders of the Brooklyn Bridge. Vibrantly designed to encourage children to linger and explore the subject further, this book will appeal to curious minds, and inspire its young readers to dream and build on their own.
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Home Learning Year by Year, Revised and Updated

How to Design a Creative and Comprehensive Homeschool Curriculum

Author: Rebecca Rupp

Publisher: Broadway Books

ISBN: 0525576975

Category: Education

Page: 576

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A comprehensive guide to designing homeschool curriculum, from one of the country’s foremost homeschooling experts—now revised and updated! Homeschooling can be a tremendous gift to your children—a personalized educational experience tailored to each kid’s interests, abilities, and learning styles. But what to teach, and when, and how? Especially for first-time homeschoolers, the prospect of tackling an annual curriculum can be daunting. In Home Learning Year by Year, Rebecca Rupp presents comprehensive plans from preschool through high school, covering integral subjects for each grade, with lists of topics commonly presented at each level, recommended resource and reading lists, and suggestions for creative alternative options and approaches. Included, along with all the educational basics, are techniques and resources for teaching everything from philosophy to engineering, as well as suggestions for dealing with such sensitive topics as sex education. Now revised throughout with all-new updates featuring the most effective and up-to-date methods and reading guides to homeschool your child at all ages, Home Learning Year by Year continues to be the definitive book for the homeschooling parent.

Zoom in on Bridges

Author: Hannah Isbell

Publisher: Enslow Publishing, LLC

ISBN: 0766087247

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 24

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Young readers will make important text-to-world connections exploring engineering concepts through the familiar structures of bridges. Simple text and informative photos engage readers as they learn about the many different kinds of bridges, their unique structures and functions, their history, and their use in the modern world. Follow-up activities will challenge students to use the mathematical and technological principles of real engineers in their own classrooms.

Crossing Literacy Bridges

Strategies to Collaborate with Families of Struggling Readers

Author: Jennifer Tuten,Deborah Ann Jensen,Charlene Klassen Endrizzi

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1475841868

Category: Education

Page: 220

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This book describes five principles to guide teachers in working with families of struggling readers.

50 Things Every Young Gentleman Should Know Revised and Upated

What to Do, When to Do It, and Why

Author: John Bridges,Bryan Curtis

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 1418576751

Category: Reference

Page: 208

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50 Things Every Young Gentleman Should Know is a young man’s guide to becoming the type of guy that people respect and enjoy. He knows how to shake hands. He knows how to be a good sport. He knows how to give a genuine compliment and how to speak his mind without being offensive. His friends listen to what he has to say, and he returns the favor. He knows how to achieve the perfect knot in a necktie, and more important, he knows when he should be wearing a tie in the first place. Oh, and his favorite ball cap? He knows when to wear it and when to leave it at home on his dresser. Becoming a gentleman doesn’t happen in an instant; it’s a lifelong exercise in refining etiquette, social interaction, and personal discipline. It all begins here.

50 Things Every Young Gentleman Should Know

What to Do, When to Do It, & Why

Author: John Bridges,Bryan Curtis

Publisher: Thomas Nelson Inc

ISBN: 140160465X

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 208

View: 1442


With sales of more than 750,000 copies, the books in the GentleManners series have become the most popular gift etiquette books on the market today. This latest book in the series was written especially for boys ages 8-14, to teach them the basic skills every young man should have and every young man's mother and grandmother want him to have. Among the topics covered in this book are how to shake hands, how to make an introduction, what to do when you sneeze or cough, and how to use a napkin. It is written in a style that will appeal to young men of that age.

50 Things Every Young Lady Should Know

What to Do, what to Say, and how to Behave

Author: Kay West,John Bridges,Bryan Curtis

Publisher: Thomas Nelson Inc

ISBN: 1401600646

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 230

View: 5184


Written especially for young girls aged 8-14 years, this essential guide teaches them the basic skills every young lady should have and every young lady's mother and grandmother want her to have. It's safe to say that young women in the 21st century are exposed to more educational opportunities than any generation of women in history. But sometimes what gets lost in between classes and lessons, and playing sport, are the basic rules of simple etiquette and the guidelines for appropriate behaviour. Topics covered include: making polite conversation; giving & receiving compliments; dining in a restaurant; table manners; using social media; dressing appropriately; writing a thank you note and how to win and lose graciously.

Everything You Should Know About: Amsterdam

Author: Anne Richards

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781976341106


Page: 44

View: 6484


National Learning Association presents: AMSTERDAM Are your children curious about Amsterdam? Would they like to know what people eat in Amsterdam? Have they learnt what Vondelpark is or who Rembrandt was? Inside this book, your children will begin a journey that will satisfy their curiosity by answering questions like these and many more! EVERYTHING YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT: AMSTERDAM will allow your child to learn more about the wonderful world in which we live, with a fun and engaging approach that will light a fire in their imagination. We're raising our children in an era where attention spans are continuously decreasing. National Learning Association provides a fun, and interactive way of keep your children engaged and looking forward to learn, with beautiful pictures, coupled with the amazing, fun facts. Get your kids learning today! Pick up your copy of National Learning Association EVERYTHING YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT: AMSTERDAM book now! Table of Contents Chapter 1- Where is Amsterdam? Chapter 2- How Old is Amsterdam? Chapter 3- What is the Rijksmuseum? Chapter 4- Who was Anne Frank? Chapter 5- How Old is the Royal Palace? Chapter 6- What is Begijnhof? Chapter 7- How Old is the Old Church? Chapter 8- How Far is the Port of Amsterdam from the Sea? Chapter 9- Who was Rembrandt? Chapter 10- What do People Eat in Amsterdam? Chapter 11- How Many Canals are in Amsterdam? Chapter 12- How Many Bridges are There in Amsterdam? Chapter 13- What Language do They Speak in Amsterdam? Chapter 14- What is Amsterdam's Favourite Beverage? Chapter 15- What is Poezenboot? Chapter 16- How Do People Travel in Amsterdam? Chapter 17- What is the Amsterdam Tulip Festival? Chapter 18- What is Vondelpark? Chapter 19- How Old is Dam Square? Chapter 20- Are There Still Windmills in Amsterdam?
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Crossing the Cultural Bridges

With My African Wife

Author: Solomon A. Minta

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469108518

Category: Fiction

Page: 148

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The novel CROSSING THE CULTURAL BRIDGES, wipes away the negative stereotypes heaped against Africans. It helps to do away the cultural gap between the African and the Africans-in-Diaspora. The union between Jason and Dora breaks the cultural divides perpetrated against each other. Jason follows his wife to her country to marry her from her parents. He faced cultural challenges unknown to him. A character Mary surfaced with her family and adopted him. That was what saved him. He comes home to tell his people his experiences he cannot forget.