A Little, Aloud, for Children

Author: Angela Macmillan

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448121981

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 464

View: 5247


Research shows that the seemingly simple act of being read to brings remarkable health and happiness benefits. It stimulates thought and memory, encourages the sharing of ideas and feelings, hopes and fears. It enriches our lives and minds. This unique book offers a selection of prose and poetry especially suitable for reading aloud to children. It includes extracts ranging from modern day favourites (David Almond, Frank Cottrell Boyce, Neil Gaiman) to old classics (Kipling, Dickens, E. Nesbit), and features a foreword from Michael Morpurgo. Each piece has been chosen by the Reader Organisation, whose team has unique experience in the effect and benefits of books that immediately capture children's interest and imagination. All royalties in full will go to The Reader Organisation, the leading UK charity for reading and health.

A Little, Aloud

An anthology of prose and poetry for reading aloud to someone you care for

Author: Angela Macmillan

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1409015173

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 480

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We are on the cusp of a reading revolution. Increasingly, research is uncovering an intimate connection between reading and wellbeing. The seemingly simple act of being read to brings remarkable health and happiness benefits. It stimulates thought and memory, encourages the sharing of ideas and feelings, hopes and fears. It enriches our lives and minds. This unique book offers a selection of prose and poetry especially suitable for reading aloud - to your husband or wife, a sick parent or child, an elderly relative. With short introductions and discussion topics for each piece there's something here for everyone - from Shakespeare and Black Beauty to Elizabeth Jennings and Bruce Chatwin. All royalties in full will go to The Reader Organisation, the leading UK charity for reading and health.

A Little, Aloud with Love

Author: Angela Macmillan

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1473520711

Category: Fiction

Page: 464

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‘O tell me the truth about love.’ W.H. Auden Many of the most popular works in the English language celebrate love in all its forms: that heady first flush, the agony of heartbreak, joyful reunions, the love of a parent for a child... And what better way to share these beautiful pieces than to read them aloud, to someone you love? Research has shown that being read to makes us healthier and happier, it enriches our hearts and minds. Bring real pleasure with poetry and prose, favourites and new discoveries, especially chosen to be shared. Read ‘Our places by the fire place’ to a parent, ‘My love is come to me’ to a partner, ‘Most near, most dear’ to a child or ‘A need to reach out sometimes’ to a friend. Discover Haruki Murakami’s quirky take on love at first sight and, alongside it, enjoy the immortal wisdom of Walt Whitman. ‘Reading aloud is pleasure. Pure pleasure.’ Stephen Fry ‘Reading aloud is an activity that everyone can take part in. It sharpens the intellect, invigorates the imagination and enlarges the scope of human sympathy. If we all read aloud every day, the world would be a better place.’ Philip Pullman The publisher is donating all royalties from this book to The Reader, the leading UK agency for reading and health.

Reading Magic

Why Reading Aloud to Our Children Will Change Their Lives Forever

Author: Mem Fox

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 156

View: 8471


Argues that reading aloud to children is a vital part of their educational development, exploring how and where to read to achieve the best effects.

Ollie the Owl

An Illustrated Bedtime Story for Kids about a Little Owl's Night and Day Adventure


Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781519203304


Page: 26

View: 998


Are you looking for a great illustrated bedtime story book for kids? Then "Ollie the Owl" is the right illustrated children's book choice for you. This illustrated kid's book is about a little Owl that is all by itself and feels lonely. Ollie never ever has seen a bird like himself. Could it really be that he is the only owl in the World? Where are all the others? One day Ollie, determined to change his life, sets out to find out if there are others just like him... What do you get when you buy this book? "Ollie the Owl" is one of a kind among the illustrated stories for kids aged 3-8 that is ideal for reading to your kids at bedtime. It is suitable as a read aloud kids book for preschoolers as well as a self-read book for older children. It is a children's bedtime story that is easy to understand about change of perspective, and luck that comes with determination and persistence. It is also a childrens' book about cute little owls of course. "Ollie the Owl" got great reviews on Amazon when it was first released as an E-Book such as: ...Charming adventure, well told story, and delightful illustrations and lessons make this book a winner for children. ....This is a delightful book for young children. The story is very appealing, and the illustrations are darn cute. What a fine debut for this author! ...What a lovely children's book with beautiful illustrations. This book would delight any young child as they follow the adventures of a charming little owl in search of his family. ...The illustrations are just right for a children's book and your child will be delighted with this story that does have a happy ending. It's a perfect bedtime story. Get your copy now and enjoy this beautiful bedtime story about an owl with a mission tags: animal kids book, animal childrens book, read aloud kids book, bedtime stories for kids ages 3-8, bedtime story for kids ages 3-8, owl, owls, owl books for kids, kids books, children's books, bedtime stories, bedtime stories for kids, bedtime story for kids, bedtime storybook, kids stories, kids story, bedtime stories for children, bedtime story for children, bedtime reading, Children's book, kids stories, kids story, stories for kids, story for kids, stories for children, story for children, children stories, children story, kids ebooks, kids ebook, bedtime stories, bedtime story, childrens stories, kids books, childrens books, books for kids, bedtime stories, kids book, ebooks, book for kids, kids, children, kid, childrens book, kids book about animals, elementary, kids book about owl, childrens book about owls, book, kindle book, kindle ebook, kindle books for kids, books for children, early reader, beginning reader, owl stories for kids, animal stories for kids, preschool, ages 3-5, ages 6-8, ages 3-8, preteen, beginning readers, beginner reading, book for preschoolers
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Read Aloud Handbook for Native American Children

Author: Lauren Waukau-Villagomez,Samantha J. Villagomez

Publisher: IAP

ISBN: 1641135921

Category: Education

Page: 95

View: 9535


This book is essential for teachers of reading and Native American Children to improve the reading scores of Native children. The book promotes the use of read alouds with Native American children in order to develop oral language, vocabulary and background knowledge. In addition, American Indian English and Standard English are discussed as issues for Native American Children. The importance of code-switching and bilingualism are examined so teacher have a better understanding of their students’ worldviews. This will lead to a respect for the children;s culture and subjugated knowledge. The book includes an annotated bibliography of books to use as read alouds. Many books have been field tested at Menominee Tribal School on school children in grades K-8. The books include some classic award-winning books and Native American books. The books were chosen for their use of Standard English. The Menominee Reservation is a focus of the book.

How to Read a Story

Author: Kate Messner

Publisher: Chronicle Books

ISBN: 9781452112336

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 2190


Step One: Find a story. (A good one.) Step Two: Find a reading buddy. (Someone nice.) Step Three: Find a reading spot. (Couches are cozy.) Now: Begin. Accomplished storytellers Kate Messner and Mark Siegel chronicle the process of becoming a reader: from pulling a book off the shelf and finding someone with whom to share a story, to reading aloud, predicting what will happen, and—finally—coming to The End. This picture book playfully and movingly illustrates the idea that the reader who discovers the love of reading finds, at the end, the beginning.

Write for Children

Author: Andrew Melrose

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134529651

Category: Education

Page: 192

View: 363


Writing for children is not about writing little stories, it is about writing big stories, shorter. Children's literature is an art form in its own right, and this book is for everyone who wants not just to write for children, but to write well for them. This short guide to creative writing for children is based on the author's own successful MA course. Andrew Melrose provides guidance on every aspect of the process of writing for children. He stresses the importance of 'writing for' the child and not 'writing to or at' them. Literacy and learning depend on writing and reading and it is therefore the responsibility of the writer to understand who they are writing for. The book is divided into four sections which cover all aspects of the writing process. This book goes far beyond the 'how to' format to help writers learn the finely balanced craft of writing for children. It will be an indispensable handbook for aspiring and practising children's authors.

30 Old Testament Quickskits for Kids

Author: Steven James

Publisher: Standard Publishing

ISBN: 9780784716298

Category: Religion

Page: 112

View: 1431


This book provides quick and creative ways for teachers to have kids help retell Old Testament Bible stories. This readers' theater performance style is fun because there aren't any lines to memorize. Enjoy this library of favorite Bible stories and storytelling techniques developed by award-winning author and professional storyteller Steven James. Each book includes creative storytelling techniques especially suited to help teachers tell God’s story and involve children in the Bible story.

Puffin Book Of Poetry For Children

101 Poems

Author: Eunice de Souza

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9351184390

Category: Poetry

Page: 120

View: 9125


In these pages, you will find poems about an itch, an afternoon of play, the joys of surfing the Internet, the fear of an injection, going on a picnic, buses, holidays, racial discrimination frogs, rats and lizards and almost anything you can think of... This lively and inspiring collection of poems for children is an introduction to the variety and sheer joy of poetry.