Advanced Bach Flower Therapy

A Scientific Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment

Author: Götz Blome

Publisher: Inner Traditions / Bear & Co

ISBN: 9780892818280

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 400

View: 5944


This reference book marks a major advancement in the scientific use of flower essences, detailing 200 clinically proven combinations of Bach Flower essences for treating hundreds of psychological conditions at their source.

Bach Flower Remedies to the Rescue

Author: Gregory Vlamis

Publisher: Inner Traditions / Bear & Co

ISBN: 9780892813780

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 176

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The author discusses the many uses of the Rescue Remedy in reducing stress, anxiety, fear, emotional upset, and trauma.

Bach Flower Remedies

Form and Function

Author: Julian Barnard

Publisher: SteinerBooks

ISBN: 9781584200246

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 349

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In the 1920s, the physician and homeopath Dr Edward Bach made his great discovery of the healing effects of various flower essences, which resulted in thirty-eight 'flower remedies'. Bach described them as 'bringing courage to the fearful, peace to the anguished, and strength to the weak', but the therapeutic effects of the remedies go beyond emotional states. They are equally effective in the treatment of physical disorders. Julian Barnard describes how Bach made his discoveries. He examines the living qualities of the plants in their context, and looks at how the remedies are actually produced. The result is remarkable. Barnard recounts his observations so that readers can experience for themselves the complex ways in which the remedy plants grow -- their gestures and qualities, ecology, botany, and behaviour.

Floral Acupuncture

Applying The Flower Essences Of Dr. Bach To Accupuncture Sites

Author: Deborah Craydon,Warren Bellows

Publisher: Celestial Arts

ISBN: 1580911692

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 128

View: 2090


Certified flower essence practitioner Deborah Craydon and licensed acupuncturist Warren Bellows combine their expertise to present an innovative and highly effective holistic method to treat body, mind, and spirit. By applying flower essences (in place of needles) to acupuncture points, it is possible to stimulate the movement of energy (chi), starting a powerful healing process. Filled with full-color photography, this practical manual, suitable for both professional and home use, includes treatments for common ailments, such as depression, anxiety, and loneliness. The authors also explain the theory behind this technique and provide general instructions for application of flower essence tinctures, creating a comprehensive view of this exciting new form of alternative healing. The first guidebook to show how to apply the flower essences of Dr. Bach to acupuncture points for treatment of emotional and physical conditions, such as depression, anxiety, neck and shoulder pain, and headaches—without the use of needles. Bach flower essences can be purchased in most health food stores and homeopathic pharmacies and are safe for use on children, pregnant women, the elderly, and pets. Includes more that 50 full-color instructional photographs.

Beginner's Guide to Bach Flower Remedies

Author: Krishnamurty

Publisher: B. Jain Publishers

ISBN: 9788170211990

Category: Flores

Page: 236

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In This Book The Author Presents A New Subject Of Study - Back Flower Remedies - An Allied Subject Of Homoeopathy. Various Types Of Remedies With Actual Cases Treated By The Authro Himself Together With The Negative And Positive Aspects Of Various Types.

Mastering Bach Flower Therapies

A Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment

Author: Mechthild Scheffer

Publisher: Inner Traditions / Bear & Co

ISBN: 9780892816309

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 144

View: 4117


A practical guide to administering Bach flower therapy

New Bach Flower Body Maps

Treatment by Topical Application

Author: Dietmar Krc$mer,Helmut Wild

Publisher: Inner Traditions / Bear & Co

ISBN: 9780892815319

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 296

View: 1399


One of Germany's most innovative Bach flower practitioners presents his healing system, which correlates zones of the body with appropriate remedies. Profusely illustrated. Includes many case studies.

New Bach Flower Therapies

Healing the Emotional and Spiritual Causes of Illness

Author: Dietmar Kr?mer

Publisher: Inner Traditions / Bear & Co

ISBN: 9780892815296

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 168

View: 1895


Traces relationship between the 38 flowers in an unprecedented way.

The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy

Author: Mechthild Scheffer

Publisher: Healing Arts Press

ISBN: 9780892819416

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 352

View: 7455


• The most comprehensive reference on Bach flower therapy in print. • Includes the latest information on Bach flower remedies, combination remedies, diagnosis, instructions for preparation, body maps, and more. • Illustrated with color plates of the Bach flowers and Kirlian photographs of the energy signature of each flower. Mechthild Scheffer's groundbreaking bestseller Bach Flower Therapy: Theory and Practice revolutionized the science of Bach flower remedies, detailing the healing properties of each individual flower. Now, for practitioner, student, and patient alike, she offers The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy, the most comprehensive and up-to-date reference available on this gentle, effective therapy. The first practitioner to recognize the psychological underpinnings of the Bach flower remedies, Scheffer demonstrates that emotional and physical well-being are inextricably linked and shows how flower therapies can be a powerful tool for healing individual symptoms and restoring balance to one's life. The author provides a therapeutic profile for each remedy and specific instructions for preparing combination remedies to heal more complex conditions. Thorough diagnostic guidelines, interview questions, progress evaluations, and body maps guide both the practitioner and novice to the proper remedies for innumerable emotional and physical ailments. The author also gives advice for using Bach flower remedies in pediatrics and veterinary medicine. With more than 120 color photographs, The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy is the complete reference for everyone who studies and practices this therapy.

Bach Flower Therapy

Theory and Practice

Author: Mechthild Scheffer

Publisher: HarperThorsons

ISBN: 9780722511213

Category: Botany, Medical

Page: 240

View: 6253


Dr Edward Bach discovered 38 flower remedies e.g. heather, gentian, elm, crab apple etc. which when taken work on both the emotional and physical level.