Advanced Medical Intuition

6 Underlying Causes of Illness and Unique Healing Methods

Author: Tina M. Zion

Publisher: BQB Publishing

ISBN: 1608081869

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 370

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"I truly was not living before I embarked on this path. I wish everyone could experience the miracles and magic I’ve seen enter my life. Thank you, Tina, for making it possible.” –Jean B., Student Advanced Medical Intuition is power packed with information. This book is the next step to take after reading Tina Zion's book, Become a Medical Intuitive: The Complete Developmental Course. This teaching manual offers these educational features for your success: • 1. Descriptions of the 6 causes of illness and the specific healing techniques for each category. • 2. Case studies transcribed from Tina’s recorded medical intuitive sessions. • 3. Case studies presented in narrative story-like form. • 4. Comments within the transcriptions explain each segment. • 5. Healing techniques are demonstrated in transcripts, narratives, and in numbered steps throughout the book. • 6. Step-by-step explanations describing purpose and healing goals. • 7. Key concepts are highlighted throughout. • 8. Different approaches to engage and empower your clients as the session progresses. • 9. A complete summary of the healing techniques for a quick guide to learn from. This advanced manual assists newly aware individuals as well as the professional already in private practice. It will enable you to use those refined intuitive skills to uncover the six causes of illness and the unique healing methods for each cause. Finding the true cause of illness leads to healings that are far beyond the superficial level. As one of Tina’s former students, I can say that it is her personality that makes learning so much easier. This woman knows what she’s talking about and practices what she teaches.” –Nita S.

Become a Medical Intuitive - Second Edition

The Complete Developmental Course

Author: Tina M Zion

Publisher: BQB Publishing

ISBN: 1608082008

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 300

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Yes, you are already intuitive! Yes, you can learn medical intuition! You are already wired to be intuitive. It is only a matter of noticing in a different way. This book provides a complete training experience to become a medical intuitive. Each chapter advances you, step-by-step, to intensify your intuitive abilities and your x-ray perception. •Develop inner sight for the deeper cause of illness. • Feel, sense, and see the entire person on all levels. • Access a person's eternal story for healing. • Understand the electromagnetic energy of thought and emotion. •Assess what vibrational colors of the aura are telling you.•Do distance assessments, and much more. This teaching manual is for lay people, medical practioners, energy healers, professional intuitives and mediums, and anyone who yearns to develop their intuitive abilities. This is an experiential process to learn and become a medical intuitive for others. The medical intuitive's life is feeling, sensing, knowing, and perceiving on multiple levels with all of your senses. When you have completed the course in this book, you will have truly developed your x-ray perceptions.

Reiki and Your Intuition

A Union of Healing and Wisdom

Author: Tina M Zion

Publisher: BQB Publishing

ISBN: 1608082148

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 140

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Reiki has already swept through the world and become globally known. It seems that everyone is, or at least knows, a Reiki practitioner. What people did not expect is that Reiki is quite real. It is a distinct and powerful frequency of energy that heals the person proving Reiki just as much as the one who receives Reiki. The reality is that these changes are inevitable, expansive, positive, transformational . . . and sometimes extremely scary. This book is designed for all Reiki practitioners at all levels. Reiki and Your Intuition: A Union of Healing and Wisdom prepares, explains, and assures the practitioner that, because of Reiki, positive changes are happening and will continue to happen in their personal lives. This book will guide the practitioner through their own personal healing challenges, while at the same time, providing guidance through their startling, unforeseen intuitive skills exploding into other realms of consciousness. Zion brings her history of teaching Reiki with her current specialty of teaching medical intuition to provide a step-by-step guide and personal workbook for the Reiki practitioner to excel as a natural healer. Included in the book are very personal stories from Reiki practitioners and at the same time asks each reader to be much more aware of their own story as an intuitive Reiki provider. Each reader will learn: •To be a clear vessel for intuitive Reiki; •Precise steps for accurate intuitive assessments;(br>•Each person's personal intuitive relationship with the symbols; •Step-by-step distant healing; •Intuitive attunements; •The depth of each person's own personal story.

Medical Intuition, Medical Intuitive Diagnosis & Medical Intuitive Diagnostic Imaging

Learn to See & Interpret the Energy Language & Images of Diseases, Disorders, Medical Conditions & Health Issues

Author: Brent Atwater

Publisher: Brent Atwater

ISBN: 143927410X

Category: Medical

Page: 204

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Radio: Call in and ask Brent Atwater your questions on Blogtalk internet Radio every Wed nite at 9pm ESTBrent Atwater's Just Plain Love(r) Books presentsMedical Intuition, Intuitive Diagnosis & MIDI - Medical Intuitive Diagnostic Imaging: How to See Inside a Body to Diagnose current Diseases and Future Health IssuesBrent Atwater is an internationally renowned Medical Intuitive, author, educator and speaker. Brent pioneered and founded MIDI- the field of Medical Intuitive Diagnostic ImagingT & AMIDI- Animal Medical Intuitive Diagnostic ImagingT MIDI is a body scan process that teaches you how to look inside a body to diagnose current disorders and future health issues. A MIDI reading generates an incredibly detailed description and accurate location, and size of each problem. It also determines the medical urgency associated with each issue in addition to providing a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation along with a future prognosis. This groundbreaking book takes the field of Intuitive Diagnosis, Intuitive Healing & Holistic Integrative Energy Medicine to another level! Brent Atwater's leading edge educational diagnostic images pioneer new frontiers. Brent's encyclopedia of the bioenergy patterns of diseases and disorders is transformative information for holistic healthcare, integrative energy medicine, intuitive healing and the science of Medical Intuition.Visit us:www.BrentAtwater.comwww.JustPlainLovebooks.comConnect with Brent Atwater onTwitter, YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Linkedn, et alRadio: Call in and ask Brent Atwater your health questions on Blogtalk internet Radio every Wed nite at 9pm EST

Queen Up! Reclaim Your Crown When Life Knocks You Down

Unleash the Power of Your Inner Tarot Queen

Author: Angela Kaufman

Publisher: Conari Press

ISBN: 1633410838

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 176

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Each of the four Tarot Queens in this empowering year-long system represent an archetypal part of our personalities as well as our experience of being human. Detailed explanations of each archetype, and workbook-style exercises and practical tips are provided for aligning with and balancing the energies of each Queen. We derive inspiration from the Queen of Wands Passion comes from the Queen of Swords Love from the Queen of Cups Abundance from the Queen of Pentacles The Queen Up system blends various metaphysical teachings and psychological concepts to empower women to navigate life’s most challenging situations. In part one, the basic tenets of the system are reviewed; part two introduces us to the four Tarot Queens that embody the essential qualities for creating wholeness, and readers will be taught how to access their energies as well as look at common obstacles; and part three provides a year’s supply of weekly exercises to help readers develop intuition and manifestation. The Queens serve as a symbol of the potential of every woman. Angela Kaufman helps readers unlock this potential to harness and express their dream lives.

Become a Medical Intuitive

Complete Developmental Course

Author: Tina M. Zion

Publisher: BQB Publishing

ISBN: 1608081311

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 268

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This book provides a complete training experience to become a medical intuitive. Each chapter advances you, step-by-step, to intensify your psychic abilities and develop your x-ray perception. A medical background is not necessary to excel as a medical intutitive. "Become a Medical Intuitive" provides you with the following: How to physically see like an x-ray machine; How to take charge of your energy field; How imagination and intuition work together; Develop inner sight for the deeper cause of illness; See, feel, and sense the entire person on all levels; Understand the electromagnetic energy of thought and emotion; Receive the pure essence of someone's life story; How to use medical intuition as a healing technique; Understand and use the "knowing" you have; Inform without diagnosing; Identify general areas and organs of the human body; Assess auric colors for vibrational accuracy; Actual case studies and assessments to learn from. You are already intuitive. It is only a matter of noticing all of the information you are receiving in a different way. The medical intuitive's life is feeling, sensing, knowing, and perceiving on multiple levels with all of your senses. When you have completed the course contained in this book, you will have truly developed x-ray vision. Contact Tina Zion at

A Medical Intuitive Reveals the Wonders of Purslane

Author: Elsie Belcheff

Publisher: Polished Publishing Group

ISBN: 098781270X

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 200

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Why do people wear glasses, especially little children? Why do people lose their hearing and how it can be restored? How can diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol be prevented? How can cancer be prevented? The key to all disease is PREVENTION. Listen to your body. Whenever it starts deteriorating, getting sluggish or fatigued, the body is overwhelmed from fighting parasites, chemicals, bacteria, and blockages-the four culprits to all our illnesses. Start detoxing with the suggestions in this book today! It took Elsie Belcheff-a medical intuitive, certified herbologist and certified lymphologist-thirteen years of studying and working with thousands of individuals, documenting their progress while they followed her recommended protocol, to come up with this valuable health guide. Now she'd like to help you.

Forward from the Mind

Distant Healing, Bilocation, Medical Intuition & Prayer in a Quantum World

Author: Tiffany Snow

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780972962360

Category: Medical

Page: 280

View: 7585


LIVE YOUR LIFE BETWEEN CANDLE AND FLAME FORWARD FROM THE MIND compels the mystic in all of us. Written by a stigmata-bearer through personal experience and exploration, Tiffany Snow shares advanced methods for becoming a junction point between heaven and earth. If you are moved with compassion by the struggles you see around you, you have the ability to help manifest miracles beyond space and time, shifting from an ordinary life to an extraordinary one. *Why hidden words of prophecy and knowledge are readily available when we access correctly * Advanced methods of distant healing, medical intuition and remote viewing while out of body * How combining specific prayerful intention with the Great Observer alters our quantum world today, yesterday and tomorrow * Why God is beyond religion and why stigmata will be occurring in all faiths * Spontaneous bilocation * Shifting between dimensions in astral travel * Protecting yourself and transforming negative energy. BEYOND ANY RELIGION OF HABIT - PAST BAD METAPHYSICS - INTO DIVINE LOVE

Medical Intuition

How to Combine Inner Resources with Modern Medicine : a Journey of Self-discovery and Healing

Author: Ruth Berger

Publisher: Red Wheel

ISBN: 9780877288510

Category: Healing.

Page: 160

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Even though Ruth Berger has never smoked, she was diagnosed with advanced emphysema, and told that her condition could only deteriorate. A psychic told her what type of new doctor to look for and what he's say. This doctor prescribed a focus on wellness, and after several years of discovering and discarding old habits, she cured herself! Now she shares the insights she gained to help you develop medical intuition for yourself. "Medical Intuition" will help you become a partner with your doctor, get educated about your health condition, keep your power, discover how past lives can affect you, and reduce your fears regarding illness. Exercises to increase your intuitive skills are included so that you can begin a more effective attunement with higher levels of conciousness. When you can hear what your body needs, you can help yourself and others.