All Love

A Biography of Ridley Herschell

Author: N.A

Publisher: Geoffrey Henderson

ISBN: 0955530407

Category: Jewish Christians

Page: 199

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It's All Love

Black Writers on Soul Mates, Family and Friends

Author: Marita Golden

Publisher: Broadway Books

ISBN: 0767931580

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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In It’s All Love, Black writers celebrate the complexity, power, danger, and glory of love in all its many forms: romantic, familial, communal, and sacred. Editor Marita Golden recounts the morning she woke up certain that she would meet her soul mate in “My Own Happy Ending”; memoirist Reginald Dwayne Betts, in a piece he calls “Learning the Name Dad,” writes stirringly about serving time in prison and how that transformed his life for the better; New York Times bestselling author Pearl Cleage is at her best in the delicate, touching “Missing You”; award-winning author David Anthony Durham enraptures readers with his “An Act of Faith”; New York Times bestselling author L. A. Banks is both funny and wise in her beautiful essay on discovering love as a child, “Two Cents and a Question.” And the poetry of love is here, too—from Gwendolyn Brooks’s classic “Black Wedding Song” to works by Nikki Giovanni, E. Ethelbert Miller, and Kwame Alexander. It’s All Love is a dazzling, delightfully diverse exploration of the wonderful gift of love.

All Love Letters Are Ridiculous

Author: Diego Maenza

Publisher: Tektime

ISBN: 8835408911

Category: Drama

Page: 196

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EloIsa, an old woman who in her youth was brutally sexually abused by three masked men, remembers on the last day of her life the stark story that marked her. She tells it to one of the nurses in the sanatorium in which she is dying while allowing her to scrutinize a ringed booklet that contains printed all the letters that she exchanged in his youth with Abelard, the only love of her life. Maenza reflects on the psychological, ethical and philosophical aspects of western love and weaves a sweet and intelligent discourse where time, love rites and erotic presence are subtly addressed. It includes a singular vision of writing and a very particular and symbolic Theory of Affection that is used in its analysis of the metaphysics of colors, the zodiacs, the sensations coming from the senses, the imaginary of the alchemist beasts, the classic elements and the arcana of the Tarot. In an age where relationships are made with the dizzying modernity and liquid love swarms (according to Bauman), ”All love letters are ridiculous” claims that secular ritual of love correspondences, increasingly in decline, and he apologizes for the slowness that Kundera claims for romances. ”All love letters are ridiculous” is constructed as a parodic narration of romance novels, but at the same time it is a modern dissertation about love coupled with a story of affection and an ending of tragedy that brings taboo themes like abuse, reification of women and contemporary violence. PUBLISHER: TEKTIME

The Man-U-All Love, Need, Want & Hate

The Man-U-All

Author: Jevon "Vawn" Sims

Publisher: Dewand Publising Group

ISBN: 0578128772

Category: Self-Help

Page: 118

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Stop, Don't Put It Down because this roller coaster of emotions good, bad, happy and sad is for you! You might get mad as hell but guess what, GET OVER IT. My big brother hat is on and I want you to know what WE go through trying to become the MAN...U ALL... Love, Need, Want and Hate! You'll hear some raw feelings (that you don't want to hear) but I am telling you the truth! Do you know if the next man you see is a male or a man? BACK UP...I asked you if you knew the difference between males and men. I know it's hard because they walk alike, talk alike, look alike, but they don't ACT ALIKE OR THINK ALIKE. Can you envision your final destination? Can you identify with GPS (Guided Personal System) that was "Tailor Made" for you?

It's All About Love

Author: Nicholas Pinder

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1504972430

Category: Poetry

Page: 70

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These poetry books are entitled “It’s All About Love” as the main topic. They are unique and rare in themselves from other poetry books you might have read. The subtopics themselves arouse curiosity to the wondering minds that would want to know what love is, who God is, and what poetry is. In addition to these, what are the signs and symptoms of each one of these? These books are written completely in poem structure. They proudly boast vast topics debated globally. These magnificent attractions will appeal to and affect every global reader spiritually, personally, and mentally based on the information recorded. The knowledge revealed is what opens up readers’ awareness about God, love, and poetry.

God’S Love Conquers All

Author: Keith Ritter

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1524530921

Category: Religion

Page: 60

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In this book, you will fi nd some amazing things about love that you never knew existed. A love that goes beyond our mental intellect, comprehension, or capacity and a pure love that is holy, unblemished, honest, and freely given without cost, performance, wages, or sins. Gods love is a Supreme Divine Love that is higher than any love in the earths realm, a love reserved for the human race that is only given by a Holy God, Awesome God, an Amazing God, a Wonderful God that we can hear, speak to, and enter into a relationship of knowing through his Holy Spirit and Son, Jesus Christ. Gods love is a divine power and a force that moves, forgives, cleanses, delivers, heals, restores, protects, prospers, saves, and empowers with strength. We only get to experience a portion of Gods love on the earth and the rest of it when we get to heaven based on our inability of what our mind can conceive, is how majestic the love of God is. Th is love is an Agape love that surpasses the wisdom of human love, brotherly love, which is basically centered on emotions, feelings, attitude, and opinions. Th e love of God has unimaginable power that truly conquers all. Th e love of God is the greatest love of all, and its in you. To God be the glory.

God's Love of Love Songs

Author: Donnie Ralph Rieser Jr.

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781453574935

Category: Religion

Page: 92

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New classic religious rock. Songs that had never been sung. Original work that had never been heard before. The songs will go with all types of religions and denominational churches.

Love Conquers All

Author: Anjalon Edwards

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469119684

Category: Fiction

Page: 210

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All About Love

New Visions

Author: bell hooks

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 0062862170

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 272

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THE ACCLAIMED FIRST VOLUME IN HER "LOVE SONG TO THE NATION" “The word ‘love’ is most often defined as a noun, yet . . . we would all love better if we used it as a verb,” writes bell hooks as she comes out fighting and on fire in All About Love. Here, at her most provocative and intensely personal, the renowned scholar, cultural critic, and feminist skewers our view of love as romance. In its place she offers a proactive new ethic for a people and a society bereft with lovelessness. As Bell Hooks uses her incisive mind and razor-sharp pen to explore the question “What is love?” her answers strike at both the mind and heart. In thirteen concise chapters, hooks examines her own search for emotional connection and society’s failure to provide a model for learning to love. Razing the cultural paradigm that the ideal love is infused with sex and desire, she provides a new path to love that is sacred, redemptive, and healing for individuals and for a nation. The Utne Reader declared bell hooks one of the “100 Visionaries Who Can Change Your Life.” All About Love is a powerful affirmation of just how profoundly she can.

All I Ever Did was Love a Man

Author: Sharon Denise Allison-Ottey

Publisher: Sharon Allison-Ottey, MD

ISBN: 9780976444343

Category: Fiction

Page: 279

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Single mother Sabrena Collins thought she finally had her life in order after finding a good-paying job and a man who said he loved her, but her world takes a frightening turn after she is diagnosed with HIV.