Archetypes of the Soul

Author: Varda Hasselmann,Frank Schmolke

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783442220007


Page: 416

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The SOURCE channeled by Varda Hasselmann during extensive trance sessions gives comforting and enlightning answers to the questions of life. The SOURCE communicates that every human leads a meaningful life imbedded in a greater spiritual context. In the system of Archetypes of the Soul introduced here the reader finds a new and practical approach to their individual life-task and a meaningful existence.
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The Seven Archetypes of Fear

Author: Varda Hasselmann,Frank Schmolke

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 3735724302

Category: Psychology

Page: 336

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The authors portray our archetypal fears as an intrinsic part of the human condition. They present it in a completely new, clearly structured format. Fear is a fascinating phenomenon. It is inseparable from being alive. It is necessary for growth. Fear is a most useful tool provided by existence when skillfully employed. People, although being sensitive to the fears of others, often avoid looking at their own fears for very comprehensible reasons. Yet it is extremely rewarding to do just that – with curiosity and interest but without judgment. It is consoling to assume that each one of us shares their archetypal fears with millions and millions of other people.

Codex of the Soul

Astrology, Archetypes, and Your Sacred Blueprint

Author: VerDarLuz

Publisher: North Atlantic Books

ISBN: 1583944648

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 320

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In Codex of the Soul, VerDarLuz guides the reader through the multifaceted nature of astrology, focusing on its practical use and spiritual nature. Providing practical and effective techniques for experiencing your birthchart, VerDarLuz explores the planets as an evolutionary force within the soul, seeking to be awakened and realized at certain regular intervals. In part one, VerDarLuz provides a thorough description of the historical, metaphysical, and cosmological foundations of astrology, followed by an overview of a wide-ranging set of cosmologies related to astrology, from the Greek and Roman pantheons to Hindu scriptures, sacred geometry, and archetypes. Part two probes the deeper meanings of planets, signs, houses, and aspects and introduces methods of chart interpretation. Part three explores the connection between planetary cycles and personal rites of passage, helping readers create their own "life reviews" and become better equipped to meet pivotal life changes (such as the Saturn return) as well as the rites of passage of partners and children. Utilizing famous biographies and tools of practical magic, Codex of the Soul paints a mythical map of the entirety of the human journey, offering tools for harmonizing with all of life's initiations. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Bits of Spirit & Parts of Soul"...Reclaiming the Archetypes of Creation Within.

Star-People & Elemental Humans

Author: Nevine Z Rottinger

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 149902231X

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 226

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Within every human as within the whole of creation, there exist major fundamental directive and working energetic programmes. Some call these massive force fields of influence the Archetypes, whilst others call them Morphological Fields. Ancient cultures recognised them as their Gods & Goddesses. These force fields define the blueprints for the building blocks of matter as well as the actual mechanisms or "technology" which operate throughout the Cosmos. To understand these Fundamental force fields is to understand the Energy Blueprint from which the Cosmos is both structured & driven. Some call the sum of these Force fields ; the "Mind of God". These fundamental energy fields are perhaps best understood, as the "bits" of Prime Creator (Great Spirit) & the "parts of soul" within humans, plants, animals, & the elements throughout creation. As you read Book 1 and Book 2 describing the Major Archetypes of Creation, you will gain a profound understanding of yourself & the force field which permeates the very "Stuff of Creation". The content within these 2 books is divided into four" stand-alone parts" which allow you the reader the freedom to explore any single group of archetypes in any order you wish. Included, are sections for those who wish to use the Vibrational Essences & Elixirs which are designed to activate & enhance these same Archetypal Energies within you should you wish it. The material is channeled & may at times break grammatical rules. Just read as is you will understand the reason.

Symbols of the Soul

Therapy and Guidance Through Fairy Tales

Author: Marianne Runberg,Birgitte Brun,Ernst W Pedersen

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

ISBN: 0857009451

Category: Psychology

Page: 144

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Fairy tales are part of our culture and history. They have been with many of us since we were children. During the last 20 years there has been an increasing interest in psychoanalytically-orientated interpretation of fairy tales, opening them up as a medium for therapy. The authors show that fairy tales can be used in therapy and guidance in a number of ways and on many different levels. They found that using such stories in their daily work proved beneficial for staff-members and patients alike, generating a response of interest, attention and sensitivity, underlining their point that fairy tales have an impact on, and importance for, everyone.

The Archetypal Symbolism of Animals

Lectures Given at the C. G. Jung Institute, Zurich, 1954-1958

Author: Barbara Hannah

Publisher: Chiron Publications

ISBN: 1888602333

Category: Psychology

Page: 413

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This volume presents Barbara Hannah's Jung Institute lectures of 1954-58. In these profound talks, she speaks of the archetypal symbolism of seven animals--cat, dog, horse, serpent, lion, bull, and cow--discussing their roles in the psychological and cultural life of the West.

Soul Psychology

How to Clear Negative Emotions and Spiritualize Your Life

Author: Joshua David Stone, Ph.D.

Publisher: Wellspring/Ballantine

ISBN: 0307757757

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 336

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The words of Sai Baba, "God equals man minus ego," are echoed by Dr. Joshua David Stone in his seminal work, Soul Psychology. A veteran transpersonal psychologist and family counselor, Dr. Stone teaches us how our entire understanding of ourselves and others is completely changed when we integrate our soul into the way we live our lives. Based on eighteen years of Dr. Stone's practice, this book is not a psychological approach to spirituality. It is rather a spiritual approach to the psychology of everyday living. At the heart of Soul Psychology is emotional healing through the dismantling of the "negative ego," a psychological cancer that prevents us from acting in accordance with our soul's true nature and purpose. This negative energy drives us to find our security outside of ourselves; whereas the only true security is one that is grounded in having a right relationship with self and a right relationship with the Divine. To guide us onto this path of spiritual ascension, Soul Psychology offers a stimulating new viewpoint that expands the boundaries of traditional spiritual practice, providing a wealth of accessible and powerful meditations and exercises, including - The six-step process for healing and spiritualizing emotions - The spiritual science of the seven rays and the twenty-two chakras - Methods for clearing negative psychic energies that inhibit soul growth - The one hundred most common pitfalls and traps on the spiritual path

Jung's Map of the Soul

An Introduction

Author: Murray Stein

Publisher: Open Court Publishing

ISBN: 0812693760

Category: Psychology

Page: 244

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More than a mere overview, the book offers readers a strong grounding in the basic principles of Jung's analytical psychology in addition to illuminating insights.