Sit Down and Shut Up

Punk Rock Commentaries on Buddha, God, Truth, Sex, Death, and Dogen's Treasury of the Right Dharma Eye

Author: Brad Warner

Publisher: New World Library

ISBN: 9781577317715

Category: Religion

Page: 272

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In 2003, Brad Warner blew the top off the Buddhist book world with his irreverent autobiography/manifesto, Hardcore Zen: Punk Rock, Monster Movies, and the Truth about Reality. Now in his second book, Sit Down and Shut Up, Brad tackles one of the great works of Zen literature, the Shobogenzo, by thirteenth-century Zen master Dogen. Illuminating Dogen’s enigmatic teachings in plain language, Brad intertwines musings on sex, meditation, death, God, sin, and happiness with an exploration of the punk rock ethos. In chapters such as “Evil Is Stupid,” “Kill Your Anger,” and “Enlightenment Is for Sissies,” Brad melds the antiauthoritarianism of punk with that of Zen, mixing in a travelogue of his triumphant return to Ohio to play in a reunion concert of Akron punk bands. For those drawn to Buddhist teachings but scared off by their stiff austerity, Brad writes with a sharp smack of truth, in teachings and stories that cut to the heart of reality.

Break Up, Don't Break Down

A Relationship Manual for Surviving Breakups, Separation, and Divorce

Author: D. Ivan Young

Publisher: D Ivan Young

ISBN: 0966513215

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 192

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Shows how to move beyond anger, guilt, pain, and disappointment after a relationship fails and offers tips for creating a new life and finding new love.

Love Hurts

Buddhist Advice for the Heartbroken

Author: Lodro Rinzler

Publisher: Shambhala Publications

ISBN: 1611803543


Page: 184

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Shares Buddhist wisdom on how to deal with emotional suffering, and includes practical advice for self-care.


Art and Values : a Collection of Research Papers and Keynote Addresses on the Evolution of Buddhist Art and Thought Across the Lands of Asia

Author: Lokesh Chandra

Publisher: N.A


Category: Architecture

Page: 469

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This Volume Explores The Relation Of Buddhism To Greek Cosmology, Its Contacts With West Asia, And Parallels To Christianity. The Interpretation In Adibuddha As A Theistic Concept Has Been Elucidated. Buddhist Period Of Classical Afghanistan, A New Identification Of The Colossi Of Bamiyan, And The 108 Symbols On The Feet Of The Buddhas Are The Way On The Physical And Divine Planes. Several Khotanese Panels, Murals And Icons Have Been Identified Anew On The Basis Of The Six Annals Of The Kingdom In Tibetan. The Role Of The Suvarabhasa-Sutra In The Polity Of Central Asia And Thence In East Asia Has Been Discussed. The Lotus Sutra Was Transmitted To China And Japan And Became A Dominant Underpinning Of Their Political And Religious Culture. The Mind-Ground Of East Asian Art Is A General Survey Of The Aesthetic Principles Evolved In This Region. The Walling Up Of The Library Cave Of Tun-Huang Was Due To A Fundamentalist Threat. The Artistic Journey Of Fourteen Centuries Of Japanese Buddhism Is Presented. Silent Letters In Tibetan Orthography And The Ambulatory Of The Tabo Cella Are Discussed. Buddhism In Mongolia Gave A Splendid Art And Rich Literature To The People. Ajanta As The Aesthesis Of Beauty And Beyond, The Thirtythree Koti Deities, Tantas As Transcendence And Tumescence, The Cousin Cultures Of India And Iran, Chandi Sukuh As A Political Statement, The Indonesian Word Candi As An Architectural Term, Identification Of Buddhist Bronzes Of Java, And Central Asia As The Path Of Sutras (And Not As The Silk Route), And Other Studies Enrich Our Understanding Of The Art And Thought, Polity And Civilization Of The Countries Of Asia. This Volume Of 477 Pages Is A Collection Of The Research Papers Of Prof. Lokesh Chandra Written Over The Last Fifteen Years On The Evolution Of Buddhist Thought And Its Spread Over Vast Areas Of Asia. Areas Of Interest: Buddhism, History Of Art, Philosophy, And The General History Of Various Countries (India, Afghanistan, Iran, Central Asia, China, Japan, Tibet, Mongolia, Cambodia, Indonesia), And Cultural Globalism.

Lost in Transition

The Dark Side of Emerging Adulthood

Author: Christian Smith,Kari Christoffersen,Hilary Davidson,Patricia Snell Herzog

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199911525

Category: Social Science

Page: 296

View: 1899


Life for emerging adults is vastly different today than it was for their counterparts even a generation ago. Young people are waiting longer to marry, to have children, and to choose a career direction. As a result, they enjoy more freedom, opportunities, and personal growth than ever before. But the transition to adulthood is also more complex, disjointed, and confusing. In Lost in Transition, Christian Smith and his collaborators draw on 230 in-depth interviews with a broad cross-section of emerging adults (ages 18-23) to investigate the difficulties young people face today, the underlying causes of those difficulties, and the consequences both for individuals and for American society as a whole. Rampant consumer capitalism, ongoing failures in education, hyper-individualism, postmodernist moral relativism, and other aspects of American culture are all contributing to the chaotic terrain that emerging adults must cross. Smith identifies five major problems facing very many young people today: confused moral reasoning, routine intoxication, materialistic life goals, regrettable sexual experiences, and disengagement from civic and political life. The trouble does not lie only with the emerging adults or their poor individual decisions but has much deeper roots in mainstream American culture--a culture which emerging adults have largely inherited rather than created. Older adults, Smith argues, must recognize that much of the responsibility for the pain and confusion young people face lies with them. Rejecting both sky-is-falling alarmism on the one hand and complacent disregard on the other, Smith suggests the need for what he calls "realistic concern"--and a reconsideration of our cultural priorities and practices--that will help emerging adults more skillfully engage unique challenges they face. Even-handed, engagingly written, and based on comprehensive research, Lost in Transition brings much needed attention to the darker side of the transition to adulthood.

What Is Love?

A Simple Buddhist Guide to Romantic Happiness

Author: Taro Gold

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

ISBN: 0740787357

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 96

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"What Is Love? is an inspirational handbook to happy, healthy, and fulfilled relationships. Reading it will uplift your spirit, clarify expectations, and open the door to the relationship of your dreams." –Cherie Carter-Scott, Ph.D., author of the number-one New York Times best-selling book If Love Is a Game, These Are the Rules Why is it that love receives less instruction than the average driver's education class? We don't learn to drive by crashing until we get it right, but this seems to be how we learn about love. Author Taro Gold offers simple, practical guidance-based on the universal principles of Buddhism-that can steer us through the twists and turns of love. By leading us first to become happy within, Buddhist teachings offer empowering advice on creating the romantic happiness of our dreams. What Is Love? contains three sections: Love and Illusion: The Outer Path (Searching Through the Fantasy) Love and Reality: The Inner Path (Finding True Love Within) Love and Life: The Middle Path (Creating Romantic Happiness Now) Inspirational quotes are sprinkled throughout the text, enriched by full-color, Far East-inspired watercolors. Like an elegant bouquet of flowers, it's the perfect gift for Valentine's Day or any other special occasion.

The Devil and Philosophy

The Nature of His Game

Author: Robert Arp

Publisher: Open Court

ISBN: 0812698800

Category: Philosophy

Page: 288

View: 9424


In The Devil and Philosophy, 34 philosophers explore questions about one of the most recognizable and influential characters (villains?) of all time. From Roman Polanski's The Ninth Gate to J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion to Bram Stoker's Dracula to Darth Vader to Al Pacino's iconic performance in The Devil's Advocate, this book demonstrates that a little devil goes a long way. From humorous appearances, as in Kevin Smith's film Dogma and Chuck Palahniuk's novels Damned and its sequel Doomed, to more villanous appearances, such as Gabriel Byrne's cold outing as Satan in End of Days, The Devil in Philosophy proves that the Devil comes in many forms. Through the lenses of Jung, Kant, Kundera, Balkan, Plato, Bradwardine, Aristotle, Hume, Blackburn, Descartes, Lavey, Thoreau, and Aquinas, The Devil and Philosophy take a philosophical look at one of time's greatest characters. Are there any good arguments for the actual existence of the Devil? Does demonic evil thrive in Gotham City? Can humans really be accountable for all evil? Which truths about the Devil are actual facts? Is Milton correct, in that the Devil believes he is doing good?

How to Love Yourself (and Sometimes Other People)

Author: Meggan Watterson,Lodro Rinzler

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 1401948049

Category: Self-Help

Page: 208

View: 9603


Are you trying to find love – and beginning to suspect you’re not looking in the right place? This wise, hip guide gives you a new map for the journey to happiness in relationships of all kinds, starting in your own heart. Told from the alternating vantage points of authors Meggan Watterson and Lodro Rinzler, How to Love Yourself (and Sometimes Other People) reminds us that love isn’t something we have to earn. All of us are deeply and intrinsically worthy of love – not only the love we hope to receive from others, but the love we give to ourselves – and this book offers the insight and practical tools we need to stay firmly grounded in self-love as we ride out the natural (and often stormy) cycles of relationships. Meggan and Lodro’s unique perspectives as teachers and scholars of Christian mysticism and Buddhism respectively make for a rich and lively dialogue that draws on wisdom sources like the Gospel of Mary Magdalene and the Four Noble Truths, along with funny, revealing stories from their own love lives and their deep friendship with each other. You’ll find guidance for embracing single life, dating with an open heart, and thriving in lasting love; meditations and practices for calm abiding, "disciplined hope," and connecting to the source of love within you; and tips on everything from sex, self-worth, and nourishing friendships to navigating breakups and learning to truly love yourself. Ultimately, you’ll be able to see your ideal partner in a new light – not as someone who "completes" you, but as someone who mirrors back to you your own wholeness.