Ho'oponopono Secrets

Four Phrases to Change the World One Love to Bind Them

Author: Paul Jackson

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781511468985

Category: Alternative medicine

Page: 104

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HO'OPONOPONO FOR BEGINNERS- A Complete Practical Guide To Successful Ho'oponopono Practice:Everything you need to know about the Spiritual Practice that is sweeping the globe & changing the lives of all it touches... INCLUDES- -Beginners Guide to Ho'oponopono -Ho'oponopono Origins & History -Ho'oponopono Philosophy -How & Why It Works -Simple Step by Step Instructions -Practical Tips for Success Through Ho'oponopono -Sample Mantras EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO BEGIN PRACTISING HO'OPONOPONO RIGHT AWAY...Ho'oponopono (Ho Oh Pono Pono) roughly translated as "to make right", "to correct", is an ancient transformational and healing technique originating in Hawaii. Its simple message of 100% responsibility, repentance, and gratitude has been changing the lives of all it touches. Originally practiced by the native Hawaiians, Ho'oponopono was primarily a group based ceremony, used to solve community based problems and disputes and it has ties and similarities to many indigenous shamanic practices found throughout the world.The Ancient Hawaiians understood the power of the mind. Centuries before mainstream science they identified the distinction between the Conscious, Subconscious, and Super-Conscious minds, and the part they play in forming our present day circumstances.This knowledge was considered so important that they built their whole belief system Huna (The Secret) around it...Huna's main focus was on resolving community based disputes and problems. They discovered the best way to accomplish this was by understanding and controlling the power of the Subconcious Mind- The Ho'oponopono process was one of the most powerful tools they had in achieving this. It was used to clean and 'reset' the mind, leaving it free and open to the positive influences that are constantly being sent to it from theDivine Universal Consciousness.It was updated by Morrnah Simeona in the late 90s to better reflect the demands of the modern world. No longer needing a collective the process could now be practised individually.Since then Ho'oponopono has been quietly but steadily spreading around the globe, gathering rave reviews and devotees as it goes.So what exactly is Ho'oponopono? Is it really so easy? Does it work? Why does it work? How do you do it? What can it do for me?This book will answer these questions and many more, examining its origins, development, and the philosophy that underpins it.It will provide you with all the knowledge and information you need, guiding you through the Ho'oponopono process step by step with sample mantras so you can begin practising right away.We'll look at why this deceptively easy, but extremely powerful process, is changing the lives of all it touches.And show you how it can change yours too...

Ho'oponopono Book

Advanced Ho'oponopono Secrets

Author: Colin G Smith

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781546520634


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Being bogged down and feeling exhausted with life is something that everyone can relate to. We experience stress in the form of money issues, problems at work, difficulties with our interpersonal relationships and a number of other stress factors that tend to weigh us down. But what if there was a way to realise that it is not these stressors that are making our lives difficult? What if the reality of the matter is that these situations are created by our thoughts - our own ego-mind? This realisation forms the foundation of Ho'oponopono, which states that we have the power to transmute our problems by re-connecting with the Divine Source within. Ho'oponopono allows a person to develop a relationship with the Divine Source inside of ourselves and ask that our mistakes made in thought, action, or word be cleared and released, providing freedom from the past. It was revolutionised in the twentieth century by Morrnah Simeona, a Hawaiian Kahuna healer, to help modern day people reap the benefits. In this guidebook, you will discover Advanced Ho'oponopono Techniques that will allow you to clear erroneous data within your subconscious mind while realising your authentic loving self. Topics Covered In The Book Include: * Ho'oponopono Tibetan Style: This is a special breathing meditation that helps you transform negativity while increasing your courage, love and compassion. * Inner Child Meditation: Discover how to connect to your inner child allowing you to develop a loving relationship with this part of yourself leading to an increased sense of wellbeing. * Higher Self Meditation: Connect with your own Higher Self or Soul which will give you a greater sense of connection with your own source of pure unconditional love, peace and wisdom. * Ho'oponopono Higher Self / Inner Child Healing Process: This is a very powerful process that enables you to align your inner family in a way that allows for harmonious healing and transformation of erroneous data stored in your inner child or Lower Self. * Ideal Partner Manifestation: If you would like help from the Universe to find your ideal partner, this special prayer ritual can help you. It utilises the power of Blessing, combined with the energetic connections we have with other people in the word. * Relationship Shadows Into De-Light: This process enables you to bring your own shadow aspects to light, transmute them with Ho'oponopono, while developing more empathy and compassion for yourself and other people. It can be surprising what's revealed with this powerful technique. * Ho'oponopono Magic In A Bottle: Enjoy preforming random acts of kindness with this fun method that will bless complete strangers while introducing them to Ho'oponopono. * Wrathful Ho'oponopono: Discover how to practice Ho'oponopono even when you are really angry and upset with someone. You can use the magical mantra and transmute your anger into a peaceful state of calm instead. Now you can heal your life, transmute your problems and become a more loving and peaceful person with these advanced Ho'oponopono secrets. So go ahead and download your Ho'oponopono Guidebook today.
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My Reflections on Ho’oponopono

Author: Mabel Katz

Publisher: Mabel Katz


Category: Conduct of life

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In this book, I share my experiences about the incredible way of Ho’oponopono, and how it turned out to be the easiest and most effective way for me. I sincerely hope it will be that way for you too.

The Easiest Way to Understanding Ho'oponopono

The Clearest Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

Author: Mabel katz

Publisher: Your Business Press

ISBN: 097488202X


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What was easy just got easier with the Special Edition of the book that started it all, The Easiest Way, now including this special bonus, The Easiest Way to Understanding HO'OPONOPONO, The Clearest Answers to Your Most Frequently Asked Questions. The Easiest Way to Understanding HO'OPONOPONO, answers the what, where, when and why about cleaning. Cleaning is simply erasing your memories and bringing you back to zero, so that Inspiration (God, Love) can guide you.
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Zero Limits

The Secret Hawaiian System for Wealth, Health, Peace, and More

Author: Joe Vitale,Ihaleakala Hew Len

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 047089332X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

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Praise For Zero Limits "This riveting book can awaken humanity. It reveals the simple power of four phrases to transform your life. It's all based in love by an author spreading love. You should get ten copies of it----one for you and nine to give away. It's that good." ---- Debbie Ford, New York Times bestselling author of The Dark Side of the Light Chasers "I love this book! I feel it will be the definitive personal-change/self-help book for at least a generation and viewed as a watershed event by historians. There is real potential for this book to start a movement that will end war, poverty, and the environmental devastation of our beloved planet." ---- Marc Gitterle, MD, www.CardioSecret.com "This book is like a stick of dynamite, and the moment you start reading, the fuse is lit. It blows away all the complex and confusing success paradigms of the past and reveals a refreshing and clear path to transform your life with just one simple step. As you explore Zero Limits with Vitale, be prepared for a journey that is both challenging and inspiring beyond anything you've imagined." ---- Craig Perrine, www.MaverickMarketer.com "There are more than 6 billion different manifestations of human existence on the planet?and only one of us here. In Zero Limits, Vitale has captured the truth that all great spiritual, scientific, and psychological principles teach at the most fundamental level. Boil it all down to the basics and the keys are quite simple---- the answer to all life's challenges is profound love and gratitude. Read this book; it's a reminder of the truth and ability you already possess." ---- James Arthur Ray, philosopher and bestselling author of Practical Spirituality and The Science of Success "Wow! This is the best and most important book Vitale has ever written!" ---- Cindy Cashman, www.FirstSpaceWedding.com "I couldn't put it down. This book elegantly sketches what I've learned and learned about in twenty-one years of personal study, and then it takes it to the next level. If you're looking for true peace along with 'the good stuff,' then this book is for you." ---- David Garfinkel, author of Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich "Zero Limits is Vitale's adventure into the most mind-altering reading experience of your life." ---- Joseph Sugarman, President, BluBlocker Sunglasses, Inc.

At Zero

The Final Secrets to "Zero Limits" The Quest for Miracles Through Hooponopono

Author: Joe Vitale

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118837479

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

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New stories and new processes that outline the fourth stage ofawakening of ho'oponopono Author Joe Vitale's previous book, Zero Limits, presenteda unique self-help breakthrough focused on helping overworked,overstressed individuals overcome obstacles and achieve theirgoals. It was the first book to explain how a secret Hawaiianmethod called ho'oponopono can help people experience health,wealth, happiness, and more. It empowered thousands of readers totake control of everything in their lives in order to achieve allthey’ve ever dreamed of. At Zero starts where ZeroLimits left off. It offers new stories, explains new process,and reveals the fourth stage of awakening. Explains the process called "cleaning," to delete programs andbeliefs that you aren't aware of Shows how repeating the phrases I love you, I'm sorry,Please forgive me, Thank you can help you reach Divinity Life will always present you with challenges. The practice ofho'oponopono, as revealed by author Joe Vitale, guides you throughthe journey of life with the tools you need to rid yourself ofhindrances and open yourself up to infinite possibilities.

The Book of Ho'oponopono

The Hawaiian Practice of Forgiveness and Healing

Author: Luc Bodin,Nathalie Bodin Lamboy,Jean Graciet

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1620555115

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 160

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A simple practice to heal your past and cleanse negative memories to live a more peaceful and harmonious life • Details how to apply Ho'oponopono to deal with traumatic past events, destructive thought patterns, family dynamics, daily annoyances, or any other disagreeable event in your life, from traffic jams to relationship break-ups • Draws on the new science of epigenetics and quantum physics to explain how Ho'oponopono works • Explains how the trauma of past events can cloud your perceptions and reveals how to break free from the weight of your memories Based on an ancestral Hawaiian shamanic ritual, the healing practice of Ho'oponopono teaches you to cleanse your consciousness of negative memories, unconscious fears, and dysfunctional programming and grant yourself forgiveness, peace, and love. The process is deceptively simple--first you must recognize your own responsibility for creating the events in your life, then you are ready to apply the mantra of Ho'oponopono: I’m sorry, Forgive me, Thank you, I love you. Repeated several times over a dedicated interval, the negativity is replaced with inner peace, love, and harmony--and, as the stories in this book show, sometimes even miracles take place. In this step-by-step guide, the authors explain how to apply Ho'oponopono to traumatic past events, destructive thought patterns, family dynamics, daily annoyances, or any other disagreeable event in your life, from traffic jams to relationship break-ups. Drawing on quantum physics and epigenetics, they explore how Ho'oponopono works--how thoughts and consciousness can affect the expression of your DNA, the materialization of your goals, and the behavior of those around you. They explain how negative thought patterns and memories unconsciously guide your life and draw more negativity to you, perpetuating the cycle of bad events and clouding your recollection of the past. By apologizing to yourself, your memory, and the event in question, you can forgive yourself, heal your memories, and cleanse your perceptions. By reconciling with yourself, you open your heart to love for your experiences, yourself, and others and bring harmony to your mind, body, and the world around you.

Metaphysics & Conscioussnes

With Ho`oponopono and Quantum Jumping

Author: Andrej Mlinšek

Publisher: BookRix

ISBN: 3743840456

Category: Philosophy

Page: 31

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The author wrote the book METAPHYSICS and CONSCIOUSNESS after 30 years of studying successful people and reading thousands of books about successful life from authors all over the world. As indicated in his first book KEY COMBINATION, he has studied successful people, their biographies and their lives since he was 18 years old.It was always known that a "SECRET" exists, which helps people to raise themselves above the average and to live a successful and happy life. The author has studied this "secret" in his books and this book is no different – it will attempt to introduce the "secret", which represents nothing other than different habits, different ways of thinking and viewing the world we live in.All things occur TWICE; firstly in the invisible world and then in the visible one.It depends on us whether we can take advantage of changes in life. We should consider every end as a new beginning and a new opportunity.The book Metaphysics and consciousness deals with causes and not with consequences. Nowadays 95% of people deal with consequences and not with causes.

The Fifth Phrase

The Next Ho'oponopono and Zero Limits Healing Stage

Author: Joe Vitale

Publisher: G&D Media

ISBN: 9781722503130

Category: Self-Help

Page: 192

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With his unique and successful method, Joe Vitale will change the way you think and help you achieve more in life than you ever thought possible.

Love Yourself Loveable

Realising Your Authentic Loving Self Through the Profound Yet Simple Practice of Ho'oponopono

Author: Colin Gary Smith

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781541086227


Page: 72

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Have you been looking for a more hands on way to take back control of your life, to learn how to love yourself? Something that gives you a deeper sense of self-worth; something that uses your own personal accountability to improve your life? Take a page out of the books of indigenous Hawaii with the practice of Ho'oponopono. Ho'oponopono is a Hawaiian word that means, "to make right," and that is exactly what you will learn how to do with this book. Love Yourself Lovable shows you how to tap into the power of Ho'oponopono so you can realise your Authentic Self, which is directly connected to the Divine source of pure, unconditional love. Anything else we may experience such as feeling like a victim, feeling judged or feeling worthless are all just temporary manifestations arising from the collective subconscious database of thoughts and feelings. To clear the erroneous data in the database, while connecting with our Authentic Self, we engage in the simple yet profound practice of Ho'oponopono. Here Are Some Of The Self Love Secrets Revealed In This Ho'oponopono Book: * Step-by-Step instructions on how to get good results through Ho'oponopono practice * The art of surrendering to Divinity for guidance and inspiration * How to persist and benefit from a daily spiritual practice * How to become aware of and transform your own shadow aspects in relationships * The realisation of our interconnected nature and how this relates to our self image * The importance of total personal responsibility and accountability * The three selves and how to connect with your Higher Self Finally, you can rid yourself of self-hate and low self-esteem. Discover how to deal with issues of body image, negative thoughts, problem people, toxic relationships and more. This is a wonderful self-help book for women and men who need a little guidance on how to love themselves authentically in a highly critical, judgmental world. Discover the power of Ho'oponopono today to transform your life with this self-love workbook. Claim your copy of Love Yourself Lovable now.
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