The I Ching

The Book of Changes

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One of the most important books in the history of Oriental culture, the I Ching proposes that all things happening at a specific time have certain characteristic features which can be isolated.

I Ching

The Chameleon Book

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The I Ching (Yijing) is an important text in the canon of world literature. It is also a divination tool familiar to millions of modern users. Books on the I Ching tend to approach it exclusively as one or the other: literary text or oracle. This annotated translation is designed to reconcile a century of provocative new scholarship with the function of divination for the modern reader. The most exciting new scholarship illuminates the epic tale of wise King Wen, valorous King Wu, and the rise of the Zhou dynasty. The emergence of this wonderful story explains countless cryptic allusions in the I Ching. It also provides an elegant way to recover the divinatory function for the modern reader, and suggests how it may have functioned for the original diviners. In this view, to make a divination is to read the moment against the dynasty change narrative -- truly to "consult King Wen."
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Pocket I-Ching

Author: Gary G. Melyan,Wen-Kuang Chu

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In this easy-to-follow pocket edition, the ancient Chinese system of predicting the future has been made simple, opening the hidden world of the l-Ching to the nonspecialist. The method of divining the 64 prophetic hexagrams, and the way to interpret their meaning correctly, is clearly explained, and—to give extra assistance—each hexagram is divided into 20 different categories of concern, ranging from love and marriage, to your best bets in business, and how to take care of your health. Thus, your fortune can be infallibly revealed in a way that has been followed throughout the East for more than 2000 years. Fascinating, intriguing, and entertaining—this is a book you really can't afford to be without.

Practical Guide to the I Ching

Author: Kim-Anh Lim

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A comprehensive overview of the I Ching's evolution in Chinese history and philosophy. Explains how to cast hexagrams, and includes complete interpretations.

I Ching: An Annotation

Author: Zhongyuan Cai

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I Ching is a well-known ancient Chinese philosophical work and is also an only philosophical work in the world which studies how things operate, change and develop with symbols as its tenet. Based on the dualism of yin and yang, it classifies the properties of Heaven and Earth and all created things by virtue of images. And it divides all the laws existing in nature into sixty-four parts. Fuhsi summed up the theories of the Eight Trigrams by observing the phenomena of astronomy, geography and human affairs. Likewise, based on the Eight Trigrams, King Wen continued to make each trigram overlap with the other (including with itself) and advance the theories of the Sixty-four Hexagrams by observing the phenomena of astronomy, geography and human affairs. Later, Chou Kung (Duke of Chou) continued to replenish and refine the book and Confucius and many other scholars continued to improve and polish it as a complete philosophical work. Besides, Yen Emperor’s Lien Shan and Yellow Emperor’s Kuei Ts’ang failed to be passed on to the subsequent generations.

Understanding the I Ching

The Wilhelm Lectures on the Book of Changes

Author: Hellmut Wilhelm,Richard Wilhelm

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The West's foremost translator of the I Ching, Richard Wilhelm thought deeply about how contemporary readers could benefit from this ancient work and its perennially valid insights into change and chance. For him and for his son, Hellmut Wilhelm, the Book of Changes represented not just a mysterious book of oracles or a notable source of the Taoist and Confucian philosophies. In their hands, it emerges, as it did for C. G. Jung, as a vital key to humanity's age-old collective unconscious. Here the observations of the Wilhelms are combined in a volume that will reward specialists and aficionados with its treatment of historical context--and that will serve also as an introduction to the I Ching and the meaning of its famous hexagrams. -- "Religious Studies Review"

I Ching

Author: Edward L. Shaughnessy

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An English translation of the manual of divination, used by Confucianists and Taoists

I Ching, the Oracle

Author: Kerson Huang

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Pt. I. About the I Ching. ch. 1. About the I Ching -- ch. 2. Legend of the I Ching -- ch. 3. The legacy of Confucius -- ch. 4. Digging for the facts -- ch. 5. Using the I Ching -- ch. 6. I Ching talk -- pt. II. I Ching, a modern translation

I Ching

An Annotated Bibliography

Author: Edward A. Hacker,Steve Moore,Lorraine Patsco

Publisher: Psychology Press

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This volume is a comprehensive collection of critical essays on The Taming of the Shrew, and includes extensive discussions of the play's various printed versions and its theatrical productions. Aspinall has included only those essays that offer the most influential and controversial arguments surrounding the play. The issues discussed include gender, authority, female autonomy and unruliness, courtship and marriage, language and speech, and performance and theatricality.

I Ching, Or, Book of Changes

Author: Richard Wilhelm,Cary F. Baynes

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Jessica Hart has never forgotten Matthew Landley. After all, he was her first love when she was fifteen years old. But he was also her school maths teacher, and their forbidden affair ended in scandal with his arrest and imprisonment. Now, seventeen years later, Matthew returns with a new identity, a long-term girlfriend and a young daughter, who know nothing of what happened before. Yet when he runs into Jessica, neither of them can ignore the emotional ties that bind them together. With so many secrets to keep hidden, how long can Jessica and Matthew avoid the dark mistakes of their past imploding in the present?