The Secret Kingdom Leopards Gold

He had lost his golden look, and appeared to be the pale, stunned boy he was
before. He rubbed his ... 'Gold?' said Tolly in an awed voice. 'Gunfrid was cured
with leopards' gold?' A muffled voice came from Vyborn's pillow. 'I'm not asleep, ...

Author: Jenny Nimmo

Publisher: Egmont UK

ISBN: 9781780311876

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 368

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In the conclusion to this beautifully crafted trilogy, bestselling author Jenny Nimmo takes her readers on an extraordinary journey that will enthral any fan of magical fantasy. From the author of the Charlie Bone series and The Snow Spider. Fans of Diana Wynne Jones and Angie Sage’s Septimus Heap will love the Red King’s adventures. Many years have passed since King Timoken settled in Britain, and his majestic home is protected by the wizards Llyr and Eri, whose powerful enchantments make the great Red Castle and its people invisible whenever danger threatens. Then the castle bellman disappears. A trace of blood on the stairs is the only clue as to his fate. Could there be a traitor in their midst? Petrello and Tolomeo, the most inquisitive of Timoken’s nine children, are determined to solve the mystery.

Leopards Gold

Many years have passed since King Timoken settled in Britain, and his majestic home is protected by the wizards Llyr and Eri, whose powerful enchantments make the great Red Castle and its people invisible whenever danger threatens.When the ...

Author: Jenny Nimmo


ISBN: 1405257342

Category: Adventure stories

Page: 34

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King Timoken has settled peacefully in England, and his majestic home is protected by the wizards Llyr and Eri, who weave spells to make the great red castle and its people invisible whenever danger threatens. But then the castle bellman disappears. Traces of blood on the stairs are the only clues as to his fate. Could there be a traitor in their midst? Petrello, the most inquisitive of Timoken's many children, is determined to solve the mystery.

Gold Coins of the World 9th edition

4000 10000 VF EF 1 Florin d'or ND Crowned leopard in circle of arches / Foliate
cross in angled quatrefoil with leopards in angles. 4. 1 Leopard d'or ND 4000
EDWARD, Prince of Wales, (The Black Prince), 1362-1372 Duke holding sword,

Author: Arthur L. Friedberg

Publisher: Coin & Currency Institute

ISBN: 9780871840097

Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 832

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A unique and indispensable reference work Unsurpassed in content and scope When the first edition of Gold Coins of the World made its debut in 1958, it forever changed the way gold coins were collected, cataloged, traded, and priced. For the first time, one book provided a reliable guide for a subject which previously required an often expensive investment in multiple volumes of literature, some of it rare and antique, and much of it badly out-of-date. With the publication of this pioneering work, Robert Friedberg (1912-1963) established himself as an international icon in the field of numismatic literature. This book, and the 'Friedberg Numbering System' he developed became then, and is still today, the internationally-recognized standard for systematically identifying any gold coin ever made. From just 384 pages in 1958, Gold Coins of the World has expanded to the extent that it now contains more than triple the information of its ancestor. It still stands alone as the first and only book to describe, catalog and price two millennia of gold, platinum, and palladium coin issues from across the globe. From the first coins of the ancient Greeks to the most recently-issued modern commemoratives, they are all here, an astonishing compilation of more than 21,000 individual coin listings accompanied by over 8,000 actual-size photographs. The prices have been completely updated, for the most part raised substantially, to reflect the current market. Entire sections have been expanded, many illustrations have been added or improved, and hundreds of new discoveries and recent issues have been included for the first time. Arthur Friedberg, president of the International Association of Professional Numismatists from 2001 to 2007 and now its Honorary President, and Ira Friedberg, have completely revised and expanded their late father's work. They have had the valuable assistance and cooperation of a who's who of the leading numismatists on every continent in bringing this edition to fruition. For the numismatist, banker, economist, historian, institution of higher learning, or a fancier of the noble metal in all its forms, Gold Coins of the World is a book for every library, public and private.


y Dad had a passion for prospecting for gold. In a practical and direct way, his
passion contributed to my experience of bush life. He dreamed of making a gold
strike. He would become rich and we would all live in luxury for the rest of our

Author: Trevor Frost

Publisher: Partridge Africa

ISBN: 9781482801989

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 292

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A true story of life in Africa under extreme conditions where there’s nothing to depend on other than your wits and an ability to improvise. A man, his dog Major, and a small group of helpers trucked across seemingly insurmountable mountainous terrain laden with drilling equipment and supplies to survive off the land in isolation for months. Extreme danger and excitement—at times life-threatening—abounds, coupled with the beauty of nature and her wildlife. The author provides his readers with a slice of colonial life in the 1960s, describing progress through childhood, enduring army training, discovering pleasures of the opposite sex, exploring career options, and finally settling into what became a long career in exploration diamond drilling. It is also a story of love. Shortly after the contract in Ruangwa Valley, the author’s isolated and lonely life changed dramatically. He married a beautiful city girl who had never experienced camping, let alone the tough life in remote areas in the bush. Their two sons were born living under these conditions. The book ends as the young family leaves Zimbabwe, settling in Botswana. The sequel Scorched Sands of the Kalahari will tell the story of their adventures in that country.

Leopards of England and Other Papers on Heraldry

gold ; ( 4 ) Gules three leopards gold ; ( 5 ) Silver a lion gules with a crown gold in
a border sable bezanty ; ( 6 ) Gold a cross gules . This enumeration will not ,
however , be followed in the consideration of these arms for a reason that will
surely ...

Author: Edward Earle Dorling


ISBN: WISC:89097345540

Category: Great Britain

Page: 136

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The Golden Leopard

On the way back to the house, while passing under a thick overhang of oak
branches, he opened his hand and looked down at an engraved gold band set
with a large, square-cut emerald. A family heirloom, damn it all. He couldn't pawn
a ...

Author: Lynn Kerstan

Publisher: Bell Bridge Books

ISBN: 9781611941548

Category: Fiction

Page: 275

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"Trust an ex-nun to write the hottest, most desperate and exhilarating romance of the year . . . " (Contra Costa Times) Lady Jessica "Jessie" Carville gave up on up men six years ago, after being deserted by Lord Hugo Duran, the man she loved beyond all reason. She has carried on with her life and . . . shockingly . . . with her career. Although most of Society frowns upon a woman in business, Lady Jessica is a natural at collecting and selling antiques. She's put the past behind her until one night at an auction, when Duran shows up. He's back in England, and he has plans that involve her. Can she resist what he has in mind? Duran, though willful and mysterious, is a gentleman--when it suits him. Yet he left his lover without so much a note saying why. Now he's on a mission filled with danger. If he doesn't succeed, he will die. Can he convince Jessica to help him without endangering her as well? Lynn Kerstan, former college professor, folksinger, professional bridge player, and nun, is the author of sixteen romance novels and four novellas, all set in Regency England. A RITA winner and five-time RITA Finalist, her books are regularly listed among the best in the Regency genre. The Golden Leopard and Heart of the Tiger were selected by Library Journal for its Best Books of the Year list (2002 and 2003), and Dangerous Passions was named by Booklist as one of the Top Ten Romances of 2005.

Encyclop dia Heraldica

Crest , Fylingley . out of a ducal coronet or , an eagle , displayed , Az . a chev .
erm . betw . three leopards ' heads . or . gu . ... Grey . leopards ' heads gold ,
within a bordure , _gobo- Ar . on a bend gu . three leopards ' heads or . nated , of
the ...

Author: William Berry


ISBN: KBNL:KBNL03000029265

Category: Heraldry


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Endangered Leopards

Their fur can be light cream to dark gold in color , depending on where the
animals live . The fur of leopards ... Light fur helps the leopards that live in
grasslands or deserts blend in with the golden colors of their habitats . A leopard
has good ...

Author: Bobbie Kalman

Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company

ISBN: 0778718565

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

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Introduces the anatomy, behavior, and life cycle of leopards, and discusses the reasons they are endangered and conservation efforts.

The Treekeeper s Tale

Each dayyou stand infreezing water as the smell of wet wool gets stronger and
you glimpse gold flecks inthe ice. Your armsmove asifin trance as I emerge from
my ... in my Tree of Life headdress onits larch frame. Tien Shan snow leopards ...

Author: Pascale Petit

Publisher: Seren

ISBN: 9781854116185

Category: Poetry

Page: 64

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Well known for the fierce confessional imagery of her first three books, The Treekeeper's Tale points towards another facet of the poet's gift, an intense feeling for the natural world, allied with a personal response to historical incidents and to other lands. The title section of this four-part collection adopts the giant coast redwood trees in California as a particular talisman. Lyrical, resonant, strange and imaginative, these poems echo in the mind and leave an indelible impression of the mysterious atmosphere of the redwood forests. The second section, 'Afterlives', takes us on journeys to the past, as in the burial of a Siberian priestess, and on trips to other places including China, Nepal and Kazakhstan. The colourful paintings of the German expressionist Franz Marc, such as the famous red and blue horses series, provide the key to the third section, War Horse, where dramatic imagery of the horses blends and contrasts with the tragic fate of Europe during World War One. The final part, 'The Chrysanthemum Lantern', features sensitive translations from Chinese originals.

Archaeologia Aeliana Or Miscellaneous Tracts Relating to Antiquity

II . William Brocas . Hampshire . 1415 . SAL , D 42 . I and IV ( sable ) a lion
rampant ( gold ) , II and 111 ( sable ) two leopards ( gold ) . 12 . John Lysle .
Hampshire . 1412 . SAL , D 42 . ( Gold ) on a chief ( azure ) three lions rampant (
gold ) . 13 .



ISBN: UOM:39015049027181

Category: Archaeology


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"A classified catalogue of papers from Archaeologia aeliana, 1813-1913", is included in the Centenary volume, ser. 3, v. 10, p. 334-376.


The Ashanti captains wore fantastic war hats with gilded rams' horns and plumes
of eagle feathers. Their red cloth vests were decoratedwith fetishes and
passages of Arabic scriptstitched in silver and gold. Leopards' tailshung down
theirbacks ...

Author: Matthew Hart

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781849839709

Category: History

Page: 304

View: 172

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Since the 2008 financial crisis the price of gold has sky-rocketed, from around $800 an ounce in August of that year to a peak of around $1700 an ounce. Fortunes have been made, and this has kicked off an unprecedented gold-mining and prospective boom around the world. In this book Matthew Hart takes readers on a journey around the world and through history to tell the story of how gold became the world's most precious commodity, the highlights of its dramatic, tempestuous history, and the behind-the-scenes intrigue of the current boom. He ends this controversial rollercoaster story by revealing what the experts are saying about the profound changes underway in the gold market and the prospects for the future.

Testamenta Vetusta Being Illustrations from Wills of Manners Customs Etc as Well as of the Descents and Possessions of Many Distinguished Families from Henry II to Queen Elizabeth

14 A bed of red velvet , embroidered with ostrich - feathers of silver , and heads of
leopards of gold . 50 Chesible and cope of red silk , tunicle and dalmatick of
yellow cendal . An alba , amice , and stole , favon and towel . 52 Gold ring with a

Author: Nicholas Harris Nicolas


ISBN: ONB:+Z184804804



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Devil Leopards of Normandy 1

gold, and then they would know that it did not matter to him.' 'Please, Brother
Thorold, is that story really true?' William asked. 'Well, your father is known for
being generous, William. But in my experience he is also prudent and he knows
that ...

Author: David Churchill

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781472219190

Category: Fiction

Page: 480

View: 730

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**From the co-author of the No.1 bestselling Wilbur Smith novel, WAR CRY** The fate of England hangs in the balance of a fight between brothers... In DEVIL, David Churchill writes with the immediacy of Conn Iggulden, the epic ambition of Bernard Cornwell and the plotting of CJ Sansom. The Leopards of Normandy trilogy tells the story of William the Conqueror in all its wild, intoxicating, unfailingly dramatic glory. The noble families of Europe are tearing themselves apart in their lust for power and wealth. Emma, Queen of England, is in agony over the succession to her husband Canute's throne ... while her brother, the Duke of Normandy's sons battle in the wake of his death. Robert, the younger son, has been cheated of Normandy's mightiest castle and sets out to take it by force. He emerges from a bloody siege victorious and in love with a beautiful - and pregnant - peasant girl. Robert's child will be mocked as William the bastard. But we have another name for him... Conqueror. David Churchill paints a world seething with rivalry and intrigue, where assassins are never short of work. The fight for the Royal Crown of England continues in the second and third books of the Leopards of Normandy trilogy, DUKE and CONQUEROR. What readers are saying about DEVIL: 'This is a most remarkable book, full of wonderful storytelling and historical details. Absolutely outstanding, immaculate and thrilling' 'An exciting and well-told story, backed up by first class research, an extreme attention to detail and strong characterisation which also fits with the historical record. I thoroughly enjoyed it from cover to cover'

The Mint

Gold was confined to London. The new gold coins were three, all of the same
pure gold as the florin of Florence. The double leopard, at 108 troy grains, fifty to
the Tower pound, was exactly twice the florin's weight and so was priced 6s.

Author: John Craig

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521170772

Category: History

Page: 498

View: 656

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In this 1953 book the story of the London Mint is told by the former Deputy Master and Comptroller of the Royal Mint.

The Encyclopaedia Britannica

The lion's companion is the leopard . What might be the Fiennes bore " -Azure
three lions gold . " true form of this beast was a dark thing to the old armorist , yet
Leyburne of Kent bore " Azure six lions silver . " knowing from the report of grave



ISBN: UCAL:B2900086

Category: Encyclopedias and dictionaries


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Encyclopedia Britannica

The lion's companion is the leopard . What might be the Fiennes bore " Azure
three lions gold . " Leyburne of Kent bore “ Azure six lions silver . " true form of
this beast was a dark thing to the old armorist , yet knowing from the report of
grave ...

Author: Hugh Chisholm


ISBN: PRNC:32101079229918



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The Story of the Encyclopaedia Britannica 1768 1943

But the leopard's head is neither ground and the fore paws together in the air ,
somewhat after the razed nor couped , for no ... Upton , and his fellows , protested
that a lion did not become a Lisle bore “ Gules a leopard silver crowned gold .

Author: Paul Robert Kruse


ISBN: UOM:39015087701481

Category: Encyclopaedia Britannica

Page: 451

View: 103

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The Encyclop dia Britannica

The lion's companion is the leopard . What might be the Fiennes bore “ Azure
three lions gold . " true form of this beast was a dark thing to the old armorist , yet
Leyburne of Kent bore " Azure six lions silver . " knowing from the report of grave

Author: Hugh Chisholm


ISBN: STANFORD:36105119076847

Category: Encyclopedias and dictionaries


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The Khoi Leopard

The base colouration of the coat varied greatly, depending upon location,
ranging from golden/yellow in the open grasslands, through yellow/cream in
desert areas, to deep gold in mountain and forest regions. All black or melanistic
leopards, ...

Author: EJ Benting

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781496994264

Category: Fiction

Page: 348

View: 427

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For most of her young life, the fickleness of fate had been cruel to this American woman. Hilary is an orphaned college graduate who leaves her few friends behind to seek employment in LA. After leaving her first job, she finds a job as a PA to a Hollywood couple. Hilary realizes, even though she had been on a few college dates, she really had become reclusive and very lonely. Her employers, Roger and Liz, recognizing her melancholy, invite her to accompany them on a holiday trip to Cape Town where Liz’s parents lives. After enjoying the sights and sounds around Cape Town, the tourists head out into the hauntingly beautiful Karoo where Hilary befriends a vacationing young man who has an interest in the area’s Khoisan rock paintings. They spend much time together - sightseeing; exploring caves; kloofing in the mountain streams and socializing with fellow guests on the farm. They meet two secretive Chinese oil men who clearly wished to keep to themselves. During their excursions into the nearby hills and the Karoo veld, Hilary and her friend cross paths with two direct descendants of the Khoisan community that had inhabited the region for many centuries - long before the first Europeans set foot in Southern Africa. Will the American and her new friend be able to handle an ultra-long distance relationship after such a brief holiday romance? Will the dangerous Kowloon based mobsters of the BPC succeed in ending their young lives in order to steal the Khoisan’s ancestral land? Remember, wherever you find oil fields, greedy predators were always watching and calculating risk versus reward.