Lucifer's Court

A Heretic's Journey in Search of the Light Bringers

Author: Otto Rahn

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1594777373

Category: History

Page: 256

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Rahn’s personal diary from his travels as occult investigator for the Third Reich • First English translation of the author’s journeys in search of a Nordic equivalent to Mt. Sinai • Explains why Lucifer the Light Bringer, god of the heretics, is a positive figure Otto Rahn’s lifelong search for the Grail brought him to the attention of the SS leader Himmler, who shared his esoteric interests. Induced by Himmler to become the chief investigator of the occult for the Nazis, Rahn traveled throughout Europe--from Spain to Iceland--in the mid 1930s pursuing leads to the Grail and other mysteries. Lucifer’s Court is the travel diary he kept while searching for “the ghosts of the pagans and heretics who were [his] ancestors.” It was during this time that Rahn grasped the positive role Lucifer plays in these forbidden religions as the bearer of true illumination, similar to Apollo and other sun gods in pagan worship. This journey was also one of self-discovery for Rahn. He found such a faithful echo of his own innermost beliefs in the lives of the heretics of the past that he eventually called himself a Cathar and nurtured ambitions of restoring that faith, which had been cruelly destroyed in the fires of the Inquisition. His journeys on assignment for the Reich--including researching an alleged entrance to Hollow Earth in Iceland and searching for the true mission of Lucifer in the caves of southern France that served as refuge for the Cathars during the Inquisition--also led to his disenchantment with his employers and his mysterious death in the mountains after his break with the Nazis.

The Lost Teachings of the Cathars

Their Beliefs and Practices

Author: Andrew Phillip Smith

Publisher: Watkins Media Limited

ISBN: 1780288042

Category: Religion

Page: 256

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Centuries after the brutal slaughter of the Cathars by papally endorsed Northern French forces,and their suppression by the Inquisiton the medieval Cathars continue to exert a powerful influence on both popular culture and spiritual seekers. Yet few people know anything of the beliefs of the Cathars beyond vague notions that they believed in reincarnation, were vegetarians, were somehow Gnostic, and had some relation to Mary Magdalene. The Lost Teachings of the Cathars explores the history of this Christian dualist movement between the 12th and 14th centuries, offering a sympathetic yet critical examination of its beliefs and practices. As well as investigating the origin of the Cathars, their relationship to the ancient Gnostics of the early centuries AD and the possibility that they survived the Inquisition in some way, the author also addresses recent renewed interest in Catharism. Eccentric esotericists initiated a neo-Cathar revival in the Languedoc which inspired the philosopher Simone Weil. The German Otto Rahn, who has been called the real-life Indiana Jones, believed that the Cathars were protectors of the Holy Grail and received support from Heinrich Himmler. Arthur Guirdham, a psychiatrist from the West of England, became convinced that he and a circle of patients had all been Cathars in previous lives. Tourists flock to the Languedoc to visit Cathar country. Bestsellers such as Kate Mosse's timeslip novel Labyrinth continue to fascinate readers. But what did the Cathars really believe and practice? From the Trade Paperback edition.

Lucifer's Gardens

Author: Jim Cleveland

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1496928121

Category: Fiction

Page: 486

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God Created Evolution Lucifer Rebelled Against It. The Father conceived a universe of elemental planets in evolution, with unique mortal personalities to evolve with them, and ascend to perfection. Lucifer considered it a massive waste of resources. Two ages come to grips with the Lucifer Rebellion’s impact on Earth. IN PREHISTORY... 511,000 years ago, the rebellion has cut interplanetary communications circuits and quarantined the Earth. Stranded is Anvil and a band of garden colonists from the Pleiades. They stand embattled in a primitive world which compromises their ideals, threatens their lives and demands a trip to the ruined city of Dalamatia where once stood the Tree of Life. IN MODERN DAY... Pleiadians are strongly but secretly present in a startlingly altruistic corporation. There, Mega and a united team of personalities with intelligence, beauty and sensuality seek to reverse the world’s cancerous corruptions. This leads to the U.S. President acting very peculiar and it may instigate a terrorist attack in Manhattan by a global arms industry threatened by peace. Lucifer’s Gardens stands alone as an action adventure that explores spiritual evolution and God’s ‘Be Ye Perfect’ plan. It follows three other novels with these characters: The Alien Intimacies, Edge of Dark Light, and Dark Riders. Jim Cleveland’s nonfiction new spirituality books are: Beyond Cynicism, Celestials over Cincinnati, and Celestial Songbooks I and II. Jim, with Mark Austin, has produced 11 CDs of spiritual poetry and musical guest artists at CD Baby and iTunes.


A Cultural Sub-text from Chretien de Troyes to Jean Michel

Author: Sandra Billington

Publisher: Brepols Pub


Category: History

Page: 249

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This book is based on fresh and original research from archives in France and the Low Countries, concerning customs and beliefs practised around the midsummer solstice. The information has never previously been considered and it reveals a festive treatment of divisiveness, which might also be politically engaged. The book shows how in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries these traditions were not solely observed by the lower classes. A study of texts throughout the Middle Ages shows that the significance of St John's Day was a valued source for some major writers, and it can be argued that it was even the rationale for works such as Chretien's Yvain, and the anonymous Perlesvaus. The midsummer customs also appear in the civic records of Leuven and Metz, in periods where the city authorities were strong enough to break free of feudal controls. Their civic freedom was expressed at the Feast of the Baptist's Nativity, and this appropriation by the bourgeoisie informs the romance, Galeran. The rationale of Midsummer is to examine the disparate, but interlinked uses of the customs, and to bring to the awareness of scholars festive influences current in Europe before the better known influence of Carnival; also to discuss their seminal importance for early fiction and for the theatre. The book further reveals that pre-Christian belief in Chance / Fortune was supported by the phenomenon of the Solstice and that John the Baptist's Nativity, placed on 24 June, provided a way for Christian Fathers to allow for this, safely. [Sandra Billington is a Reader at the University of Glasgow.]

Lucifer's Pride

Author: Keats S. Currie

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1466986034

Category: Fiction

Page: 356

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The heroine, Sheherezade, is enduring a life on the wrong side of the tracks with a narcissistic, alcoholic mother and a hateful, jealous sister in order to watch over her beloved niece, Lila. After a fateful meeting with Lion Terkel, the leader of the worlds most powerful outlaw bike gang, Lucifers Pride, she is caught up in a romance that promises her sanctuary from her sordid home life. Living in their world of sex, drugs, rock and roll, and crime, the heroine experiences romance, extraordinary wealth, sister rivalry, murder, intrigue, betrayal, and the motivating force of love. Dramatic irony and surprises in the unrelenting action take the reader on an emotional journey to discover whether good will triumph over evil in the life of Sheherezade.

Lucifer's Eye

Author: Hugh B. Cave

Publisher: Crossroad Press


Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

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Evil stirs in the heart of paradise. To plantatino caretaker Peter Sheldon, St. Alban is a lush Caribbean jewel...but suddenly, all is not what it seems. A crime wave is sweeping the villages...and a mysterious green fog is terrifying natives on the mountain paths. A group of children has vanished while hiking near Black Rock Peak. The twin of one missing boy lies seeting with fever in the village below-dreaming of a cold, wet hell filled with terrible green light. Ma Jarrett, wise in the ways of old island magic, is beginning to believe the stories of a "Devil's Pit" high in the mountains - and so is Peter. His own mind has been touched by the malevolent force in the fog, with almost deadly results. Soon, both will know the truth behind the legends. Satan is alive and well and gathering souls for his dark army. Ma Jarrett and Peter Sheldon mus find a way to stop him - or his fury will sweep the world!

Lucifer's Hope the Guv

Author: James L. Clark

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595257984

Category: Fiction

Page: 428

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Unlike humans, Lucifer is ineligible for redemption and therefore doomed to eternal hell. Playing on God's sense of fairness, Lucifer appeals to the Archangel Michael for a chance to redeem himself by turning a person he corrupted into a paragon of virtue. Against his own wishes, Michael makes the deal. However, since moral perfection is impossible for anyone, he decrees that Lucifer must attain redemption by seeing that his subject does not break nine of the Ten Commandments politically. The agreement is struck and the target of Lucifer's effort will be the corrupt, wealthy governor of Kentucky, who is gearing up for reelection and is hopelessly paranoid about his opponents. Besides engaging in the usual local corruption, the "Guv" worms his way into a deal to bring riverboat gambling to the state. Lucifer dispatches an imp disguised as a political consultant to infiltrate the campaign and influence the governor toward political righteousness. The imp and the governor's spokeswoman share a romantic attraction, which is also resolved in this rollicking, metaphysical muckraking of Kentucky politics.