Olive Leaf Extract

Author: Jack Ritchason

Publisher: Woodland Publishing

ISBN: 9781580540575

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 32

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Mix the latest scientific data on herbal products and physical ailments with the need for natural approaches to health, and what do you have? The Woodland Health Series. Each of these booklets gives concise, pertinent information for those looking to nature for optimal health.

Olive Leaf Extract

Author: Morton Walker

Publisher: Kensington Books

ISBN: 9781575662268

Category: Health & Fitness

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Details a compouond taken from Olive leves called Oleurupein that has disease resistant properties and that is effective in treating such afflictions as HIV, influenza, sore throats, pneumonia, infections and much more, in an informative natural guide to healing. Original. 5 star average customer rating on Amazon.

Olive Leaf Extract

The Mediterranean Healing Herb

Author: Lori Barrett

Publisher: Healthy Living Publications

ISBN: 1570678677

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 36

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Olive leaf extract is derived from the leaves of the olive plant, a medicinal herb used therapeutically for centuries. Scientists have found that oleuropein, the active compound in olive leaf extract, can effectively lower bad cholesterol and blood pressure and fight disease-causing microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and protozoa. Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, inflammation, are among the diseases that have responded to treatment. In addition, the extract can be used topically to combat eczema and acne, reduce skin damage caused by UVB radiation and hydrate dry skin. In addition to discovering all of the health-promoting benefits of olive leaf extract, you'll receive expert advice on the available forms of olive leaves (capsules, tinctures, powders, and teas) and how to determine which ones are best suited to meet your needs.

Do You Want to Have a Baby?

Natural Fertility Solutions and Pregnancy Care

Author: Sarah Abernathy,Linda Page

Publisher: Healthy Healing, Inc.

ISBN: 1884334393

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 176

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Experience the journey of fertility, conception, pregnancy and birth, naturally! Millions of people struggle with fertility problems. Most can overcome them with simple lifestyle changes and natural therapies. Written by two experts in the field of Natural Health, "Do You Want to Have a Baby?" covers optimal nutrition for conception, the best fertility-enhancing supplements, and the documented success of bodywork therapies. The book also addresses the heartbreak of miscarriage and how to improve your chances if you are at risk. The book includes a step-by-step diet for nutritional demands during pregnancy with special suggestions for women expecting multiples. It provides detailed recommendations on herbs you can use safely during pregnancy and nursing, and what to avoid. An expanded section on the special problems of pregnancy reveals the best natural therapies to reduce fatigue, haemorrhoids, morning sickness, labour pain, stretch marks, swollen ankles and many other common complaints. The book also explains your options for labour and delivery, how to avoid unnecessary medical interventions, and even offers special recommendations for losing post-pregnancy weight. Look for the bonus section on natural baby care!

Olive Oil

Minor Constituents and Health

Author: Dimitrios Boskou

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781420059946

Category: Medical

Page: 248

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Epidemiological studies indicate that the consumption of natural antioxidants from such plant-derived sources as olive oil produces beneficial health effects. Olive Oil: Minor Constituents and Health provides a balanced understanding of the pharmacological properties of phenols and other bioactive ingredients in the composition of olive oil. It discusses recent technological developments to retain optimal levels of bioactive ingredients s well as methodologies for the future study of olive oil's biological effects. The text covers research on the bioavailability of olive oil phenols and addresses the role of olive oil in the prevention of cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer.

Olives and Olive Oil in Health and Disease Prevention

Author: Victor R. Preedy,Ronald Ross Watson

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 9780080922201

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 1520

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Long used in sacred ceremonies and associated with good health, the nutritional and health promoting benefits of olives and olive oils have been proven by an ever-increasing body of science. From cardiovascular benefits to anti-microbial, anti-cancer, antioxidant activity and effects on macrophages and aptoptosis to cellular and pathophysiollogical process, olives and olive oils are proving important in many healthful ways. For example, reactive components in olive oils or olive oil by-products have now been isolated and identified. These include tyrosol, hydroxytyrosol, 3,4-dihydroxyphenyl acetic acid elenolic acid and oleuropein. Oleic acid is the main monosaturated fatty acid of olive oil. These have putative protective effects and modulate the biochemistry of a variety of cell types including those of the vascular system. Some but not all components have been characterised by their putative pharmacological properties. It is possible that usage of these aforementioned products may have beneficial application in other disease. However, in order for this cross-fertilization to take place, a comprehensive understanding of olives and olive oils is required. Finding this knowledge in a single volume provides a key resource for scientists in a variety of food an nutritional roles. Key Features: * Explores olives and olive oil from their general aspects to the detailed level of important micro-and micronutrients * Includes coverage of various methodologies for analysis to help scientists and chemists determine the most appropriate option for their own studies, including those of olive-related compounds in other foods * Relates, in a single volume resource, information for food and nutritional chemists, pharmaceutical scientists, nutritionists and dieticians * Presents information in three key categories: General aspects of olives an olive oils; Nutritional, pharmacological and metabolic properties of olives and olive oil; Specific components of olive oil and their effects on tissue and body systems