Shockwave Medicine

Author: C.-J. Wang,W. Schaden,J.-Y. Kuo

Publisher: Karger Medical and Scientific Publishers

ISBN: 3318063134

Category: Science

Page: 190

View: 7817


This comprehensive reference work provides a detailed overview of shockwave therapy, a relatively new clinical specialty in modern medicine. It follows the evolution of Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) from its initial stage as the gold standard for the disintegration of kidney stones to its regenerative effects in biological tissues. Starting with the basic principles of shockwave treatment, the book goes on to review its application in musculoskeletal disorders, including osteonecrosis of the hip, tendinopathy, fracture treatment, and treatment of sports related injuries. The application of ESWT in cardiovascular diseases is discussed. This includes preclinical and clinical applications for ischemic cardiovascular disease and effects on angiogenesis and anti-inflammation-molecular-cellular signaling pathways. The treatment of urinary diseases and erectile dysfunction by ESWT is elaborated. The book concludes with a discussion of future prospects of the shockwave therapy. Scholars and research fellows interested in shockwave medicine will benefit greatly from this work. It is also a useful clinical resource for nephrologists, urologists, cardiologists, and orthopedists.


An Aftershock Novel

Author: Andrew Vachss

Publisher: Vintage Crime/Black Lizard

ISBN: 0307908860

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 5646


Dell, a former mercenary, and his wife, Dolly, a former battlefield nurse, believe they have finally found a place of peace in a deceptively idyllic small town on the Oregon coast. But early one morning, just before daybreak, a body washes up on the town’s pristine beach. The dead man’s shaven skull has been torn open, and his upper body is covered with neo-Nazi tattoos. The police quickly pick up Homer, a “walking wounded” schizophrenic who has been showing off a wristwatch he says God just gave him—a watch engraved with a symbol that exactly matches one of the dead man’s tattoos. Regardless of the fact that Homer could never have inflicted such damage on a man twice his weight and half his age, he is immediately arrested because the D.A. is desperate to close the case before it negatively affects tourism—the town’s only industry. Mack, the director and sole employee of the local mental-health outreach program, is outraged but helpless. He confides in Dolly, who shares his outrage. But with her local connections and her husband’s ruthless skills, Dolly is anything but helpless. As the search for the real killer pulls them deeper into the world of hate groups, Dell is forced to share some of his “dark arts” knowledge with Mack. Together they discover the treasonous fog of evil that hovers not only above their town but also above America itself. With this latest installment in his new Aftershock series, Andrew Vachss reminds us once again—in his inimitable, visceral prose—that for some, peace comes at a very high price.

Enterprise: Shockwave


Author: Paul Ruditis

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1471107019

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

View: 5280


Thirty-six hundred colonists were incinerated in the blast. Every living thing, every building, everything on the surface of the planet was destroyed in the fireball. Only one ship could have been responsible for such wholesale destruction - the USS Enterprise. Recalled to Earth by Starfleet, Captain Jonathan Archer is only too well aware that the Vulcan High Command is citing the disaster as irrefutable proof that humanity should never have been allowed to explore deep space. And yet . . . The mysterious Crewman Daniels, who claims to be a soldier in the temporal Cold War, thrust back in time from the thirty-first century, offers Archer a lifeline. According to Daniels, history recorded no such disaster. No colonists died. The Enterprise was never recalled. Armed with new hope, Archer sets out to prove the innocence of his ship and his crew. But time is a swiftly moving river, in whose treacherous eddies Enterprise and her captain are caught. Against all odds, can Archer unmask the forces that are manipulating the fabric of truth?

The Shockwave Rider

Author: John Brunner

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1497617847

Category: Fiction

Page: 253

View: 3959


In a world drowning in data, a fugitive tries to outrun the forces that want to reprogram him, in this smart, edgy novel by a Hugo Award–winning author. Constantly shifting his identity among a population choking on information, innovation, and novelty, Nickie Haflinger is a most dangerous outlaw, yet he doesn’t even appear to exist. As global society falls apart in all directions, with corporate power run amok and personal freedom surrendered to computers and bureaucrats, Haflinger is caught and about to be re-programmed. Now he has to try to escape once again, defy the government—and turn the tide of organizational destruction, in this visionary science fiction novel by the author of The Sheep Look Up and Stand on Zanzibar. “Brunner writes about the future as if he and the reader were already living in it.” —The New York Times Book Review “When John Brunner first told me of his intention to write the book, I was fascinated—but I wondered whether he, or anyone, could bring it off. Bring it off he has, with cool brilliance. A hero with transient personalities, animals with souls, think tanks and survival communities fuse to form a future so plausibly alive it as twitched at me ever since.” —Alvin Toffler, author of Future Shock “One of the most important science fiction authors. Brunner held a mirror up to reflect our foibles because he wanted to save us from ourselves.” —SF Site

Star Trek: Enterprise: Shockwave

Author: Paul Ruditis,Rick Berman,Brannon Braga

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0743464567

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 3966


In a novelization of an episode from the science fiction series, Captain Jonathan Archer is forced to defend himself and the crew of the Enterprise when they are accused of causing the complete annihilation of the colony on Paraagan, when the Vulcans insist that the accident proves that humans are not ready for deep-space exploration. Original. (A UPN series, from the episode "Shockwave," written by Rick Berman & Brannon Braga, starring Scott Bakula, Connor Trinneer, Jolene, Blalock, Dominic Keating, Anthony Montgomery, Linda Park, & John Billingsley) (Science Fiction & Fantasy)


Author: Peter Jay Black

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1408851520

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 158

View: 857


The Urban Outlaws have been infected! Hector Del Sarto used them to spread the deadly Medusa virus and now the whole of London is in lockdown. Only Hector and his father have the antidote. Can Jack, Charlie, Obi, Slink and Wren work together to bring down the Del Sartos once and for all? The whole city depends on them! The Urban Outlaws face their toughest challenge yet in the final book of this high-octane adventure series for fans of Robert Muchamore, Anthony Horowitz and Alex Scarrow.


Countdown to Hiroshima

Author: Stephen Walker

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0061839892

Category: History

Page: 400

View: 6652


A riveting, minute-by-minute account of the momentous event that changed our world forever On a quiet Monday morning in August 1945, a five-ton bomb—dubbed Little Boy by its creators—was dropped from an American plane onto the Japanese city of Hiroshima. On that day, a firestorm of previously unimagined power was unleashed on a vibrant metropolis of 300,000 people, leaving one third of its population dead, its buildings and landmarks incinerated. It was the terrifying dawn of the Atomic Age, spawning decades of paranoia, mistrust, and a widespread and very real fear of the potential annihilation of the human race. Author Stephen Walker brilliantly re-creates the three terrible weeks leading up to the wartime detonation of the atomic bomb—from the first successful test in the New Mexico desert to the cataclysm and its aftermath—presenting the story through the eyes of pilots, scientists, civilian victims, and world leaders who stood at the center of earth-shattering drama. It is a startling, moving, frightening, and remarkable portrait of an extraordinary event—a shockwave whose repercussions can be felt to this very day.


Author: Sierra Cartwright

Publisher: Total-e-bound

ISBN: 1786511177

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

View: 945


There can only be one victor... He vows to personally deal with her... When Master Nathaniel Stratton catches Alani Dane, a professional submissive, yawning during a scene with one of his club’s most prestigious members, he vows to personally deal with her. In order to claim her... Nathaniel works to shatter the emotional barriers she’s erected to keep her heart safe and takes the biggest gamble of his life to claim her for his own. But she’s no man’s submissive... He alternately thrills and terrifies Alani. Even though she craves the intense release that subspace brings, at heart, she’s no man’s submissive. In this intense battle of wills, dominance and submission, love and commitment, he’s determined to tear down the walls around her heart.

Surgical Management of Urolithiasis

Percutaneous, Shockwave and Ureteroscopy

Author: Stephen Y. Nakada,Margaret S. Pearle

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1461469376

Category: Medical

Page: 197

View: 9844


Written entirely by surgical urologists, Surgical Management of Urolithiasis: Percutaneous, Shockwave and Ureteroscopy presents a comprehensive overview of the past, present, and future of surgical techniques, with a focus on educating urologists on the full spectrum of stone procedures. In addition to the technical issues, detailed complications are described. Basic as well as advanced techniques are presented in both a didactic and visual mode with representative endoscopic images and radiographs. Recent advancements which are not routinely a core component of surgical training programs are also covered in detail. Compact and extensively illustrated, Surgical Management of Urolithiasis: Percutaneous, Shockwave and Ureteroscopy is a unique and valuable resource in the field of surgical urolithiasis, essential both for those currently in training and for those already in clinical practice.