Sustainable Jewellery

Sustainable jewellery contains all there is to know in order to start the path towards sustainability in the jewelry business, from the traceability of gems and metals, or the ways to work with certified materials.

Author: Jose Luis Fettolini


ISBN: 8416851204


Page: 176

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Sustainable jewellery contains all there is to know in order to start the path towards sustainability in the jewelry business, from the traceability of gems and metals, or the ways to work with certified materials. It includes case studies and interviews with international designers and firms who started the challenge of creating jewelry from an ethical and responsible perspective.
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Sustainable Jewellery

'Sustainable' and 'sustainability' are relatively new terms which, being applicable
to many complex subjects, including the ... This is by no means an exhaustive
survey of the idea of sustainability in jewellery, more of an enquiry into what it is ...

Author: Julia Manheim

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9780713683448

Category: Art

Page: 128

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A fresh and inspiring new approach to jewellery showing how eco friendly materials and techniques can be used to create sustainable yet beautiful designs.
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Sustainable Luxury and Craftsmanship

Looking for the #sustainable jewellery hashtag, for example, immediately
suggests new related themes such as recycled jewellery, ethical jewellery,
recycled gold, eco-friendly jewellery or artisan jewellery. However, in addition to
the digital ...

Author: Miguel Ángel Gardetti

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9789811537691

Category: Science

Page: 159

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This book explores the intricate relationship between luxury and craftsmanship, using brand-based case studies and consumer behavior to do so. In addition to revealing how the artification of luxury affects consumer behavior with branding and traditions, it discusses how sustainable luxury could not only offer a vehicle for more respect for the environment and social development, but could also be a metaphor for the cultures, art traditions, and innovations of various nationalities, continuing the legacy of local craftsmanship.

Truly Sustainable Gold and Diamond Jewellery Industry Through Business Model Innovation

The objective of this thesis is to provide business model innovations that enable a truly sustainable gold and diamond jewellery industry.

Author: Natalie Tsering


ISBN: OCLC:1104330700



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The objective of this thesis is to provide business model innovations that enable a truly sustainable gold and diamond jewellery industry. Such practices help solve sustainability challenges, which, at the same time, also benefit companies in this industry. The findings in this thesis are based on desk research and ten interviews conducted with company experts. Nine interlinked social, environmental and governance issues are identified, such as child labour, the emissions of greenhouse gas and traceability concerns. Most of these sustainability problems occur in the artisanal and small-scale mining sector as well as in the diamond cutting and polishing sector, while governance issues become evident in the jewellery retailing sector. Five established and six new models are critically discussed and evaluated. Of these eleven approaches, seven are based on existing research, while four are newly suggested models. The discussed models propose a variety of efforts. While recycling bypasses mining, other models directly improve it by restoring biodiversity, using renewable energy and protecting the health and safety of locals. Cooperatives and two new methods applying social media as well as local ownership can empower local workers as well as communities, while more local content in sourcing countries could be beneficial to job creation. As impact investing requires financial resources, companies could benefit from pooling their funds, which is a newly proposed practice. Consumers need to be educated about sustainability to reward these efforts by favouring sustainable jewellery. Recent technological advances enable more informed consumer decisions by improving transparency. These models have to be combined and applied collaboratively by all stakeholders for truly sustainable jewellery.
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Look Great Naturally Without Ditching the Lipstick

Buying. New. If you're buying new jewellery, find out if the jeweller is a member of
the Council for Responsible Jewellers, and ask about their ethical policy. Look at
Cred and Green Carat

Author: Janey Lee Grace

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 9781848502628

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 310

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Let Janey show you how to: • enhance your health and well-being – from raw food to superfoods, and natural remedies to alternative therapies • discover natural skincare and beauty – make-up and goodies that are good for you, the environment, and your purse! • create your own haven – clutter clearing, feng shui, creating an ethical wardrobe and lots of great time-saving tips • reduce stress levels, and how to manifest your desires and get the balance right... ...and much more, including Janey’s tried and tested recommendations and top tips for every idea. You’ll be amazed how easy and fun it can be to make those small changes that add up to make such a big difference.

Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability 4 10

The Responsible Jewellery Council—with major corporations within gemstone
supply chains, such as Tiffany & Co., ... actor in a number of nascent initiatives
seeking to promote “ethical,” “fair trade,” “sustainable,” or “responsible”

Author: Daniel E. Vasey

Publisher: Berkshire Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781933782546

Category: Nature

Page: 543

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Natural Resources and Sustainability explores how human needs and desires, from sustenance and shelter to recreation and travel, have spurred the consumption of Earth's material resources. Scientists, ecologists, and other expert authors present the historical impact of commercial activities (in industries as varied as fisheries, agriculture, energy, and mineral extraction), discuss the global distribution and use of renewable and nonrenewable resources, and focus on innovative approaches for the future. Readers will learn why renewal doesn't necessarily put a resource beyond harm and why the no-free-lunch adage applies to all natural resources.

Making Trouble

The majority just did not see what human rights and environmental issues had to
do with jewellery. ... what the consequences would be if jewellers did not begin to
embrace a more sustainable human rights and environmental agenda. Michael ...

Author: Greg Valerio

Publisher: Lion Books

ISBN: 9780745957548

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 208

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Valerio, you're a natural born trouble-maker. Just make sure you make trouble for the right reasons. Expelled from secondary school with these words ringing in his ears, it took Greg Valerio a little while to find the right cause to devote his trouble-making skills to but eventually he found it. Fighting to apply fair trade standards to the jewellery business has brought him up against an industry riddled with problems. In the last fifteen years he has criss-crossed the globe, from the arctic circle of Greenland, alluvial diamond fields of Sierra Leone and equatorial gold rich rainforests of South America, in an effort to give the customer an ethically pure piece of jewellery, and to give the producers of that jewellery a fair wage and good working conditions. Along the way, he has exposed the jewellery industry's dirty secrets: pollution, child labour, criminality, exploitation, dangerous working practices and much more. And he has passionately argued his case in boardrooms, sumptuous hotels and with government officials from Antwerp to Cape Town, to say there is another way. Having been told it was impossible to have gold jewellery that could be certified as fairly traded from the mine to the shop, he achieved this in the UK. Founder of Cred Jewellery in 1996, he was awarded The Observer Ethical Award 2011 for Campaigner of the Year.

Eco Jewelry Handbook

"... an essential resource for jewelers who are concerned about health and safety in the studio, and people who care about the impact of mining precious materials on people and the planet.

Author: Christine Dhein


ISBN: 1929565747

Category: Jewelry making

Page: 150

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"... an essential resource for jewelers who are concerned about health and safety in the studio, and people who care about the impact of mining precious materials on people and the planet. The quick-reference format makes it easy to access the information needed to make informed decisions about studio practice and materials sourcing" --Page 4 of cover.

Mining and Social Transformation in Africa

Asaconsequence the qualityof preciousand semi-precious metals and
gemstonesis now being judged ontheir ethical ... impactsof mining (MCEP 2006);
and, consumer demand forethically produced and environmentally sustainable

Author: Deborah Fahy Bryceson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781135051976

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 232

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After more than three decades of economic malaise, many African countries are experiencing an upsurge in their economic fortunes linked to the booming international market for minerals. Spurred by the shrinking viability of peasant agriculture, rural dwellers have been engaged in a massive search for alternative livelihoods, one of the most lucrative being artisanal mining. While an expanding literature has documented the economic expansion of artisanal mining, this book is the first to probe its societal impact, demonstrating that artisanal mining has the potential to be far more democratic and emancipating than preceding modes. Delineating the paradoxes of artisanal miners working alongside the expansion of large-scale mining investment in Africa, Mining and Social Transformation in Africa concentrates on the Tanzanian experience. Written by authors with fresh research insights, focus is placed on how artisanal mining is configured in relation to local, regional and national mining investments and social class differentiation. The work lives and associated lifestyles of miners and residents of mining settlements are brought to the fore, asking where this historical interlude is taking them and their communities in the future. The question of value transfers out of the artisanal mining sector, value capture by elites and changing configurations of gender, age and class differentiation, all arise.

Mixed Media Collage Jewelry

He says , “ I try to use most of the items in my recycling bin , and this badge is
probably 80 percent recycled material . My goal is to create wearable , attractive ,
and sustainable jewelry . ” Tools and Supplies • Ruler • Pencil • Scrap wood.

Author: Janette Schuster

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

ISBN: 1600592686

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 144

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Crafting a piece of collage jewelry is more than just a creative act; it can also be a very personal journey when the materials include precious keepsakes and mementos. In these 25 stunning projects, readers can experience the pleasure of creating works of beauty and memory. The techniques are basic, and each project features three or more step-by-step photos along with an image showing the gorgeous final results.

Choosing a Sustainable Future

... develop a sustainable jewelry and textile arts cooperative, among other
activities. “It was a transfer of a lot of the theory that I had learned about
sustainability...immediately put into a more tangible practice,” she recalls. “That
was it. They had ...

Author: Liz Walker

Publisher: New Society Publishers

ISBN: 9781550924640

Category: Political Science

Page: 288

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A small city's big vision that can help transform your own community. We all want a sustainable future, but what does it look like, and how do we get there? In Ithaca, NY a new culture is blossoming-one that values cooperation, local production, environmental stewardship, social justice andcreativity. Ithaca is showing the way to meet the challenges of the day with a wide variety of practical, real-world solutions. Filled with inspiring examples, Choosing a Sustainable Future provides readers with a remarkable sense of possibility. Explore Ithaca's: bustling, vibrant farmers markets, overflowing with fresh, local produce award-winning community credit union that triples the savings of low-income people flagship college sustainability programs pioneering alternative transportation programs, such as Ithaca Carshare innovative efforts by coalitions of local business, university, government and activists to create transformation in areas as diverse as green building, city planning, health and wellness, and honoring cultural diversity. Taken together, these examples of citizen engagement are a taste of what life could be like in a sustainable city of the future. In a time of overwhelming economic, social and environmental crises, Choosing aSustainable Future provides a quiet, authoritative voice of hope.

Sustainable by Design

A sustainable solution can be understood as one that possesses enduring value
in terms of its meanings and ... types that have persisted across very long
reaches of time; examples include pottery, tools, weapons, jewellery and statuary

Author: Stuart Walker

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136555879

Category: Design

Page: 256

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To advance the subject of design one has to engage in the activity of designing. Sustainable by Design offers a compelling and innovative, design-centred approach that explores both the meaning and practice of sustainable design. Walker explores the design process in the context of sustainability, and challenges conventional ways of defining, designing and producing functional objects. He discusses the personal design process, tacit knowledge, ephemeral design, experimental design, and the relationship between intellectual design criteria, physical expression and aesthetic experience. This book will introduce vital concepts to students and will inspire designers by providing a well-articulated basis for understanding the complexity and potential of sustainable design, and extolling the contribution of design to the creation of a more meaningful material culture.

Implications of the Asian Crisis on Sustainable Industrial and Technological Development in the Asia Pacific Region

Jewellery and decorative item industry The jewellery and decorative item industry
has recently become an important ... The increasing number of tourists who visit
this country and buy this product enables jewellers to have their business as ...

Author: United Nations. Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific

Publisher: United Nations Publications

ISBN: UCSD:31822028367662

Category: Asia

Page: 228

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Fashion Africa

She sTarTed her career working wiTh a number of high-end jewellers and
fashion designers in New York and London ... and collaborafing wiTh Tribal
communifies To bring Their unique work (primarily jewellery) To markeT in a
susTainable ...

Author: Jacqueline Shaw


ISBN: 9781470950545


Page: 295

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The social enterprise Africa Fashion Guide has compiled the ultimate fashion guide from Africa. The book 'FASHION AFRICA' features the must-haves from just a handful of the creme de la creme of emerging and established designers who have taken their core inspiration from all corners of Africa 'FASHION AFRICA' proudly showcases 48 designers who have been influenced by the heartbeat, the many facets of history, culture, and people of Africa to bring about an aesthetic beauty which has been artistically illustrated. Featured in the book are designers such as Jewel by Lisa, Tiffany Amber, SUNO NY, Oliberte, NKWO, Loin Cloth and Ashes, Chichia London as well as ethical manufacturers such as Mantisworld and Kibotrade. You will also find fantastic modern illustrations, stunning photography and great analysis. This book - or visual guide - is the first of its kind that provides a contemporary, informative and visual overview of the African fashion and textiles industry with an ethical perspective.
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Rural Tourism and Sustainable Business

Vigorous domestic demand can enhance foreign demand by building a strong
national or regional image for the industry, as has again occurred with the Orkney
jewellery sector. Firms in both areas emphasised the importance of physical and

Author: Prof. Derek R Hall

Publisher: Channel View Publications

ISBN: 9781845413354

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 349

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This book provides the latest conceptual thinking on, and case study exemplification of, rural tourism and sustainable business development from Europe, North America, Australasia, the Middle East and Japan in 19 concise, manageable chapters. The book is organised into distinct yet interrelated sections, and benefits from strong editorial input in terms of context setting and summary chapters. Rural Tourism and Sustainable Business represents a high quality text integrating the latest thinking on the evolving strategic roles of rural tourism and its role in sustainable business development. It provides readily accessible material drawn from a range of environmental and cultural contexts and draws attention to the nature and interrelationships between local and global issues in rural tourism and development.

Luxury World

It was only one of the items on show at the 1.618 Sustainable Luxury Fair, held at
the Palais de Tokyo contemporary art ... eco-friendly products from the worlds of
hospitality, design, furniture, automotive, jewellery, technology and cosmetics.

Author: Mark Tungate

Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers

ISBN: 9780749458560

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 272

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The word "luxury" has almost lost its meaning. Once used to describe genuinely prestigious products or places, the concept of luxury has been hijacked by a multitude of aspiring or overpriced commodities, from foot spas to chocolates. So what is real luxury? Which are the genuine luxury brands, and how have they reacted to the rise of the "mass luxury" sector? What strategies do they use to lift themselves into the realm of the truly elite? Who are their customers - and what kind of lives do these remarkable people lead? How do luxury brands attract and retain them? And above all, where can the industry turn now excess is out of fashion? With wit, accuracy and insatiable curiosity, Luxury World takes us on a voyage around the luxury universe, slipping behind the facades of the world's most sophisticated businesses to demonstrate how they function. Among other destinations, Luxury World visits Swiss watchmakers, the Champagne houses of France, the diamond district of Antwerp, the luxury enclave of Monte Carlo, the discreet ateliers of the last craftsmen and a host of brands in Paris - the self-proclaimed capital of elegance. Along the way, he uncovers the true face of today's luxury industry.

Marketing Success Stories

2000 First qualified black jewellery lecturers in SA . Founded the HDI unit of SA
Jewellery Council . 2007 Formation of the largest jewellery Co - Op in SA . SA's
first ethical jewellery brand : FairMade Jewellery . 2008 First fully sustainable ...

Author: Michael Colin Cant

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: CORNELL:31924110569047

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 241

View: 600

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"The new edition contains updated case studies of companies such as Ford Motor Company of Southern Africa and low cost airlines. New case studies on top business institutions like ABSA Bank, DMR Attorneys, Dawn Wing and Fish Eagle Brandy are also included. The book covers all key aspects of marketing, such as branding, franchising and the importance of location. ... "BOOK JACKET.

Jewellery from Recycled Materials

Recycled Materials provides simple, illustrated, step-by-step techniques for creating jewellery from recycled materials.

Author: Jaimie MacDonald

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9780713682755

Category: Art

Page: 112

View: 984

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Sustainable, economical and stylish ideas to inspire beginners and practicing jewellers alike.
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Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood

While the book focuses mainly on the Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood it
draws upon many aspects of URBED's ... Area regeneration studies have
included awardwinning schemes for Exeter Riverside, and Birmingham's
Jewellery Quarter.

Author: David Rudlin

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136434907

Category: Architecture

Page: 288

View: 596

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This successful title, previously known as 'Building the 21st Century Home' and now in its second edition, explores and explains the trends and issues that underlie the renaissance of UK towns and cities and describes the sustainable urban neighbourhood as a model for rebuilding urban areas. The book reviews the way that planning policies, architectural trends and economic forces have undermined the viability of urban areas in Britain since the Industrial Revolution. Now that much post-war planning philosophy is being discredited we are left with few urban models other than garden city inspired suburbia. Are these appropriate in the 21st century given environmental concerns, demographic change, social and economic pressures? The authors suggest that these trends point to a very different urban future. The authors argue that we must reform our towns and cities so that they become attractive, humane places where people will choose to live. The Sustainable Urban Neighbourhood is a model for such reform and the book describes what this would look like and how it might be brought about.