Talking Turkeys

Author: Benjamin Zephaniah

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141926899

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 96

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Wanna be in our gang? We cause Peace, Fighters fear us, On de streets The very first ground-breaking children's poetry collection from street poet Benjamin Zephaniah. Playful, clever and provocative, this is performance poetry on the page at its very best.

Talking Turkey

A Food Lover's Guide to the Origins of Culinary Words and Phrases

Author: Robert Hendrickson

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 162873910X

Category: Reference

Page: 160

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Food is a favorite topic of conversation around the world—how to create it, how to season it, how to compliment it with other foods, how to serve it...the list goes on. Yet little attention is paid to where the names of food actually come from or why so many phrases we use daily involve food, whether or not they actually relate to the kitchen. Bring some history to the table with this delightful phrasebook!

The Case of the Tough-Talking Turkey

Author: Claudia Bishop

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781440620522

Category: Fiction

Page: 208

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On their farm nestled in upstate New York, veterinarian Austin McKenzie and his wife Madeline keep themselves busy looking after ailing farm animals and pets in poor health. But while they may be able to mend creatures great and small, they have yet to find a cure for murder. During his career, Austin has met several snakes—and none of them was meaner than turkey farmer Lewis O’Leary. So it’s no surprise when O’Leary’s dead body is found in a dumpster. Circumstantial evidence points to a turkey feed salesman, whom police have arrested. But the doc has a feeling the guy was framed. To prove it, though, Austin will have to narrow down the list of Old Man O’Leary’s enemies—but how, with so many? His family is ready to gobble up any inheritance from the turkey farm; an animal rights activist wanted his head on a platter; and this case will be anything but gravy. “A savvy sleuth with a kind heart.”—Richmond Times-Dispatch

Talking Books

Children's Authors Talk About the Craft, Creativity and Process of Writing

Author: James Carter

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 0415194164

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 266

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Features Brian Moses, Benjamin Zephaniah, Ian Beck, Neil Ardley, Terry Deary, Helen Cresswell, Gillian Cross, Berlie Doherty, Alan Durant, Philip Pullman, Celia Rees, Norman Silver, Jacqueline Wilson

Turkey Calls & Calling

Guide to Improving Your Turkey-Talking Skills

Author: Steve Hickoff

Publisher: Stackpole Books

ISBN: 0811743942

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 176

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Complete explanations of the many varieties of friction, air-activated, and locator calls. Turkey calling how-to that includes where and when to "talk turkey."

Rural Routes & Ruts

Roaming the Roads of Rural Life

Author: Scott Schultz

Publisher: The Guest Cottage, Inc.

ISBN: 9781930596306

Category: Agriculture

Page: 147

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Your address was "rural route" if you lived on a winding country road. As the term disappeared, so did the way of life it represented. This book will strike a responsive chord in the heart of those who warm at the thought of the "country".

Perfect Turkeys and Other Amusing Tales

Author: Michael Delphy Hunt

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595750125

Category: Fiction

Page: 238

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Perfect Turkeys is the second in a series of books, that examines (through short stories) the often hilarious, and always funny life and times of Michael Devin Hughes. Whether searching for the Perfect Turkey for Thanksgiving, or trying to locate the Fig Queen's House in Brewster Hollow, or reserving a hotel room with a chain hotel, Michael Devin Hughes complicates the most simple of tasks. Though quadruple-divorced, Hughes maintains relations with his ex-wives and children, as the short stories, "Dancing With My Daughter," "A Walk at Sunset With My Son," and "Chief of Personal Appearance" reveal. Michael Devin Hughes' obsessive nature is deliciously illustrated in "Lemon Bars." His humorous bond with his father is wonderfully amplified in "The Buffet Line." And Hughes incredibly bad timing is hilariously detailed in "Dinner and Railroad Crossings."

I've Got a Poem for You

Author: John Foster

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780192762566

Category: Children's poetry

Page: 92

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A collection of poems to perform. Where most anthologies of performance poetry concentrate on modern writing, this collection has a wonderful mix of old favourites, new discoveries, and specially written poems. John Foster has produced many best-selling poetry anthologies. He is also well known as a performer of poetry, and is the perfect anthologist for this book.