The After Room

The triumphant finale in the trilogy that began with Maile Meloy’s bestselling, critically acclaimed The Apothecary, and continued in its captivating sequel, The Apprentices, The After-Room is full of enchantment and heart, with Ian ...

Author: Maile Meloy

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780698198197

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 432

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It’s 1955, and Benjamin Burrows and Janie Scott are trying to live a safe, normal life in America. It’s not easy, when they have the power to prevent nuclear disaster, and sinister forces are circling. Soon the advice of a mysterious, unscrupulous magician propels Janie and Benjamin into danger, and toward the land of the dead. Meanwhile, their friend Jin Lo washes up on a remote island where an American spy is stationed, and finds herself on the trail of a deadly threat in China. But she’s on the other side of the world—how can Janie and Benjamin reach her? The triumphant finale in the trilogy that began with Maile Meloy’s bestselling, critically acclaimed The Apothecary, and continued in its captivating sequel, The Apprentices, The After-Room is full of enchantment and heart, with Ian Schoenherr’s stunning illustrations throughout. From the Hardcover edition.

The After Death Room

Indianapolis,Indiana (September, 2001) I am stretching on my parents' family
room floor in Indianapolis. My father sits nearby reading his newspaper. I'm
exhausted. Yesterday I drove seven hundred miles, returning from a road trip to ...

Author: Michael McColly

Publisher: Soft Skull Press

ISBN: 9781932360929

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 384

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A memoir examining the AIDS epidemic from a global, spiritual and physical perspective, and the shifting territory where those perspectives meet, by a journalist and Yoga teacher living with AIDS. In this Lambda Literary Award Finalist book, McColly humanises the too-often faceless struggles of people living with HIV/AIDS all over the world, and at home.

The Men

Almost at the stern of the boat, the maneuvering room was the next compartment
located aft of the engine rooms. ... Similar to the forward room, the after torpedo
room was also used for crew berthing, and using stern tubes in the after torpedo ...

Author: Stephen Leal Jackson

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 9781608444878

Category: History

Page: 196

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Submarine duty during World War II was one of the most statistically deadly, physically demanding, and emotionally challenging assignments in the U. S. Navy. The boats had few crew comforts, and war patrols, typically thirty to sixty days in length, were so exhausting that the submarine sailors often got a month of rest after each patrol. What would motivate men to volunteer for this unmistakably difficult and dangerous job? This is the question that The Men will answer using the oral histories of enlisted submarine veterans, a collection of letters of one sailor who did not return, and other primary sources. These volunteers, from diverse locales and backgrounds, ignored the danger, accepted the privations, and exalted in the camaraderie. Their excitement, fear, and humble heroism is captured in their own words; the real story of the undersea war in the Pacific told by the men who fought it. A veteran of the United States Navy, Stephen Leal Jackson spent eight years in the submarine force serving on the USS Los Angeles (SSN 688) and the USS Florida(SSBN 728). Jackson's service included several Western Pacific cruises to the oceans, lands, and ports described in The Men. A lifelong student of American history, Jackson's ongoing research concentrates specifically on World Wars I and II. Jackson received his Master of Arts in American History from Providence College and is currently in the Ph.D. program at Salve Regina University. Jackson has served as the primary spokesperson for a major electrical utility on nuclear and environmental issues. His unique perspective as a onetime navy enlisted submariner, trained historian, and skilled communicator allows Jackson to provide clear and easy access to the fascinating experiences of the men who fought the undersea battles during World War II.

Fire From the Sky

The starboard side of the fireroom burst into flames, necessitating abandoning
the fireroom ... At the bomb explosion, fire broke out in the forward starboard
corner of the after engineroom and the after main distribution board fell inboard
and ...

Author: Robert C. Stem

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 9781473814219

Category: History

Page: 400

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By late 1944 the war in the Pacific had turned decisively against the Japanese, and overwhelming Allied forces began to close in on the home islands. At this point Japan unveiled a terrifying new tactic: the suicide attack, or Kamikaze, named after the Divine Wind which had once before, in medieval times, saved Japan from invasion. Intentionally crashing bomb-laden aircraft into Allied warships, these piloted guided missiles at first seemed unstoppable, calling into question the naval strategy on which the whole war effort was based.This book looks at the origins of the campaign, at its strategic goals, the organization of the Japanese special attack forces, and the culture that made suicide not just acceptable, but honourable. Inevitably, much mythology has grown up around the subject, and the book attempts to sort the wheat from the chaff. One story that does stand up is the reported massive stock-piling of kamikaze aircraft for use against any Allied invasion of the home islands, if the atomic bombs had not forced Japans surrender.However, its principal focus is on the experience of those in the Allied fleets on the receiving end of this peculiarly alien and unnerving weapon how they learnt to endure and eventually counter a threat whose potential was over-estimated, by both sides. In this respect, it has a very modern resonance.

The Silent Service in World War II

To permit .passage of exhaust air back to the forward machinery compartment, all
bulkheads between the forward end of the after torpedo room and the machinery
compartments must be open to the compartments surrounding them by means ...



ISBN: 9781411677531

Category: Transportation

Page: 254

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Originally published by the U.S. Navy in 1946, The Fleet Type Submarine uses the USS Perch SS313 to explain operating principles, technologies, and systems. It contains numerous diagrams and photos and offers definitions of components and terminology. It provides descriptions of various systems such as ballast tanks, trim, ventilation and steering. It also contains a brief history of the submarine and a discussion of patrol routines. This is the most complete technical guide to the boats that won WWII in the Pacific. Nothing close to it was ever assembled before, or since.'s affordable reprint comes in a soft bound edition with attractive covers. Although some of the book has been reformatted, and color images are reproduced in black and white, all of the original content is preserved. (A color supplement is also available). This is a must-have for anyone interested in submarines and an important reference for any historian, docent, or modeler.

Working the Room

One of the most moving photographs I know is also one of the dullest: an empty,
uninteresting-looking room with a brown ... claims that cigarette smoke caused
cancer; the road in Oklahoma where Karen Silkwood died after 'crashing' her car.

Author: Geoff Dyer

Publisher: Canongate Books

ISBN: 9781847679666

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 416

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Alive with insight, wit and Dyer's characteristic irreverence, this collection of essays offers a guide around the cultural maze, mapping a route through the worlds of literature, art, photography and music. Besides exploring what it is that makes great art great, Working the Room ventures into more personal territory with extensive autobiographical pieces - 'On Being an Only Child', 'Sacked' and 'Reader's Block', among other gems. Dyer's breadth of vision and generosity of spirit combine to form a manual for ways of being in - and seeing - the world today.

In Between the After

The internal walls of solid white limestone she can see through and into other
rooms! With x-ray vision she can distinguish a chair in the palace drawing room
so clearly that she is able to make out its inlaid ivory pieces of tiny lotus blossoms

Author: Lilla Nicholas-Holt

Publisher: Lilla Nicholas-Holt


Category: Fiction

Page: 346

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Bo, one of twenty-four striking sisters cloned from older sister Megan, is able to revisit history in person, finding answers to well-known mysteries and discovering what the Sphinx of Giza holds in a hidden chamber deep within. ‘The Light of Ra is a living thing - an encoded light language that views your present, past and future lives, holding energy documentation of every human being since time first began.’ Through the Light of Ra Bo discovers the astounding phenomenon of reality beyond human reality. In this nonphysical dimension, she perceives her whole self, and travels between her past and future lives. She learns that she can choose her next life-path, choose her parents and the circumstances in which she will live, discovering her final as being the most incredible and wondrous incarnation on Earth. In Between the After is a gripping story that supports New Age beliefs, and suggests a true account of metaphysical reality.

A Complete Collection of State Trials and Proceedings for High Treason and Other Crimes and Misdemeanors from the Earliest Period to the Year 1820 etc

who brought the paper , but I saw it in the away the heads of lord Castlereagh
and Sidroom . | mouth in them . ... After he had finished hoped all that were in the
room knew what those three bills he appeared tired ? - Yes , he they had met
there ...

Author: Thomas Bayly Howell


ISBN: ONB:+Z173662108



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A Complete Collection of State Trials and Proceedings for High Treason and Other Crimes and Misdemeanors from the Earliest Period to the Year 1783

room . OD . who brought the paper , but I saw it in the away the heads of lord
Castlereagh and Sidmouth in them . ... After this , Thistlelonger . wood and Brunt
were out of the room , Were those bills which he first wrote read Who came into
the ...

Author: Thomas Bayly Howell


ISBN: NYPL:33433067408603

Category: Law reports, digests, etc


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The Complete Recovery Room Book

Sodium bicarbonate Use for known or suspected severe acidosis, hyperkalaemia
or after 15 minutes of CPR. The trigger for using bicarbonate occurs when blood
gases show the pH is less than 7.10. The dose is 1 mmol/kg intravenously very ...

Author: Anthea Hatfield

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 9780191644146

Category: Medical

Page: 560

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The care that a patient receives in the first hours after surgery is crucial to minimizing the risk of complications such as heart attacks, pneumonia, and blood clots. As the patient awakes from their drug-induced coma, it takes time for them to metabolize and excrete these drugs, during which period they remain unable to care for themselves, and at increased risk of harm. The recovery room staff must manage both comatose and physiologically unstable patients, and deal with the immediate post-operative care of surgical patients. The fifth edition of this popular book provides nurses, surgeons and anaesthetists with clear guidance on how to manage day-to-day problems and how to make difficult decisions. Previous editions of this book have established it as the definitive guide to setting-up, equipping, staffing, and administering an acute care unit. It includes basic science such as physiology and pharmacology, specific symptoms including pain and vomiting, and has chapters devoted to the unique post-operative needs of individual types of surgery. This new edition brings this important text up to date and new drugs and techniques for monitoring are described. A new section looks ahead to the future development and design of recovery rooms and how they can contribute to patient well being.

Hen Frigates

that on the Clement, being made up of just one room, but Madam Follans- bee —
unlike Mary Dow — had a separate ... This meant it was big enough to be divided
into two cabins, the sternward half being the captain's room — or "after cabin" ...

Author: Joan Druett

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781451688436

Category: History

Page: 272

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A "hen frigate," traditionally, was any ship with the captain's wife on board. Hen frigates were miniature worlds -- wildly colorful, romantic, and dangerous. Here are the dramatic, true stories of what the remarkable women on board these vessels encountered on their often amazing voyages: romantic moonlit nights on deck, debilitating seasickness, terrifying skirmishes with pirates, disease-bearing rats, and cockroaches as big as a man's slipper. And all of that while living with the constant fear of gales, hurricanes, typhoons, collisions, and fire at sea. Interweaving first-person accounts from letters and journals in and around the lyrical narrative of a sea journey, maritime historian Joan Druett brings life to these stories. We can almost feel for ourselves the fear, pain, anger, love, and heartbreak of these courageous women. Lavishly illustrated, this breathtaking book transports us to the golden age of sail.

Warden of Time The After Cilmeri Series Book 8

corridors and stairs were built inside the eleven-foot-thick walls, allowing
passage from room to room. The toilets (sometimes called garderobes) were in
the walls too, accessible usually by an offset hallway in an attempt to keep the
smell ...

Author: Sarah Woodbury

Publisher: Sarah Woodbury

ISBN: 9781311987440

Category: Fiction

Page: 332

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Warden of Time continues the story of time travel, romance, and adventure begun with Daughter of Time … As both modern man and medieval king, David is committed to transforming medieval England into his own version of Avalon. Not everyone supports his ideals, however, and having offended the pope by welcoming Jews and heretics into England, David is summoned to Canterbury to explain himself. But when information comes to light that reveals the accusations against him have less to do with religion than with power and wealth, David finds himself on familiar ground—and at the center of a conspiracy that stretches from Ireland to Italy. Facing excommunication, a fickle populace, and a rebellion even by his fellow time travelers, he must decide what his throne is worth, and what he’s willing to sacrifice to keep it. Complete series reading order: Daughter of Time, Footsteps in Time, Winds of Time, Prince of Time, Crossroads in Time, Children of Time, Exiles in Time, Castaways in Time, Ashes of Time, Warden of Time, Guardians of Time, Masters of Time, Outpost in Time, Shades of Time.

Notes from the Sick Room

Or is it a desire to find the self after years of being “Bob Dylan.” He goes on to
explain to the interviewer about a Hells Angel whose name was Bobby
Zimmerman and how he died in a motorcycle accident, and reads from a book
The Life and ...

Author: Steve Finbow

Publisher: Watkins Media Limited

ISBN: 9781910924433

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 330

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Notes from the Sick Room is an investigation into the connections between physical illness and creativity. Although there are a number of books investigating mental illness and creativity, there are very few that concentrate on physical illness - cancer, HIV, tuberculosis and disabilities caused by accidents. Incapacity provides time for contemplation and creativity yet pain and discomfort detract from inspiration. Serious illness confronts the individual with the reality of death, the complacency of being is jolted by the shock of non-being. Does one record these incidences or ignore "art" in order to survive?

Modernism and the Architecture of Private Life

It was as if the English womenfolk, by taking over this gentleman's sanctum
during the day, were taking their revenge for being sent off to the drawing-room
after dinner.”16 Thornton's account represents both the possessiveness that
girded the ...

Author: Victoria Rosner

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 9780231507875

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 240

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Modernism and the Architecture of Private Life offers a bold new assessment of the role of the domestic sphere in modernist literature, architecture, and design. Elegantly synthesizing modernist literature with architectural plans, room designs, and decorative art, Victoria Rosner's work explores the collaborations among modern British writers, interior designers, and architects in redefining the form, function, and meaning of middle-class private life. Drawing on a host of previously unexamined archival sources and works by figures such as E. M. Forster, Roger Fry, Oscar Wilde, James McNeill Whistler, and Virginia Woolf, Rosner highlights the participation of modernist literature in the creation of an experimental, embodied, and unstructured private life, which we continue to characterize as "modern."

The Silent Service in World War II

The radio shack occupied the after end of the control room behind the housing for
the periscopes, which ran from the boat's keel to the top of the periscope sheers
above and behind the bridge. The conning tower was a small cylinder that was ...

Author: Edward Monroe-Jones

Publisher: Casemate

ISBN: 9781612001371

Category: History

Page: 281

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From the naval battle of Guadalcanal to rescuing George Bush Sr. in the Pacific, here are the stories of US submariners in WWII. The Silent Service in World War II tells the story of America’s intrepid submarine warriors in the words of the men who served and fought in the Pacific against Japan. When Pearl Harbor was attacked in 1941, the enemy had already deployed naval forces, but the United States was soon able to match them. By 1943, new Gato-class submarines were making a difference, carrying the war not just to the Japanese Imperial Navy, but to the vital merchant fleet that transported essential resources to the island country. Starting with the American victory at Guadalcanal, US submarine forces began to constrict the Japanese sea lanes. Operating independently and in wolfpacks, they attacked convoys operating beyond the range of American airpower, making daring forays even into Japanese home waters. Taking on Japanese warships, as well as rescuing downed airmen—including the grateful first President Bush—US submarines made an enormous contribution to our war against Japan. Aside from enemy action, the sea itself could be an extremely hostile environment—as many of these stories attest. From early war patrols in obsolescent, unreliable S-boats to modern fleet submarines roving the Pacific, the forty-six stories in this anthology offer a full understanding of life as a US Navy submariner in combat.

The Fattest Guy in the Room

Anyway, after I realized that I could own the Fat Guy Personality, I was well on my
way. And at that point, seventeen-years-old, it seemed like I could be the next
Chris Farley, or if you don't remember Chris, the next Zach Galifianakis. until the ...

Author: Big Mike Sangiamo

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1467038679

Category: Self-Help

Page: 112

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Some people say we live in a society that is experiencing an obesity epidemic, a negative health trend that is crippling our country and hurting the future. In The Fattest Guy in the Room, Big Mike Sangiamo turns this topic on its head with an often humorous and occasionally serious account of his life as a thirty-two-year-old overweight man in today's America. While it may sound like a "scared fit for the fat man" type of book, its real target is society as a whole. Mike's straightforward and sometimes whimsical observations are brought together with a final life-changing message for everyone who reads this book. No matter who you are, whether you’re built like a blimp or Mr. America, you will gain a brand-new perspective on life and on the challenges fat people face in their daily lives. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll laugh some more while reading this groundbreaking take from one of the most talented new authors to hit the literary scene in a while.

From the Boiler Room to the Living Room

The first form will come before the floodlight, and the second form will come after.
The “before” repentance will be those who choose to demonstrate “absolute
transparency” before their clients. These professionals will come out the winners

Author: Mitch Anthony

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470255094

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

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Author Mitch Anthony has been recognized as the voice of conscience for the financial services industry. For more than a decade, he has shown advisors how building authentic, genuine relationships can serve clients' best interests and build heathly—and financially successful—practices at the same time. In From the Boiler Room to the Living Room, Mitch examines where the financial services industry has failed in the past, and what it needs to do to restore trust at both the individual and industry levels. He teaches readers how to better understand the emotional significance of the money that clients entrust to their advisors and the struggles they face as they attempt to get "more life for their money." The book also discusses why venture philosophy, funding single moments, and rethinking one's purpose in life is more important to clients than net worth or asset allocation. Finally, it discusses how to develop dialogues that forge meaningful, long-term client connections—in other words, how to stop selling and start listening.

Camp and Barrack room Or The British Army as it is

At one time a thunder - clap was heard immediately over our heads , and the
lightning illuminating between decks with such brilliancy that I thought the ship
had taken fire , I contrived to get upon decks through the after - hatchway , ours
having ...

Author: John Mercier McMullen


ISBN: OXFORD:590641796

Category: India

Page: 316

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French Cruisers 1922 1956

layout. All their designs except the Duguay-Trouins, however, featured protective
longitudinal bulkheads either just inboard or just outboard of the torpedo
bulkhead abeam the boiler rooms in order to limit the flooding of these spaces.

Author: Jean Moulin

Publisher: Pen and Sword

ISBN: 9781473814455

Category: History

Page: 232

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The French produced some of the most striking and innovatory interwar cruiser designs. A large amount of new information about these ships has become available over the past twenty years in France, but this book is the first to make this accessible to an English-speaking readership.Part I explains the design philosophy behind each of the classes built after 1922, and outlines the characteristics of each type, accompanied by detailed data tables and a comprehensive set of specially-drawn plans based on official documents, as well as carefully-selected photographs. Coverage includes the De Grasse, laid down in August 1939 and completed postwar as an AA cruiser, and also the heavy cruisers of the Saint Louis class intended to follow her, about which little has been published. Part II deals with the historical side, covering not only the eventful careers of these ships, but also explaining the peacetime organisation of the Marine Nationale, the complex politics of this turbulent period and their impact on the navy. Like its highly successful predecessor, French Battleships, this beautifully presented book subtly blends technical and historical analysis to produce what must become the standard reference work.