The Chemistry of Calm

A Powerful, Drug-Free Plan to Quiet Your Fears and Overcome Your Anxiety

Author: Henry Emmons, MD

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1439149534

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 288

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Marrying Eastern techniques of meditation with traditional Western solutions of diet and exercise, celebrated psychiatrist Dr. Henry Emmons offers a proven plan to combat anxiety—without medication—that has helped tens of thousands gain inner peace and start enjoying life. The debilitating effects of anxiety can affect your sense of well-being, health, longevity, productivity, and relationships. In The Chemistry of Calm, Dr. Henry Emmons presents his Resilience Training Program—a groundbreaking regimen designed to relieve anxiety and restore physical and mental strength. This step-by-step plan for mental calmness and emotional wisdom focuses on ways to create resilience as a key to resolving anxiety in everyday life, incorporating the latest science on: -Diet—you’ve got to eat good food to feel good -Exercise—it’s proven: moving makes you less anxious -Nutritional Supplements—boosting your natural anxiety resistance -Mindfulness—including meditation techniques to calm your body and brain Using this program, Dr. Emmons has helped countless patients reduce their anxiety and reclaim the resilience that is their birthright. Now, with The Chemistry of Calm, you can be anxiety free too!

The Chemistry of Joy Workbook

Overcoming Depression Using the Best of Brain Science, Nutrition, and the Psychology of Mindfulness

Author: Henry Emmons

Publisher: New Harbinger Publications

ISBN: 1608822265

Category: Self-Help

Page: 216

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Every one of us has the capacity for joy, but many forces in our lives keep us from enjoying this contented and healthy state of being. When our resilience is depleted, we find it difficult to adapt to change, face challenges, and deal with the ups and downs life brings. If your natural resilience has been consumed by stress or depression, you can reclaim it with the resilience-building program in The Chemistry of Joy Workbook. Through the questionnaires, exercises, and practices in this guide, you’ll explore the nine pathways to restoring mood, regaining balance, and rediscovering your capacity for joy. Reclaim your joy by: • Balancing your body with proper nutrition and principles from ayurvedic medicine • Settling your mind with mindfulness practices • Skillfully managing “emotional tsunamis” • Finding the right medications and supplements • Tapping into the wisdom, generosity, and openness that lie within • Building your self-acceptance and connection with others

The Chemistry of Joy

A Three-Step Program for Overcoming Depression Through Western Science and Eastern Wisdom

Author: Henry Emmons, MD,Rachel Kranz

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0743265076

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 290

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Argues that medication alone is insufficient to treat depression, and draws on eastern and western approaches that address depression as a symptom of chemical imbalances that can be treated psychologically, spiritually, and physically through lifestyle choices.

The Chemistry of Creation

Being a Sketch of the Chemical Phenomena of the Earth, the Air, the Ocean

Author: Robert Ellis (F.L.S.)

Publisher: N.A


Category: Atmosphere

Page: 512

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Chemie Der Umweltbelastung

Author: Günter Fellenberg

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780471980889

Category: Science

Page: 192

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Providing a comprehensive introduction to environmental chemistry,this volume presents an excellent overview of the importantchemical aspects of pollution occurring in the atmosphere, in waterand in soil. Presented in the book are: * commonly known harmful substances, such as carbon monoxide, heavymetals, and sulfur dioxide * toxins in food and basic consumer goods * radioisotopes such as plutonium and uranium It contains many examples and solutions to practical environmentalproblems such as pollution via foodstuffs, pesticides anddetergents, showing their relation to biochemical processes,toxicology, climate, ecological aspects and other adjacentsciences. The range of topics covered in this book ensures it will beindispensable not only to students of chemistry but also for allthose interested in the chemical principles of environmentalpollutants.

The Chemistry of the Arts

Being a Practical Display of the Arts and Manufactures which Depend on Chemical Principles

Author: Samuel Frederick Gray,Arthur Livermore Porter

Publisher: N.A


Category: Chemistry, Technical

Page: 803

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The Chemistry of Connection

How the Oxytocin Response Can Help You Find Trust, Intimacy, and Love

Author: Susan Kuchinskas

Publisher: New Harbinger Publications

ISBN: 9781608825059

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 176

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When you make love, cuddle with a partner, or have coffee with close friends, a powerful brain chemical called oxytocin floods your body with feelings of contentment and trust. This natural "love drug," produced by the hypothalamus, is responsible for human bonding in both platonic and intimate relationships, and is the key to many of the psychological differences between men and women. In The Chemistry of Connection, you'll learn easy ways to increase your natural supply of oxytocin to establish deeper connections with family, friends, and romantic partners. You'll discover: •The power of the cuddle hormone in relationships •How sex and love are deeply entwined for both women and men •The chemical differences between lust, romance, and love •How to raise children who trust and love in a healthy way