The Gate of Light

Healing Practices to Connect You to Source Energy

Author: Lars Muhl

Publisher: Watkins Media Limited

ISBN: 1786781506

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 192

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The Gate of Light describes an ancient healing method used by the Essenes, or The Sons of Light, 2500 years ago, it brings this long forgotten practice to the modern age, complete with practical tools, meditations and visualisations. A companion book to The Law of Light but can be read on its own. Until the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1946, there was little known about The Essenes; a brotherhood of holy men and women living together within a community over two thousand years ago. The Essenes considered themselves to be a separate people--not because of external signs like skin colour, hair colour, but because of the illumination of their inner life and their knowledge of the hidden mysteries of nature unknown to other men. The Gate of Light is based on Lars Muhl’s lifelong search for God, it doesn’t claim any absolute truths but sets out to provide a practice based on Essene teachings that allows us to look at how we judge ourselves and how we live in the world. He asks: What motivates us? How do we create a balance between thoughts, words and actions? How do we align ourselves in relation to our higher self and become the universal light beings we are meant to be? The Essenes understood that everything is interactively connected and that everything is energy. For them, God was the name for the highest form of awareness, something omnipresent and, if a human wished to learn how then they could communicate with this ever present energy and through this communication humans could realize their full potential. Drawing on this ancient knowledge Lars presents a complete practice to help us recognize and answer the above questions. He particularly looks at: Grief and Happiness, Balance and Awareness, Selflessness, Boredom and Renunciation, Loneliness, Gratitude, Silence and Thoughtfulness.

The Gate of Light

Janusz Korczak, the Educator and Writer who Overcame the Holocaust

Author: Adir Cohen

Publisher: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press

ISBN: 9780838635230

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 360

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Among the educators who have shaped education in the last century, the Jewish-Polish Janusz Korczak stands out as an exceptional man, a noble teacher, philosopher, and educator who in his institutions applied his philosophy and vision, his long experience as a physician and as a teacher, his great love of children, and his conviction of the child's right to liberty. He sacrificed his own personal happiness for his work, for his teaching, and for the happiness of his students; his educational creation ended when his soul united with those of his students in death, as they all took their last journey together, when Korczak and his children were transported to the gas chambers of Treblinka in August 1942. He refused Nazi offers of liberation and clemency and chose to die with his orphans. The Gate of Light is a re-examination of Korczak's life, philosophy, literary creation, and educational accomplishment, which have a relevance to the humanist mission of education everywhere. Anyone wishing to understand Korczak's philosophy of education must become acquainted with the secrets of the educator's life - full of hesitation and crisis, pain and sacrifice, transcendence and purity. His was a life of great love, sanctified by a brutal death, which he proudly faced. Korczak neither affiliated himself with any particular educational school, nor identified with any recognized method. His approach to children and his views on education were always original. His ideas, summarized in his diaries and notebooks, enable us to study his teaching methods, examining its contradictions, illuminate the many excesses of his practical teaching, and grasp the great sincerity and truth in Korczak's teachings.

Gates of Light

Author: Joseph ben Abraham Gikatilla

Publisher: Rowman Altamira

ISBN: 9780761990000

Category: Religion

Page: 401

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This central text of Jewish mysticism was written in thirtenth-century Spain, where Kabbalah flourished. Considered to be the most articulate work on the mystical Kabbalah, Gates of Light provides a systematic and comprehensive explanation of the Names of God and their mystical applications. The Kabbalah presents a unique strategy for intimacy with the Creator and new insights into the Hebrew Scriptures. In the Kabbalah, aspects of God emanate from a hierarchy of Ten Spheres interconnected by channels that may be disrupted or repaired through human activity.

Tarot and the Gates of Light

A Kabbalistic Path to Liberation

Author: Mark Horn

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1620559315

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 544

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An innovative, spiritual workbook that integrates the Tarot and the Kabbalistic tradition of Counting the Omer • Explores the origins and meaning of the 49-day Kabbalistic meditative practice of Counting the Omer and how it can lead to spiritual revelation, personal insight, and connection with the Divine • Reveals the correspondence of the Tarot’s minor arcana with the Sephirot of the Tree of Life and explains how both relate to the Omer meditation • Provides a daily practice workbook that explores the related Sephirot and Tarot cards for each day, examines their Kabbalistic and spiritual meanings, and provides questions for daily reflection and meditation guidance The 49-day mystical practice known as Counting the Omer is an ancient Jewish ritual observed between the holidays of Passover and Shavuot (also known as Pentecost). As practiced by Kabbalists, it is designed to cleanse and purify the soul in preparation for spiritual revelation and a personal connection with God. The ritual creates a spiritual inner journey that follows the path of the ancient Israelites from the moment of their physical freedom from slavery in Egypt to the establishment of their spiritual freedom forty-nine days later when they arrived at Mt. Sinai. Adeptly integrating this mystical practice with the transformative symbolism of the Tarot, Mark Horn uses the ritual of Counting the Omer as a template for a guided meditative practice that gives readers insight into their personal life journey and help in overcoming the issues that hinder their growth and spiritual awakening. Examining the correspondence of the Tarot’s minor arcana with the Sephirot of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, he shows how using the cards in connection with Counting the Omer can unlock the gates to a deep experience of the sacred. In the detailed daily practice workbook section, Horn provides day-by-day descriptions of the 49-day meditative practice of Counting the Omer. He divides the journey into seven week-long segments, which in turn are broken down into seven daily practices. For each day, he explains the related Sephirot and Tarot cards and their Kabbalistic and spiritual meanings, providing the reader with questions for daily reflection, guidance for meditation, and insight from traditional Jewish texts as well as teachings from Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, and Muslim traditions. Unveiling the relationship between Tarot and the Kabbalah, Horn shows readers how uniting these two practices can open them to a deeper experience of the Divine.

Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light

Author: Tanya Huff

Publisher: Jabberwocky Literary Agency, Inc.

ISBN: 1936535580

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

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“Contemporary urban fantasy at its best” from the author of the Peacekeeper Trilogy (Locus). First published in 1989 and taking place in downtown Toronto, one of the earliest of the modern urban fantasies, Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light is the story of a fight against encroaching darkness by a developmentally handicapped young woman, a street musician with no idea of his potential, a bag-lady who’s tired of picking up the pieces, and an adept of the light. Mixing actual Toronto ghost-stories with traditional Faire, a police procedural, and a cat, Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light opened a gate at street level to the urban fantasy that followed “In a departure from the ‘strict’ fantasy of Child of the Grove and The Last Wizard, Huff’s real-world fantasy presents an enlightened, compassionate view of the forgotten heroes of urban society. Highly recommended.” —Library Journal “Enjoyable . . . A tale of magic existing in the modern world.” —Fantasy Café “A tale with sweep and scope, interesting characters, and some impressively nasty menaces.” —Booklist “Huff’s sense of fun as she plays with the traditional elements should please even the most jaded of readers.” —Charles de Lint “Very much in the same tradition as Lackey’s SERRAted Edge novels and fans of those should also enjoy this.” —Rambles

Through the Gate of Horn

The First Thread of the Dhitha Tapestry

Author: Alfred D. Byrd

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595763545

Category: Fiction

Page: 244

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A night of unsettling dreams, a mysterious painting, and a chance meeting at a science-fiction convention propel an obscure computer programmer into the adventure of his lifetime. Seeking the meaning of his dreams, he learns that they arise from persons and a place of ancient power hidden in the Bluegrass of Kentucky. He must find whether he shares with them their power-and their curse. In Through the Gate of Horn, his quest will take him far beyond the bounds of the world that he has known, into one where all that he believes will come into question.

The Gate of Lemnos

Author: Francis Jarman

Publisher: Wildside Press LLC

ISBN: 1434449920

Category: Fiction

Page: 328

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The Gate of Lemnos is the entrance to a new world, one of the wonders of the universe, and Terra's only planetary colony containing alien life forms. Burk has been sent there with a mission to accomplish, and a sinister secret to expose. But there are those who are determined to stop him, both on and off the great spaceship, Starstretcher, and no one--NO ONE!--can be trusted. A science fiction suspense tale.




Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 148363602X

Category: Poetry

Page: 70

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The actual Alchemical Metaphysical Tablets and Esoteric-Transcendental Artwork Images have to be perceived with an open mind and total lack of inherited prejudice. The written words contain cryptogrammic-gnostic meanings that will unlock the subconscious mind of the Seeker for Eternal Truth and penetrate into the very marrow of the Individuated Consciousness-Soul Unit. The Etheric Winds of Destiny from the City of Shamballah of Agartha are already blowing and entering through the Gates of the East this world of unspoken Darkness, Suffering, Cruelty, Illusion, Madness, and Evilhood. At the end of this century, the conscious Duality of Existence will begin to shift to the Oneness in the beating hearts of the Old Incarnated Souls. They are those who will guide the peoples of the coming Sixth Race of Man after the prophesized Apocalypse (the cosmic and earthly cataclysm of the nuclear World War Three). There are no mesmeric powers in the words of the Tablets and images of the Transcendental Christogramic artworks. And yet, their invisible vibrations will permeate and adapt to the beating heart of the ones that are hungry for spiritual food. The misleading thoughts and feelings of the Present will become the memories of the Past, while the future will descend into the Flesh of our Present. The uttering and reading of the alphabetical words of the Alchemical Tablets will unite the one´s mind with the flaming Inner Fire of the Soul. That is the beginning of the flesh-and-blood Legacy of the Flame of the Ages, the forgotten Mission of your ancestors, the Immortals of Attlan. They begot themselves throughout the Aeons of Creation from the Flower of Life of Ammenti. They were not born. They implanted the Primordial Seed of countless Star-Races into the ground of Space-Time of All-Aeons of Creation. Their Kings-Priests of Divine Wisdom were the Manus of the Yore of Times. Their Priestesses and High Priestesses of the Inner Sun were the Daughters of the Lotus-Flower of Life of Ammenti of the Cosmic Mother-Stars. Alike many races from other countless galactic worlds of the Mother-Stars, we are the main-stream progeny of the Immortals of Attlan. The Noble Ancestors of Attlan were the originators of the esoteric sciences of Alchemy, Metaphysics, Cosmogony, Yoga, Transcendental Space-Time Reading, Astral Levitation, and Sacred Vision (Perception) of the Third Eye that have been perpetuated throughout Aeons and Eras of Creation. They were the Enlightened Knowers of the Great Mysteries dwelling in our invisible Inner Being, the microcosms-Image of the Infinite-Eternal Universe-Creation. All the Religions and Philosophies of the Ages have blossomed and grown out of their Gnostic Tree of Life planted in the Cycles of Consciousness of Creation. The Atlanteans, one of the last Aeonian Descendants of the Immortals of Attlan, could perceive through the Past and Future, throughout all the begotten and un-begotten Eternities of Existence until the end of the present Creation-Universe. The Ancient Ones of Attlan initiated and perpetuated the Mystical Rituals whose creational purpose was and is the development and evolution of the Individuated Mind-Soul-Consciousness of the Being of Man. The Mystical-Alchemical Rituals contain the essential Inner Knowing, the Gnostic Essence of the Laws of Creation, Space, Consciousness, Soul-Spirit, Purity of Life, Incarnation, Cosmic Forces, Divine Elements, and Spheres of Life. The containing Tablets, Tablets-Prayers, and Transcendental-Esoteric Artwork Images are the humble beginning of the Mystical Rituals delivered during the long-time ESO-EXO-TERIC communication with the Higher Beings of Light during the practice of Cosmic Yoga and Sacred Visions (Perceptions) of the Third Eye (Sixth Astral Sphere of Life) of our Inner Selves. The etheric gemstones of the lyric Tablets and Esoteric Christogramic Images reveal the Mysteries of the Infinite Creation, Spirit, and Ensouled Flesh. According to the Aeonian

The Gate of Angels

Author: Penelope Fitzgerald

Publisher: HMH

ISBN: 0547524730

Category: Fiction

Page: 176

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Shortlisted for the Booker Prize: A novel of two “wonderful characters” who meet by accident in Edwardian England, and fall inconveniently in love (The Washington Post). In 1912, rational scientist Fred Fairly, one of Cambridge’s best and brightest, crashes his bike and wakes up in bed with a stranger—fellow casualty Daisy Saunders, a charming, pretty, and almost pathologically generous working-class nurse. So begins a series of complications—not only of the heart but also of the head—as Fred and Daisy take up each other’s education and turn each other’s philosophies upside down. From the recipient of a National Book Critics Circle Award, among other honors, this story of an unlikely and possibly doomed romance is a “deft comedy of manners . . . Fitzgerald’s elegant prose shines with intelligence and subtle wit . . . Her flair for well-drawn eccentric characters will appeal to fans of Muriel Spark and Barbara Pym” (Library Journal). “A singular accomplishment.” —Boston Globe “Powerfully bewitching.” —Los Angeles Times