The Hayashi Reiki Manual

Traditional Japanese Healing Techniques from the Founder of the Western Reiki System

Author: Frank Arjava Petter,Tadao Yamaguchi,Chujiro Hayashi

Publisher: Lotus Press

ISBN: 0914955756

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 109

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The manual consists of the story of Dr. Hayashi including unpublished photos and main exercises of the Hayashi Reiki system.

The Big Book of Reiki Symbols

The Spiritual Transition of Symbols and Mantras of the Usui System of Natural Healing

Author: Mark Hosak,Walter Luebeck

Publisher: Lotus Press

ISBN: 0914955640

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 671

View: 3937


The traditional symbols of the Usui System of Reiki take a key position in this unique tradition. Without them and their mantra's, Reiki is not possible. The dedication rituals necessary for the practice of Reiki as well as the complex healings can only be accomplished on the foundation of Usui symbols with the certainty and effectiveness one expects from Reiki. Written in a remarkably precise and lucid style by two foremost authors on Reiki, this compendium reveals indispensable information of tremendous spiritual value.


The Healing Touch : First and Second Degree Manual

Author: William Lee Rand

Publisher: Vision Publications (MI)


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 254

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"Reiki, a technique for stress reduction that also promotes healing, allows everyone to tap into an unlimited supply of "life energy." The system of Reiki that became popular in the West was developed by Mikao Usui Sensei, a Japanese Buddhist, in 1922-23... It creates many beneficial effects including relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well being. Many have reported miraculous results. Hospitals and doctors' offices are beginning to include it as part of their therapy, and this new edition describes several successful approaches now being used across the country to integrate Reiki into patient care. This revised and expanded edition includes important new information on the theory and practice of Reiki, including the Japanese Reiki techniques taught by Usui Sensei as well as the Hayashi Healing Guide. Also included are pictures of the Usui Memorial in Tokyo and of Kurama Yama, the sacred mountain where Reiki was rediscovered. This book is a must for anyone wanting the latest information on Reiki. Its referenced history of Reiki contains the most detailed and verifiable information currently available. Written with inspiration, clarity and vitality, it captures the essence of Reiki and is an excellent introduction to the subject as well as a user-friendly manual for the experienced practitioner"--

Usui Reiki Level Three Manual

Author: Francine Milford


ISBN: 0557054850


Page: 176

View: 636


Usui Reiki Level Three manual introduces the student to the two Reiki Master Symbols and how to incorporate them into your practice. Additional Reiki techniques, methods and modalities will be discussed. Help is given in starting your own successful Reiki practice.
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Reiki Best Practices

Wonderful Tools of Healing for the First, Second and Third Degree of Reiki

Author: Walter Lubeck,Frank Arjava Petter

Publisher: Lotus Press

ISBN: 0914955748

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 304

View: 8367


Two renowned Reiki Masters introduce primarily Western Reiki Techniques and place a valuable tool in the hands of every Reiki practitioner.

Light on the Origins of Reiki

A Handbook for Practicing the Original Reiki of Usui and Hayashi

Author: Tadao Yamaguchi

Publisher: Lotus Press

ISBN: 0914955659

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 189

View: 1344


A journey towards the origins of Reiki as it evolved from Mikao Usui's first inspirations, showing you how it was traditionally taught and practiced in Japan in the mid-thirties of the last century, including many valuable practical applications and cultural background including the traditional Master-disciple relationship, Dr. Hayashi's lectures in the Reiki seminars, natural body cleansing and Byosen (energetic empathy).

Reiki Systems of the World

One Heart - Many Beats

Author: Oliver Klatt,Don Alexander,Phyllis Lei Furumoto

Publisher: Lotus Press

ISBN: 0914955799

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 350

View: 3303


Reiki Systems of the World provides an overview of the development of the Reiki system of healing and the path it has taken in the course of its dissemination and continuous development throughout the world. It is an authentic work, woven together through personal encounters and mutual experiences with the leading Reiki Masters of the world including contributions by Don Alexander, Phyllis Lei Furumoto, Walter Luebeck, Paul David Mitchell, Frank Arjava Petter, William Lee Rand and others.

Reiki with Gemstones

Author: Ursula Klinger-Omenka

Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publ.

ISBN: 9788120817647

Category: Precious stones

Page: 122

View: 9416


Ursula Klinger-Omenka, author of The Secrets of Precious Stones and Gemstone Power Meditation, successful best-sellers throughout the world, connects two natural, healing powers for an effective mutual effect in Reiki with Gemstones. While Reiki, the universal life energy, brings the physical and emotional functions back into their original harmony, gemstones concentrate light-filled powers and color vibrations into the chakras, whose unrestricted functioning is greatly important for vitality and well-being. By connecting Reiki and gemstone therapy, the powers of self-healing are activated in a natural manner.The author writes on the basis of many years of rich experience in working with Reiki and gemstones. She trustingly places her perceptions into the hands of the reader, who can put them to practical use for the good of all beings with a short time.

Reiki Fire

New Information about the Origins of the Reiki Power : a Complete Manual

Author: Frank Arjava Petter

Publisher: Lotus Press

ISBN: 9780914955504

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 126

View: 1555


The author, a Reiki master practicing in Japan, traces the origins in a new light following the path of Usuisan back in time through meetings with his descendants and climbing the holy mountain of his enlightenment.

Reiki, Yoga, Meditation & Yagyas:New Age Practices

Techniques for Living in the New Millennium

Author: Marc Edwards

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1465315586

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 145

View: 5708


Reiki, Yoga, Meditation and Yagyas, presents a case for practicing these ancient disciplines. While many people are meditating, some have had difficulties with meditation because they were not doing Hatha Yoga. It is essential to do yoga & meditation to obtain the best results. Reiki is useful as an added adjunct to keep the body healthy and also open the inner channels, often called the meridians or nadis. Yagyas are the third aspect of the yoga, meditation triangle. The purpose of yagyas is to strengthen ones spiritual connection to the Higher Power, however, yagyas effect all areas of an individual: the body, mind and spirit. These Hindu ceremonies can reduce problems even if youve had them for decades. This book provides practical tips about these disciplines and how they can help anyone achieve higher states of consciousness/Enlightenment in one lifetime.