The Heart's Note

Sounding Love in Your Life from Your Heart's Secret Chamber

Author: Stewart Pearce

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1844093786

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A powerful and inspirational treatise, this study examines the heart as the seat of the soul and shows how, with a daily application of love, humanity can access its wisdom to find answers and create change. Drawn from research of indigenous tribes, ancient rituals, and Christian mystics, this resource teaches that heart consciousness—the idea of the heart as the ultimate truth of creation and the way in which people connect with each other—will enable harmony, peace, and satisfaction. Also illustrating that there is something crucially lacking in today’s society because of the disconnect to the heart, this important investigation encourages readers to be open to love, the fundamental physiological aspect through which true inner peace, normally lost in childhood, can be rediscovered.

Physiology and Pathophysiology of the Heart

Author: Nicholas Sperelakis

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1475711719

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could go on for several pages. Thus the book edited This book emphasizes the fundamental, functional aspects of cardiology. Within the last thirty years, by Sperelakis IS a potent reminder of the almost for the rift between clinical and investigative cardiology gotten fact that cardiology has twO sites, inextrica has widened, because of the overwhelming devel bly related. opment of new clinical procedures, both diagnostic The book deals with subjects in which Dr. Sper and therapeutic. Almost forgotten is the fact that elakis has pioneered: ultrastructure of heart muscle, we owe most of the clinical advances to theoretical electrophysiology, cardiac contractility, and ion ex and experimental observations. I need not remind change. An extension of these subjects is the chapter the reader of the work of Carrel, who performed the dealing with fundamental topics of the coronary cir first experimental coronary bypass in 1902, or the culation. work of the brothers Curie in 1880, both physicists, This book is indeed a timely reminder of the im who discovered piezoelectricity, the keystone in ech portance of the fundamental aspects of cardiology. ogradiography; of the works of Langley, who intro Emphasis on clinical aspects of cardiology alone will duced the receptors concept; of Ahlquist in 1946, result in a sterile and unproductive future for a field who first differentiated between alpha and beta re that has made such stunning advances during the ceptors; of Fleckenstein, a physiologist who pi last thirty years to the benefit of millions of people.

The Holy Bible

Containing the Old and New Testaments According to the Authorised Version

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Pathophysiology and Pharmacology of Heart Disease

Proceedings of the symposium held by the Indian section of the International Society for Heart Research, Chandigarh, India, February 1988

Author: Naranjan S. Dhalla,Inder S. Anand,Purshotam L. Wahi

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1461316073

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Research at the molecular and the cellular level has greatly enhanced our understanding of the pathogenesis and management of heart disease. Valuable contributions, towards this end, have been made by scientists from different dis ciplines including biochemistry, physiology, pathology, molecular biology and biophysics. We felt that it would be of interest and value to bring together ex perts from diverse specialities to present their work and to discuss the common problems encountered in their endeavours. In accordance, a symposium was organised in February 1988 at the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research, Chandigarh. It was held during the annual meeting of the Indian section of the International Society for Heart Research. This book is a compila tion of some of the papers presented at the symposium. The symposium was sponsored by the Council on Cardiac Metabolism of the International Society and Federation of Cardiology. A number of Indian or ganisations gave generous financial help. These included the National Academy of Medical Sciences, Indian Council of Medical Research, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research and Department of Science and Technology. Desktop publishing was used to prepare this volume. In doing so we came to appreciate the remarkable qualities, skills and help rendered by Professor Dharam Vir. For typing the manuscripts and for other secretarial assistance we gratefully acknowledge the help of Ravinder and Sawtantar. PATHOPHYSIOLOGY AND PHARMACOLOGY OF HEART DISEASE 1 THE NEWBORN PIG HEART, A SUPERIOR ANIMAL MODEL OF CARDIAC HYPERTROPHY Howard E.

Taurine and the Heart

Proceedings of the Symposium Annexed to the 10th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Research Society on Sulfur Amino Acids Osaka, Japan, September 10, 1987

Author: Heitaroh Iwata,John B. Lombardini,Tomio Segawa

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1461316472

Category: Medical

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The first Taurine Symposium organized by Dr. Ryan Huxtable and the late Dr. Andre Barbeau was held in Tucson, Arizona, in 1975. Since that auspici ous event, nine international symposia on the role of taurine in biology have taken place. The locations for these meetings have been Tucson (two times), Rome, Philadelphia, Tokyo, Vancouver, Mexico City, Helsinki, and Florence. In 1977, due to the large number of scientists in Japan who were interested in the role of this unique amino acid in biological systems, we organized the Japanese Research Society on Sulfur Amino Acids with the encouragement and financial assistance of the Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (Tokyo). Annual meetings have been held, and the membership has expanded from 78 to 414 in 1987; the number of presentations has increased during this time span from 29 to 74. The symposium in Tokyo in 1982, "Sulfur Amino Acids, Biochemical and Clinical Aspects" [1], was held to celebrate the 5th Annual Meeting of our Society. I would like to emphasize that in Japan we have an active Research Society especially directed to the study of sulfur amino acids. We have published our own semi-annual journal entitled Sulfur Amino Acids. Our society is an inter disciplinary research society since taurine is a highly diversified compound that interconnects physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, nutrition, and medicine. One exciting fringe benefit of taurine research and the society has been the fostering of contacts with distinguished scientists from many varied medical fields.