The Tibetan Art Of Positive Thinking

Author: Christopher Hansard

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1444717170

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 304

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It is common knowledge that the way we think profoundly affects our health and happiness. As Tibetan Bon culture has known for centuries, true, original thought is one of the most powerful energy resources that we each have, and tapping into it can bring us great spiritual, emotional and financial success. But, as Christopher Hansard - leading authority in Tibetan medicine - explains, most of us don't know how to think effectively. What we imagine to be thoughts are simply reactions to our environment and to other people, and are far removed from 'original thought', which has the power to transform lives. In this enlightening book, Hansard shows us how to take control of our thinking. Using simple meditations and exercises he shows how we can each harness the power of positive thinking to block negativity, transform emotions, and discover the deepest meaning of our lives, to make it the life we truly want to live.

The Tibetan Art of Serenity

Author: Christopher Hansard

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1444717189

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 240

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In the ancient Tibetan Bön tradition, the secret of serene, successful living is to have no fear. But in our demanding society, where stress is the norm, fearfulness can become a way of life.In this inspiring book, leading Tibetan Bön practitioner Christopher Hansard explains the ‘twelve types of fear’ believed by traditional teaching to affect our lives. He shares with us age-old techniques for facing and overcoming these fears, and shows how without them we can better connect with our deepest selves, transform relationships and find increased peace, humour and confidence. Drawing from his deep personal knowledge of Tibetan teachings, and with easy-to-follow exercises and inspiring case studies, Christopher shows us how we can stop living with our fears – and start living our life.

The Tibetan Art of Living

Author: Christopher Hansard

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1444717162

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 304

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Christopher Hansard is a leading practitioner in Tibetan medicine and uniquely qualified to write a comprehensive and practical book on its wisdom. Inspirational and accessible, in THE TIBETAN ART OF LIVING Hansard describes the principles of Tibetan medicine for ultimate mind/body health and then shows us simple ways to incorporate its wisdom into our daily lives - from dietary guidelines, exercise, mind-strengthening and rejuvenation techniques, to the use of herbs for common ailments. This is not only a truly enlightening book, but a complete resource to the practical applications of Tibetan medicine from a leading practitioner in the field.

A Gift of Positive Thinking

Author: Gill Farrer-Halls

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

ISBN: 9780740740633

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 256

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A Gift of Inner Peace and A Gift of Positive Thinking are two more books in a new inspirational series (see opposite page)that deliver greater understanding, harmony, and enlightenment for all who journey through life. Each volume combines author Gill Farrer-Halls's Buddhist-focused concepts with British artist Robert Beer's exquisite color illustrations inspired by the natural world. Book jackets boast an eye-catching translucent cover with metallic inks.A Gift of Positive Thinking explores positive thought as a central element to karma theory. To grow as individuals, we must relinquish the past and our negative thoughts that have developed there. Thus freed, we can move forward toward joy, a more supportive self-image, and fulfillment through positive thinking. This book guides the process, with thoughts, meditations, and affirmations all designed to instruct and inspire readers toward the sunnier side of life.

The Tibetan Art of Parenting

From Before Conception Through Early Childhood

Author: Anne Hubbell Maiden,Anne Maiden Brown,Edie Farwell

Publisher: Wisdom Publications (MA)


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 185

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Covers all stages of the parenting process from before conception to early childhood.

The Tibetan Book of the Great Liberation

Or the Method of Realizing Nirv=ana through Knowing the Mind

Author: W. Y. Evans-Wentz

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199727236

Category: Social Science

Page: 358

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The Tibetan Book of the Great Liberation, which was unknown to the Western world until its first publication in 1954, speaks to the quintessence of the Supreme Path, or Mah=ay=ana, and fully reveals the yogic method of attaining Enlightenment. Such attainment can happen, as shown here, by means of knowing the One Mind, the cosmic All-Consciousness, without recourse to the postures, breathings, and other techniques associated with the lower yogas. The original text for this volume belongs to the Bardo Thödol series of treatises concerning various ways of achieving transcendence, a series that figures into the Tantric school of the Mah=ay=ana. Authorship of this particular volume is attributed to the legendary Padma-Sambhava, who journeyed from India to Tibet in the 8th century, as the story goes, at the invitation of a Tibetan king. Padma-Sambhava's text per se is preceded by an account of the great guru's own life and secret doctrines. It is followed by the testamentary teachings of the Guru Phadampa Sangay, which are meant to augment the thought of the other gurus discussed herein. Still more useful supplementary material will be found in the book's introductory remarks, by its editor Evans-Wentz and by the eminent psychoanalyst C. G. Jung. The former presents a 100-page General Introduction that explains several key names and notions (such as Nirv=ana, for starters) with the lucidity, ease, and sagacity that are this scholar's hallmark; the latter offers a Psychological Commentary that weighs the differences between Eastern and Western modes of thought before equating the "collective unconscious" with the Enlightened Mind of the Buddhist. As with the other three volumes in the late Evans-Wentz's critically acclaimed Tibetan series, all four of which are being published by Oxford in new editions, this book also features a new Foreword by Donald S. Lopez.

The Art of Mental Wellbeing

Author: Tony Caves

Publisher: MWI Publishing

ISBN: 0954445023

Category: Self-Help

Page: 112

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Discover the secrets of Qi-sense and empower yourself. That is the message of this book. The only true healing is self healing. Move your thinking from confusion and perplexity to clarity and transparency. Learn simple but profound and powerful techniques, rooted in the ancient past but of use in the here and now. Stale words with fresh meanings allow you to remove the blockages in your body/brain complex to achieve a lightness of being that enables you to meet life's challenges effortlessly and with grace. When you live in the present, stress and difficulty are things of the past.