The Viking Saga, AD 793-1241

Author: John Haywood

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 125010615X

Category: History

Page: 400

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From Finland to Newfoundland and Jelling to Jerusalem, follow in the wake of the Vikings—a transformative story of a people that begins with paganism and ends in Christendom. In AD 800, the Scandinavians were just barbarians in longships. Though they held sway in the north, their power meant little more than the ability to pillage and plunder, which they did to bolster their status at home. But as these Norse warriors left their strongholds to trade, raid, and settle across wide areas of Europe, Asia, and the North Atlantic, their violent and predatory culture left a unique imprint on medieval history. The twist that no one predicted, however, was a much slower, insidious takeover than any the Vikings would execute, and by a turn of the tide, they themselves became its target. For as they made their mark on Europe, Europe made its mark on them. By the year 1200, what remained of the Vikings’ pagan origins floated beneath the surface and the strong, strange territories of the north had become a part of Latin Christendom. Northmen is there to tell the tale, to pay homage to what was lost and celebrate what was won. Focusing on key events, including the sack of Lindisfarne in 793 and the Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066, medieval history expert John Haywood recounts the saga of the Viking Age, from the creation of the world through to the dwindling years of halfhearted raids and elegiac storytelling in the thirteenth century. He does so with meticulous research, engaging narrative, and sensitivity for his subject, shedding light and blood along the way.

The Viking Saga

Author: Henry Treece

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 014136954X

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 528

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Into this breathtaking trilogy is woven the true spirit of the Vikings, who great thirst for travelling the seas took them on incredible voyages in defiance of icy waters, terrible hardships and bloodthirsty resistance. It is AD 780. Viking's Dawn sees a young Norse boy, Harald Sigurdson, set sail for the Hebrides in the longship 'Nameless'. The goal: to plunder the helpless coastal villages of Britain. Just five years later, undeterred by his first desperate journey, the dauntless warrior puts to sea once again, in The Road to Miklagard - this time lured by the news of a fabulous hoard of treasure. After a lifetime struggling with the bitter waves, Harald embarks on his last voyage in Viking's Sunset, this time not for gain but to seek vengeance on a blood enemy.



Author: Paul du Chaillu

Publisher: Abela Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 8828323051

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 163

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The story of “Ivar the Viking” depicts the actual life of Norse chiefs who ruled during the 4th Century. It also gives the customs, religion, life, and mode of thinking which prevailed among the people. It is the intention of the author to give a correct outlook of the civilization of the Norsemen of that period, the men who arrived at the gates of Rome and Byzantium, and settled in Britain, Gaul, Germania, Russia, the Ukraine and on the shores of the Mediterranean, and other countries. The author begins the story of his hero with his birth, accompanied by the characteristic ceremonies attending it. We are told of his fostering, his education, his coming of age, of the precepts of wisdom he is taught, of his foster-brothers, of the sacred ceremony of foster-brotherhood, of his warlike expeditions and commercial voyages, of the death and funeral of his father, of his accession to rule, and other similarly typical Viking events. In short, a typical Viking Saga. NOTE: There is not an object, a jewel, either Norse, Roman, Greek, Muslim, Central Asian or a coin mentioned, that has not been found in the present Scandinavia, and they can be seen today in its museums, and often in great numbers. When this book was first published it caused controversy as the author claimed the early pre-Saxon settlers of Britain were of Norse descent. It was from comparing the graves and antiquities of the Norselands with those of England that proof that the early settlers of Britain were Norsemen. There is a scene in this volume, of Ivar going to visit his kinsmen on the banks of the River Cam, in England, has been described, because there is a cemetery there whose antiquities show its Norse origin, and the Roman coins buried with them, of Trajanus, 98-117 A.D.; of Hadrianus, 117-138; Faustina, wife of Antoninus Pius, 138-161; Marcus Aurelius, 161-180; of Maximianus, 286-305, show how early Norse settlements began. The Roman records are correct. No countries but the islands of the Baltic and Scandinavia correspond to their description. But it is there that we find a great number of Roman objects. Coins are there found from the time of the foundation of the empire—those of Augustus 29 B.C. to 14 A.D., of Tiberius 14-37, Claudius 41-54; then in increased number those of Nero 54-68, Vitellius 69, Vespasian 69-79, of Titus 79-81; in still greater number those of Trajan 98-117, Antoninus Pius 138-161, of Faustina the elder, wife of Antoninus Pius, of Marcus Aurelius 161-180, of Faustina his wife, of Commodus 180-192; then in decreasing quantities the coins of the subsequent emperors. By the side of these coins and other Roman objects are Norse objects, and these Norse objects are, as I have said, similar to those found in the England of a corresponding period. The mode of burial is also identical in both countries. These facts tell plainly who were the people who settled in Britain before and after the time of Ivar the Viking and of the Roman occupation. 10% of the net sale will be donated to charities by the publisher. ============== KEYWORDS/TAGS: Ivar the Viking, Norse, Saga, Hero, Asgard, Odin, Thor, Æsir, Loki, Hjorvard, Gotland, Viking Land, Vikings, Oracle, Birth, Life Forecast, Fostering, Attains Majority, Expedition, Yule Sacrifice, Defeat of the Romans, Visit to Britain, Daughters of Ran, Romantic, Adventures, Sigurd, Voyage, Caspian, Haki, Burning, Journey to Valhalla, Death, Burning of Hjorvard, Helgi, Valkyrias, Inheritance Feast, Starkad’s Indemnity, Slaying of Starkad, Session of the Thing, Visit to Yngvi, Poets, Champions, Three, Beautiful, Daughters, Guests, Hersir, Svithjod, Sweden, Athletic Games, Great Feats, Hjalmar, Foster-Brothers, Fall in Love, Romance, Betrothal, Ivar and Randalin, Duel, Ketil, Astrid, Wedding


Author: H. Rider Haggard

Publisher: Abela Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1907256660

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 436

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ERIC Thorgrimursson (nicknamed 'Brighteyes' for his most notable trait), strives to win the hand of his beloved, Gudruda the Fair. Her father Asmund, a priest of the old Norse gods, opposes the match, thinking Eric a man without prospects. But deadlier by far are the intrigues of Swanhild, Gudruda's half-sister, a sorceress, who desires Eric for herself. She persuades the chieftain Ospakar Blacktooth to woo Gudrida, making the two men enemies. Battles, intrigues, and treachery follow. From the pen of the master of Victorian action and adventure this novel actually seems rather less dated in the early 21st century than Haggard's other work or the general run of Victorian adventure fiction. Improvements in our understanding of the Viking period have done surprisingly little to falsify Haggard's imagination of its setting, and the book should still hold appeal to any reader interested in the period. Clearly influenced by the pioneering saga translations by William Morris and Eirikr Magnusson in the late 1860s ERIC BRIGHTEYES set a standard of quality and fidelity to the saga style that remained unmatched until Poul Anderson's novel The Broken Sword 60 years later. 33% of the net profit from the sale of this book will be donated to charity.


A Norse Saga of love, jilting and fighting to win a woman

Author: Unknown

Publisher: Abela Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1907256482

Category: Fiction

Page: 190

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This is the story of a poet, poor and proud, with all the strength of a Viking and all the weakness of genius. He loves a fine lady, a spoiled child; who bewitches him, and jilts him, and jilts him again. In true Viking style he fights for her, kills for her, writes verse for her, and rises, for her sake, to the height of all that a man in his age could achieve. Then, after years, he has her at his feet, and learns of her heartlessness and worthlessness. He bids her farewell; but in the end dies with her name on his lips. The motive of the book is very modern, yet at the same time as ancient as the human race itself. It is dramatic and imaginative in the sense that it is told by one who was an artist in his craft of saga-telling. The diction is of the simplest and there is no fine writing, but the plot is balanced like a Greek play and the action drives along to its close. The result is conveyed without a word of moralizing. The characters are broadly drawn, and their types are still valid today. Without needless detail, there are touches enough of realism. It reads like a novel, and yet it is a true story. 33% of the net profit will be donated to charities for educational purposes.

Exploring the Vikings

Author: John Malam

Publisher: Evans Brothers

ISBN: 9780237525972

Category: Civilization, Viking

Page: 47

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New in paperback, Remains to be Seen is a fascinating series which looks at the past through the archeological evidence that remains today. Exploring the Vikings looks at who the Vikings were, at their world and how they spent their time, as well as their travels, their voyages of discovery and their rituals and religion. There are fact boxes which highlight key facts and the text is supported by a wonderful array of photographs and maps. Exploring the Vikings also features a time-line, a glossary and a full index.

The Viking Saga of Harri Bristlebeard

A Heroic Puzzle Adventure

Author: Jonathan Stroud,Cathy Gale

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781844287680

Category: Adventure games

Page: 32

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Every year the Vikings set off in search of a stolen magical banner, without success. Then Harri Bristlebeard, the hairy Norseman with extraordinarily lucky trousers, takes up the challenge! Readers must solve a range of tricky riddles and perilous puzzles to overcome fierce trolls, savage wolves, the World Serpent and other dire dangers.