The Wind Is My Mother

The Life and Teachings of a Native American Shaman

Author: Bear Heart

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 110164012X

Category: History

Page: 272

View: 1044


Bridging the worlds of the traditional Native American and modern culture, the authors offer an inspiring and moving autobiography of a native American medicine man, one of the last to be trained in the ancient ways, and one of the few to teach nontribal people.

Indonesian Folktales

Author: Murti Bunanta,Margaret Read MacDonald

Publisher: Libraries Unlimited

ISBN: 9781563089091

Category: Fiction

Page: 144

View: 5573


Build your multicultural collection or expand your repertoire with tales that provide a moving and colorful image of the diversity and richness of the people and lands of Indonesia. Six thematic groups are presented: Jealous and Envious Brothers and Sisters; Stories of Independent Princesses; Stories of Ungrateful Children; Stories about Rice; Stories of Place Legends; and Stories of How Things Come to Be. All levels.

Storyteller's Sampler: Tales from Tellers Around the World

Author: Read MacDonald Margaret

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 1440835284


Page: 185

View: 4038


Looking for fresh ideas to liven up your storytimes? Here you'll find a wonderfully diverse collection of easy-to-tell tales from around the world, along with tips and profiles of the storytellers featured in the book. • Represents more than 25 cultures from around the world • Edited by a world-renowned storyteller, folklorist, former children's librarian, and author of more than 65 books who has worked with storytellers from around the world • Includes practical storytelling tips to add polish to your presentation • Presents lively stories that encourage audience involvement

Earth Blessings

Prayers, Poems and Meditations

Author: June Cotner

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1632280272

Category: Religion

Page: 256

View: 5979


In this book of poems and prayers for the planet, you find not only beautiful prose written by modern writers and from ancient cultures but illuminating passages and reflections on the condition of the planet, and humans' place here. In Earth Blessings, Cotner and her contributors, many of whom are award-winning writers, contemplate every aspect of the environment, from grasslands to ocean, desert, and mountains, with gorgeous meditations on the world around us, how we are nurtured by nature, and the vital role as stewards of the earth. Earth Blessings fosters environmental awareness and insight, and it inspires individuals to view the Earth as sacred and cherish it as they explore writings about the relationship of humankind and the environment. The selections in the book remind readers of the necessity for sharing and conservation. The overriding intention of Earth Blessings is to create an ecological celebration of inspiring poems, interfaith prayers, and spiritual prose. By nature of the spiritual focus of Earth Blessings, the selections energize readers to recognize and embrace environmental stewardship.

Garden Blessings

Prose, Poems and Prayers Celebrating the Love of Gardening

Author: June Cotner

Publisher: Cleis Press

ISBN: 1936740818

Category: Gardening

Page: 219

View: 387


Garden Blessings is an eloquent tribute to the wonders of the garden, a place where our souls are nourished and memories grown. June Cotner’s books comprise a balance of about 20 percent classic and famous writers and 80 percent lesser-known, award-winning writers, uncovering many selections not found anywhere else. Ranging from childhood memories of planting and harvesting to celebrations of the changing seasons to contemplation on the joyful art of gardening, Garden Blessings is a moving collection of poems, prayers, and reflections that reminds us of what really matters -- making and sharing memories. Our gardens grow us, and this collection of readings takes us down a path of pleasure. The overriding intention of Garden Blessings is to provide a heartwarming, spiritually focused collection of uplifting prayers, prose, and poems that share a common joy and appreciation for the love of gardening and the many blessings that gardens bring to our lives. June Cotner, a best-selling inspirational author, has gathered a bounty of garden blessings here, offering gems of wisdom that remind the reader and gardener in all of us just how much we learn from our gardens.

Mother's Voice on Season's Wind

Collected Poems by Henry Howard

Author: Henry Howard

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 146917510X

Category: Poetry

Page: 181

View: 7102


Much of my writing, like much of the way I live and view the world, has been shaped by my mother. We were close enough to be part of each other's heartbeats, and when she died, on May 26, 2008, everything about her simply became part of me. We thought alike on every major subject, so this volume of poetry is both a tribute to, and a reflection of, everything she stood for and believed in. The poems are mine, but the voice is hers, speaking through my words. At the same time, the various sections accurately reflect the experiences, challenges, triumphs and losses that have made me the independent person I amalways shaped, at least in part, by my mother's influence. In this volume, you will read my words and hear my mothers voice on every seasons special wind, a calm and steadying voice on the endless winds of change.


Author: Glenn Knight

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1418410322

Category: Fiction

Page: 460

View: 4213


The misty fog drifts in swirls, over, around and through the wispy gray moss hanging low from the branches of the giant Live Oak Trees that dot the dark, errie banks of the Bayou Teche. The full silver moon was riding low through the Live Oak tree branches in the dark Mid-night sky. Everywhere you looked the sky was pelted with bright stars. Further down the bank of the Bayou, shining through the ghostly trees, stands a big Plantation House, white, silent, and tall. It's white columns gleaming in the silvery moonlight. The Plantation house is empty and lonely! SSSSSSsssssss.......What's that? Who's there? A wispy, white, filmy, uh, uh, uh, SOMETHING, can be seen floating through the Giant Live Oak Trees, floating, floating, and swirling around the gray Spanish Moss that trails to the ground. A gently breeze tugged at the filmy, gauzy, white 'STUFF....!!! 000000OOOOOooooooN0.....A GHOST!!! En Petit' Cajun Spirit. -------A----GHOST!!! ALON' MES AME', Come join the fun, be like this lazy little Cajun French boy, roll with laughter and puzzle over this mystery. Come, fly with Christian and the littlest ghost and learn the story on the back of the old door of the Plantation House. You will love this petit ghost story. Alon', Alon', Mes Ame' (come, come, my friend).

Earth is My Mother, Sky is My Father

Space, Time, and Astronomy in Navajo Sandpainting

Author: Trudy Griffin-Pierce

Publisher: UNM Press

ISBN: 9780826316349

Category: History

Page: 236

View: 6024


To the Navajo, sandpaintings are sacred, living entities that reflect the interconnectedness of all living beings--humans, plants, stars, animals, and mountains. This book, now available in paperback, explores the circularity of Navajo thought in sandpaintings, Navajo chantway myths, and stories reflected in the celestial constellations. Beautifully illustrated by the author, this well-documented book explores the spiritual world of the Navajo, their ceremonial practices, and their conceptions of time and stellar motion. Griffin-Pierce shows how the images of sacred sandpaintings not only communicate the temporal and spatial dimensions of the Navajo universe but also present, in visual form, Navajo ideas about relationships among nature, self, and society. "Griffin-Pierce's approach is highly original, bringing this material together in an innovative and creative manner while grounding it holistically within the context of Navajo world view."--M. Jane Young, author ofSigns from the Ancestors: Zuni Cultural Symbolism and Perceptions of Rock Art

Traveling Spirit

Daily Tools for Your Life's Journey

Author: Diana J. Ensign, JD

Publisher: BalboaPress

ISBN: 1452573743

Category: Self-Help

Page: 198

View: 4966


Traveling Spirit shares practical spiritual tools for your life’s journey. This is the perfect book for anyone seeking help and guidance with human suffering. If you have experienced difficulties associated with grief, loss, addictions, or dealing with any of life’s challenges, Ensign’s book offers a path from suffering to happiness. That path begins within. The journey to wholeness starts with the breath, an essential tool for any spiritual undertaking. Traveling Spirit then explores ancient spiritual techniques, from the more common practices such as yoga and meditation to the lesser-known practices of t’ai chi and shamanism. Find the joy in learning to apply spiritual tools in your daily life. Ensign’s book shows us the link between practicing our daily routines to building a more loving world community. A percentage of the profits from the book support the Lambi Fund of Haiti, which works on reforestation in Haiti, along with women’s and girls’ health, nutrition, and education. Visit them online at “Based on Diana J. Ensign’s firsthand experience within many religious and healing traditions, Traveling Spirit is an honest, practical, and transformational blueprint for living a joyously spirited life.” —Virginia R. Mollenkott, PhD, author of Sensuous Spirituality Diana J. Ensign, JD, is a contemporary author of daily living spirituality. Her background includes Buddhist meditation, Al-Anon, Unitarian Universalism, Native American ceremonies, Goddess rituals, Science of Mind, Shamanism, and religious readings across a diverse spectrum of beliefs and practices. Visit her monthly blog at

The Wind Is Never Gone

Sequels, Parodies and Rewritings of Gone with the Wind

Author: M. Carmen Gómez-Galisteo

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786486368

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 216

View: 3586


More than seventy years after its publication in 1936, Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind has never been out of print. An icon of American culture, it has had similar success abroad, popular in Japan, Russia, and post–World War II Europe, among other places and times. This work analyzes the continuations of Mitchell’s novel: the authorized sequels, Scarlett by Alexandra Ripley and Rhett Butler’s People by Donald McCaig; the unauthorized parody The Wind Done Gone by Alice Randall and a politically correct parody; and the many fan fiction stories posted online. The book also explores Gone with the Wind’s ambiguous ending, the perceived need to publish an authorized sequel, and the legal battle to determine who may re-write Gone with the Wind.