Witch Baby and Me

Lily is 9.

Author: Debi Gliori

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781407047812

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 256

View: 812

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Lily is 9. Her sister Daisy is 1. And she's no ordinary baby. Somehow, when she was born, something went rather wrong... and now Daisy is a Witch Baby. Nobody knows this but Lily - she's the only one who can see when Daisy makes the fridge float in the air, or turns people into slugs, or summons up her very stinky dog Waywoof... The sisters have just moved to a new neighbourhood, and their mum wants them to make friends. She decides to throw a party and send Lily and Daisy out to deliver the invitations. They meet some odd characters along the way... Will the party be a big success or will Daisy's magic mean things are even more chaotic than normal?

Witch Baby and Me On Stage

It's a rainy spring-time, coming up to Witch Baby Daisy's second birthday.

Author: Debi Gliori

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781409097167

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 336

View: 657

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It's a rainy spring-time, coming up to Witch Baby Daisy's second birthday. Her nursery class are putting on a musical performance, helped by the older children, including big sister Lily. Meanwhile Mum is trying to potty train Daisy, unaware that as soon as she succeeds, Daisy will be reclaimed by the witches who live on the hill, who've only been waiting for their little protegee to be out of nappies before they take her 'home'. Happily, Daisy is so rubbish at toilet training that Lily persuades Mum to drop the idea, and the day is saved! The concert is a great success, despite Daisy turning Lily's bagpipes into a spider, and the witches are distracted by spells for romance. Another charming, brilliantly plotted and gorgeously illustrated gem of a book by this outstandingly talented author/illustrator.

Witch Baby and Me After Dark

The rest of her is normal, if you can say that about a dog who is a) magical b)
invisible (to everyone except Daisy, Vivaldi and me)“ c) something my witchy
baby sister conjured up Oh yes,. ** To explain: Daisy can see WayWoof because
it was ...

Author: Debi Gliori

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781407050720

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 304

View: 154

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Lily is 9. Her sister Daisy is 1. And she's no ordinary baby. Somehow, when she was born, something went rather wrong... and now Daisy is a Witch Baby. Nobody knows this but Lily - she's the only one who can see when Daisy makes the fridge float in the air, or turns people into slugs, or summons up her very stinky dog Waywoof...

Witch Baby and Me At School

One of them has to make sure that playgroup doesn't turn their Witch Baby back
into a human baby. 'But how will you tell?' the Toad enquires, closing her recipe
book with a sigh. There are no good recipes for rats and nettles. 'Tell what?

Author: Debi Gliori

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 9781407051154

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 320

View: 111

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Lily is 9. Her sister Daisy is 1. And she's no ordinary baby. Somehow, when she was born, something went rather wrong... and now Daisy is a Witch Baby. Nobody knows this but Lily - she's the only one who can see when Daisy makes the fridge float in the air, or turns people into slugs, or summons up her very stinky dog Waywoof... The sisters have now settled into their new home and so it's time for Lily to start at her new school. Can she survive being the new girl? Will Daisy be a help or a hindrance...?

Lulu and the Witch Baby

Jane O'Connor. “Mama! Mama!” cried Lulu Witch. “Watch me fly on my broom.” “
Not now, dear,” said Mama Witch. “Papa! Papa! Please fix my dollhouse,” said
Lulu Witch. “Not.

Author: Jane O'Connor

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780062305183

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 48

View: 749

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It's just not fair! No matter what a mess she makes, nobody ever gets mad at Witch Baby. Nobody except Lulu Witch, who cooks a magic brew that makes her baby sister disappear. But then she begins to worry that Mama Witch will get mad—very mad. Can Lulu wish Witch Baby back? Beginning readers will love this classic tale from Fancy Nancy author Jane O'Connor about children learning to welcome new siblings. With plenty of humor and witchy magic, Lulu and the Witch Baby is a level two I Can Read book, perfect for kids who read on their own but still need a little help.

The Witch

The only thing wrong with this picture was, she's a Witch. Her name is ... Her
father heard a baby's cry and said, "Did I hear a baby's cry?" "No! No! Father ... "
My father will kill my baby and me if I don't get rid of this problem. That's his exact

Author: Drac Von Stoller

Publisher: Drac Von Stoller

ISBN: 9781476323183

Category: Fiction

Page: 6

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Just over the hill stood a shack where the most beautiful woman you ever laid eyes on lived. Her hair was blonde and wavy with eyes as blue as the sky. Her figure would make any man lose his breath. The only thing wrong with this picture was she's a Witch. Her name is Sarah and an evil Witch at that. Her mother had her out of wedlock. Sarah's mother kept her pregnancy secret from her parent's until one day when her father opened her bedroom door to scold her about something. Her father heard a baby's cry and said, "Did I just hear a baby's cry? "No! No! Father," cried Sarah's Mother. Her father pushed her aside from her closet door. Opened the door and shouted to the top of his lungs. "I want this baby out of my house by morning and that's an order," said her father in an angry voice. Sarah's Mother was only sixteen years old when she had Sarah. Having a baby out of wedlock and especially at sixteen was a disgrace to the family. The next morning Sarah's Mother carried her newborn baby Sarah into town looking for a good home for her daughter. Sarah's Mother came across this shack where a sweet old lady lives. She asked the old woman to take her baby and love her as her own. The old lady accepted and asked her. "Why are you giving up your baby? I'm just an old woman." "My father will kill me and my baby if I don't get rid of this problem. That's his exact words," replied Sarah with a river of tears flowing down her cheeks. Sarah's Mother turned away from the old lady weeping uncontrollably. Sarah's Mother's heart was so heavy with guilt and daily ridiculing from her father. She just couldn't handle the pain so she decided to end her own life. Her father found her hanging from a rope in her closet. Her father cut her down from the rope but it was too late she was already dead. Her father felt responsible for her death so he went into his bedroom and pulled open the top dresser drawer. Pulled out his revolver, pointed it at his head and pulled the trigger blowing out his brains. Later that evening, their bodies were discovered by his wife. She screamed in agony and dropped to her knees. The only two people she ever cared about were lying on the floor dead. She knelt down beside her husband took the revolver from his hand and took one last look at her daughter and husband and said "Please forgive me lord for what I'm about to do." Then she put the barrel of the gun in her mouth. Pulled the trigger and blew out her brains. After the old lady heard the news about Sarah's Mother, grandmother, and grandfather were all dead she felt even more compelled to raise Sarah the best way she knew fit. As Sarah matured into a grown woman, the old lady felt it was time for Sarah to know the real truth about her biological family. The old lady said to Sarah, "Come sit down at the table with me. I've got something very important to tell you." Sarah calmly sat down at the table with a concerned look on her face. "What is it that you need to tell me, asked Sarah? "Well, I know you think I'm your Mother but"....paused the old lady. "But what asked Sarah with a confused look on her face?” I'm not your real Mother. Your Mother died when she was just sixteen years old," explained the old lady. "How did she die, cried Sarah?”

Cosmo and the Great Witch Escape

'Babies don't interest me that much/ As India gave a little growl he hastily added, '
Of course, kittens interest me a great deal, my dear/ And he went over to give
India's tummy a lick. ... Tm sure she would love to see this new witch-baby. It will
be ...

Author: Gwyneth Rees

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 9780330470698

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 256

View: 458

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Cosmo, a witch-cat, is delighted that evil Sybil – the most terrible of witches – is safely in prison. In fact, she’s even fitted with a special tag, which means that if she and her cronies try to escape they will be turned into frogs. But then mysterious goings-on are reported in Witch News. Baby witches are being visited by a strange new health visitor – and having their long, curly toenails clipped and stolen! Something sinister is afoot. Could it be that Sybil and her criminal cauldron are at work again?

The Witch Herbalist of the Remote Town

seen that my people were not happy, told me that we should go to the palace of
the king. And with tears, I left my people. After a while we trekked to the palace of
the king of 'born and die babies'. Then he took me direct to the king, who was on

Author: Amos Tutuola

Publisher: Faber & Faber

ISBN: 9780571311392

Category: Fiction

Page: 208

View: 408

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After four years of marriage, the brave hunter of the Rocky Town and his beautiful wife, Lola, are still without a child. Equipped with juju, sharpened machete, bow and poisonous arrows, flints and thunderbolts, he sets off in search of the Witch-Herbalist's medicine. For six years he journeys, conquering or escaping from such haunting characters as the Abnormal Squatting Man of the Jungle and the Crazy Removable-Headed Wild Man. Finally he reaches the Remote Town of the Witch-Mother and is given medicine for his wife, but on the way home he makes a decision with interesting consequences.


Why did you join them if you knew they were trying to turn us all into a bunch of
brainwashed Marthafucking-Stewart, baby-and-me yoga idiots?” On the ... I liked
thinking that all the crazy witch stuff I grew up believing in wasn't so crazy after all.

Author: Katie Schickel

Publisher: Forge Books

ISBN: 9781466854871

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 870

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Allison Darling, former foster child, now a stay-at-home mom of three, desperately wants to fit in with the organic latte drinking, hundred-dollar-yoga-pants-wearing moms who run Monrovia, her charming seaside village. Constantly feeling like an outsider, Allison dreams of more for her children. When the Glamour Girls, a soap-selling company run by the most charismatic and powerful women in town, recruits Allison, she jumps at the invitation. The Glamor Girls have a hand in everything in Monrovia, from bake sales to business deals. This is what Allison's wanted her whole life—to be liked. To be popular. To belong. After Allison's estranged mother passes away, she learns her family's heartbreaking legacy and the secret Allison's been fighting to suppress all her life emerges: she's a witch. What's more, she's not the only one in town. There's more to the Glamour Girls then it seems... and once you're a Glamour Girl, there's no going back. Allison must use her rediscovered magic to defend Monrovia, protect her marriage and her children, and reclaim her legacy. Fighting tooth and nail for her family is easy, but what about for herself? Is it too late to confront her own demons and become the woman she dreams of being? "Katie Schickel's debut entertains while delightfully skewering our culture's obsession with domestic perfection. In the spirit of John Updike's Witches of Eastwick and Alice Hoffman's Practical Magic, Schickel casts a spell all her own. Housewitch takes us deep inside the dark arts of 21st century motherhood and sparkles with unexpected magic." —Amber Dermont, New York Times bestselling author of The Starboard Sea At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Gone with the Witch

I wish I could still hear your baby crying, but all I can think about is Pepper, and
all I can hear is...silence. A heavy silence.” “Maybe I don't have a baby?” Aiden
scoffed. “Listen to me, talking like I'm sorry we're not chasing my phantom baby.

Author: Annette Blair

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101156988

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

View: 809

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More information to be announced soon on this forthcoming title from Penguin USA.

Diary of an American Witch

My parents disowned me when I decided to use my abilities. My Aunt took me in
and her last name was Montgomery before she married her husband. ... “Baby,
tell me what you're thinking,” he asked me in his sweet and smooth voice.

Author: Heather Stowe

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781452058580

Category: Fiction

Page: 312

View: 131

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So this means I am a witch? A real, spell casting, broom riding, cauldron-potion-brewing witch? No way! Sarah Miller was a typical high school junior. She loved to shop, hang out with her best friend Jenny and read books until they fell apart. Everything changed on her sixteenth birthday, when it is revealed to her she has a new talent and that a hidden world unfolds. In this new world she finds new friends, abilities beyond her wildest dreams and an unexpected fate waiting for her

The Witch Baby

"Broom flying is beyond your years/' said Granny wisely. "And wicked witches are
best left alone. As for weather spells, they are rarely worth the trouble. But let me
tell you a simple, foolproof spell you may care to try." Wanda was very glad she ...

Author: Wendy Smith

Publisher: Viking Press

ISBN: 0670809535

Category: Babies

Page: 26

View: 694

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Wanda the witch baby tries out her elders' spells, with an unexpected but delightful result.

The Witch of Little Italy

It might be my Ma callin' me home!' And the kids laughed. The kids were laughing
while Mimi gave me the news. I left the phone dangling, I think, and walked out ...
“The baby inside me wiggled. It was the first movement 250 Suzanne Palmieri.

Author: Suzanne Palmieri

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN: 9781250015501

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 655

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In Suzanne Palmieri's charming debut, The Witch of Little Italy, you will be bewitched by the Amore women. When young Eleanor Amore finds herself pregnant, she returns home to her estranged family in the Bronx, called by "The Sight" they share now growing strong within her. She has only been back once before when she was ten years old during a wonder-filled summer of sun-drenched beaches, laughter and cartwheels. But everyone remembers that summer except her. Eleanor can't remember anything from before she left the house on her last day there. With her past now coming back to her in flashes, she becomes obsessed with recapturing those memories. Aided by her childhood sweetheart, she learns the secrets still haunting her magical family, secrets buried so deep they no longer know how they began. And, in the process, unlocks a mystery over fifty years old—The Day the Amores Died—and reveals, once and for all, a truth that will either heal or shatter the Amore clan.

In a Witch s Wardrobe

realized I was heading toward a Wax Museum in a vintage Mustang convertible
with a baby, a pig, and a mandragora in tow. Land sakes. Was it me, or was I
getting weirder all the time? Luna shrieked. Iglanced in the rearview mirror to see

Author: Juliet Blackwell

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101587157

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 662

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Lily Ivory is living her dream of owning a vintage clothing store—and practicing magic on the side. But when she encounters a sinister sleeping spell, Lily comes face-to-face with a nightmarish evil... Taking a night off from running her successful San Francisco clothing store, Lily attends a local art deco ball where vintage fashions steal the show. But when a young woman at the event falls under a mysterious sleeping sickness, Lily senses that a curse was placed on the woman’s corsage. Before Lily can solve the woman’s magical ailment, she’s asked to assist in investigating a string of poisonings in the Bay Area witchcraft community. She’s gained the trust of the local covens by supporting women’s charities through her clothing store. But soon, Lily suspects that one of her new acquaintances might not be so well intentioned and could be dabbling in dark magic and deadly botany…

Slick Glickman and the Curse of the Wicked Witch

If it hadn't been for y'all getting me out of that snowstorm in Fort Stockton when I
was a baby and making me your own, there is no telling what would have been
my fate. And, Sarah, you are a very special person who has brought so much joy

Author: Charles Bailey

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1453586822

Category: Fiction

Page: 180

View: 802

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Charles Slick Glickman thought the eighth grade would be a rather uneventful year, focused on being the starting running back for the Glickville Buffaloes and the student council president. Little did he know what he was in for. Moving the kidnapping trial of his nemesis, Jeanette Johnson, from Dallas to Phoenix was a shock. But to find out the trial could possibly cause him to lose his starting position on the football team was a severe blow. Then to have to be the star witness against the woman who had made his life miserable during his seventh-grade year, with all the publicity attached to it, was even more devastating. After enduring the grueling trial, Jeanette Johnson puts a curse on him at the sentencing and vows to get him if its the last thing she ever does. Being a lady of her word, she once again makes his life miserable by escaping from prison and taking him to the deepest rain forests of Brazil. His fear of never seeing his parents or Glickville again becomes a stark reality. Filled with mystery, adventure, humor, and unexpected twists and turns, this is a story you will not want to miss.

The Look of a Witch

Surely not every witch lives in your village. There must be others like me, who live
in the outside world and are surviving just fine?' she cried. 'Yes, there are a ...
known right from the start since I was a baby what I was. You hid my identity from

Author: Elizabeth Reed

Publisher: LB Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 5898

View: 773

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This is a sweet romance fantasy fiction short story (word count 5,898). Jess is taken by surprise when she discovers that she is being watched and followed. She is all the more stunned when she finds out that the identity of her watcher is a man named Gideon who has magnificent green eyes that resembles her own eye colouring! And even more disturbingly Gideon, upon being questioned, tells her that he is a witch and that she is one too. He explains that has been following her since he noticed her hypnotising an innocent market seller with her magical ability, an action that revealed her to be the same kind as him. Jess knows nothing about witches and has no real knowledge of her own true identity, which has been hidden by her folks. But now that Gideon has peaked her interest, she is ready to gain a better understanding of who and what she is. But even though she thinks she is ready to find out the truth of her identity, she had not counted on, at the same time, being so ill-prepared for the emotions and feelings that Gideon’s presence is able to provoke within her!

English Journal

I need to know me . ” Witch Baby feels “ the jagged teacup chips cutting ” her up ,
and in her anguish she — the inveterate photographershreds all her pictures of
Angel Juan , after which she slams her “ arms against the wall of the shed again ...



ISBN: UOM:39015069092123

Category: English philology


View: 579

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The Biscuit Witch

He pivoted toward Doug. “Gus and I are the same age. I used to escape from my
grandfather's offices in Asheville every afternoon and go to the MacBrides' diner
on Lexington. I was pals with Gus, Gabs and baby Tal. Their parents made me ...

Author: Deborah Smith

Publisher: Bell Bridge Books

ISBN: 9781611943047

Category: Fiction

Page: 121

View: 251

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The Biscuit Witch Part One of The MacBrides A Crossroads novella Dear Dr. Firth: I know you are in your cups at this time, drinking, taking pills, and sleeping under trees, but I have some experience rehabilitating lost souls in that regard, and so I am enclosing a box of my biscuits and a cold wrapped container of cream gravy for dessert. Please eat and write back. We need a veterinarian of your gumption here in the Crossroads Cove of Jefferson County. --Delta Whittlespoon, proprietress of The Crossroads Café Biscuit witches, Mama called them. She'd heard the term as a girl. She'd inherited that talent. My mother could cast spells on total strangers simply by setting a plate of her biscuits in front of them. --Tal MacBride Welcome back to the Crossroads Cove where new loves, old feuds, and poignant mysteries will challenge siblings Tal, Gabby, and Gus MacBride to fight for the home they lost and to discover just how important their family once was, and still is, to the proud people of the Appalachian highlands. Tallulah MacBride hasn't been back to North Carolina since their parents' tragic deaths, twenty years ago. But now, Tal heads to cousin Delta Whittlespoon's famous Crossroads Café in the mountains above Asheville, hoping to find a safe hiding place for her young daughter, Eve. What she finds is Cousin Delta gone, the café in a biscuit crisis, and a Scotsman, who refuses to believe she's passing through instead of "running from." He believes she needs a knight in shining flannel. When a pair of sinister private eyes show up, Tal's troubles are just beginning. For Tal's brother and sister--Gabby, the Pickle Queen, and Gus, the Kitchen Charmer--the next part of the journey will lead down forgotten roads and into beautiful but haunted legacies.

Divorcing a Real Witch

Stuck ina marriage when culture tells me that marriage should equal progress
and achievement rather than stagnation, ... My mother pushed me to repeat her
life, and my sister's baby toher mind meant that it was my turn to make a baby.

Author: Diana Rajchel

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

ISBN: 9781782796305

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 209

View: 845

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Divorcing a Real Witch addresses the painful emotional journey of divorce from a Wiccan perspective. Along with sharing her own experience, author Diana Rajchel solicits the experiences and advice of other Pagans on how to handle this life passage.

Witch Child

Or so some would call me. 'Spawn of the Devil', 'Witch child', they hiss in the
street, although I know neither father or mother. I know only my grandmother,
Eliza Nuttall; Mother Nuttall to her neighbours. She brought me up from a baby.

Author: Celia Rees

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9781408810378

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 256

View: 370

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When Mary sees her grandmother accused of witchcraft and hanged for the crime, she is silently hurried to safety by an unknown woman. The woman gives her tools to keep the record of her days - paper and ink. Mary is taken to a boat in Plymouth and from there sails to the New World where she hopes to make a new life among the pilgrims. But old superstitions die hard and soon Mary finds that she, like her grandmother, is the victim of ignorance and stupidity, and once more she faces important choices to ensure her survival. With a vividly evoked environment and characters skilfully and patiently drawn, this is a powerful literary achievement by Celia Rees that is utterly engrossing from start to finish.